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  1. We hiked Deer Mountain trail in July 2017 while on a cruise. Earlier in this tread or another there was a discussion about getting to the trail head and hiking from the Totem Heritage Center. We wound up taking a cab ( Rick, Yellow Cab 907-617-4594, Dispatch 907-225-5555 )from the port to the trail head and glad we did. It is steep road up in a residential area up to the trailhead. The trail is in dense rainforest growth. Make sure you wear insect repellant. It is real quiet, not many hikers. The trail is well marked. After about 45 minutes, we hear rustling in the brush and though, oh no bears, but it turned out to be 3 young men working for the forest service doing work on the trail. They said there are bears, but they had never seen any, they avoid humans. The first outlook is about a 1 mile up the trail, Nice views. We turned around before the top because the bugs were getting to us. Overall a nice hike for 2-3 hours. P1000022.MP4 P1000023.MP4
  2. As DaveOKC stated the 14day RT Alaska cruise out of Seattle goes to ports that the 7 day cruise don't go. We went in 2017 on the Amsterdam. Anchorage was great, we hiked Flattop Mountain. The cruise goes through the gulf of Alaska to Homer and Kodiak where very few cruise ships go. In Kodiak, we toured an old WWII army camp. Also Homer was interesting. Check out Trip Advisor, there are a lot of 5 star local tour operators in all the Alaska ports . At Icy Strait Point we went whale watching with Glacier Winds. Only 6 people compare to the ship excursion that uses a 50-60 passenger boat. The glaciers and scenery is spectacular.
  3. Julie I just happen to be reviewing HAL posts for our next cruise and saw your post. We went to Alaska last year on a 14 day HAL Amsterdam. It was great and we chose it because it went to Kodiak and Homer across the gulf of Alaska where most the cruise ships don't go. I just looked at the 2019 Eurodam itinerary and it go to Ketchikan, Sika and Juneau. Nice ports but I am not sure how much wild life viewing there is. In Juneau they have an excursion to Mehdenhall glacier, and Nugget falls really nice. If you are adventuresome, instead of taking the excursion offered by the cruise line, we took the white bus, Juneau tours rt to the glacier for $30. each. Much cheaper. They have a pick up right at the port. Look at some of the reviews on Trip Advisor for each port, there is some real good information that might include wildlife viewing. if you can afford the time, I really recommend the 14 day Alaska cruise. Also there is a 7 day cruise RT Seattle on the Oosterdam that has the same ports as the Eurodam but also cruises the Hubbard Glacier that is spectacular. Good luck. We love Holland America, medium size ships with great service. Next year, we are off to Iceland on the Zuiderdam I found part of my review, some of the information pertains to the Amsterdam but has information on Juneau. Review of 14 day Alaska cruise7-3-17.docx
  4. Jacqui Please delete the HAL Zuiderdam July 5-19 2019 14 day Northern Isle cruise. It was cancelled along with many other HAL cruise when they sold the Prinsendam. We are now booked on the June 10-24, 2019 14 day HAL Zuiderdam Northern Isle cruise
  5. The July 5, 2019 Zuiderdam 14 day Northern Isle cruise out of Copenhagen was cancelled about 3 weeks ago. Many of us have transferred to the June 10, 14 day Zuiderdam cruise with almost the same itinerary. There is a roll call for it. As far as different fares, There is a $ 600 deposit offer and the deposit is non-refundable. There is also a fare with beverage package and specialty dinner package but it is $500-or $ 600 more than just there normal $1200 deposit per couple.
  6. As far as whale watching, we really liked Glacier Winds Charter in Icy Strait Point. Small boat, only holds 6 persons. Real personal. You really get a sense of being in a small boat on the ocean. We saw whales and the coolest was two Orcas just cruising along. The 6 of us all agreed, that even if we wouldn't have seen any whales it was the best excursion. Mostcruise lines use Allan Marine. They use large boats ( 50-75 persons) crowded, impersonal. Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor. GlacierWinds fill fast, they only have one boat. Reserve on their website.
  7. We took a Alaska cruise in 2017. Based on Trip Advisorreviews we took the White bus (Juneau tours) to Mendenhall Glacier. The busstop is right at the cruise ship terminal and leaves every 30 minutes, takesabout 20 minutes. They return to the ship every 30 minutes all day long. Costwas 30 RT and included entrance fees. We bought the tickets online, just googleJuneau tours. Make sure sign up for the shuttle not the tour bus. Based on idahospud post, maybe the price has gone up but they alsohave a tour bus I think that is 45 RT. When you get Mendenhall Glacier, there are two nice easy hikes both fromthe visitor center. The most popular oneis Nugget Falls, nice and easy, flat, about 45 minutes RT. We like the trail oftime, hardly anyone takes it. Takes about 45-1 hr and has markers that shows where the glacieruse to reach. At one point, it shows Calvin Coolidge in a parking lot at theedge of the Glacier in the 1920’s that is now 5 miles from where the glacier isnow.
  8. Wedid the 14 day cruise on the HAL Amsterdam in 2017 and use local tours and onour own. We like to hike and there are some nice easy hikes in Juneau. Take theWhite bus (Juneau tours) to Mendenhall Glacier. The bus stop is right at thecruise ship terminal and leaves every 30 minutes, takes about 20 minutes. They returnto the ship every 30 minutes all day long. Cost was 30 RT and included entrancefees. We bought the tickets online, just google Juneau tours. Also you can seetheir reviews in Trip Advisor. No need to take the ships excursions. The hiketo nugget falls was nice about 45 minutes RT from the visitor’s center. The hike we like best was the trail of timefrom the visitors center, took about an hour. There were stop along the trailthat showed where the glacier was during the early 1900. Some very interestinginformation and hardly any other hikers on the tail. As far as whale watching, we really likes Icy Strait Points. TookGlacier Winds Charter. Small boat, only holds 6 persons. Real personal. Mostcruise lines use Allan Marine. They use large boats ( 50-75 persons) crowded, in personal. Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor. Glacierwinds fill fast, they only have one boat. Reserve on their website
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