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  1. Solo meets up are on the general schedule. Generally it is a about an hour meet up in the early evening around 5. It may just be discussion or it may be games etc. After the meet up, usually they have made a reservation for dinner in one of the main dining rooms. When I was on the Breakaway our solo coordinator had a schedule at the beginning of the cruise stating which dining room we would be in. After dinner either there would be seats saved for us in the theatre or we would have plans to meet up in a specific area. We were also allowed to coordinate things and talk about it during the meet
  2. I like sailing in the studios a little better than a regular inside. I feel like the layout is better-mostly that you can actually walk around the bed or store things under the bed easier. I like that the bed doesn’t split in 2 so there isn’t a crack down the middle. The rooms are very quiet-since the hallway the studios are on are key carded, they don’t have traffic and loud discussions waking you when you are trying to sleep. I really getting tea in the morning from the studio lounge-much happier facing the public once I’m caffeinated.
  3. Another thought if you really want to visit San Juan is NCL does use it as a home port for the Epic for part of the year. Generally has nice Southern Caribbean itineraries between 7 and 12 days. There are also cruises that go from NY and end at San Juan (and the other way around) as part of the repositioning between Europe and San Juan that the Epic does every year.
  4. My first cruise I didn’t think about getting cruise insurance. All cruises since then I have gotten cruise insurance. I am young and healthy but you never know. I know young people who have had very, very serious claims while on vacation. An accident can be very expensive. Especially if you must have medical transport to your home country for treatment or if your remains need to be repatriated. Sometimes I book the cruise line insurance, but generally I go though a third party website to obtain insurance.
  5. I know some one who was in the clinical trial for Pfizer and was in the group that received the vaccine. They are now studying if a booster dose is needed, I really really hope that boosters aren’t needed or if they are it is every 5 years or something. The second shot (moderna) made me super sick, but still better than when I maybe had covid (it was before we were admitting it was spreading in the US and I couldn’t get tested even though I work in healthcare).
  6. Haggis can be very hard to obtain in America. If it is made with lungs the government doesn’t consider it fit for human consumption and won’t allow it to be imported or sold. People in my family may or may not drive across the border (when it was open) to buy it in Canada. Since the whole fleet has the same menus, it would probably be a pain to work around it on ships based in the US especially since it probably wouldn’t be a super popular menu item. I would eat it if available, but I prefer black or white pudding.
  7. I feel like it changed sometime in April or early May last year. I (re)booked a 9 day Alaska at the very start of April 2020 and have 4 meal plans on that sailing. Then in mid may May of 2020 I booked a 10 day Iceland and Greenland and have 3 specialty dining meals on that sailing.
  8. They think people who have had covid might only need 1 shot versus 2, and they are currently doing studies to try and prove it. One of my coworkers was exposed to covid right after her first shot (her roommate had been vaccinated the same day and she started showing symptoms right after she was vaccinated). The health department was very interested in their cases and had my coworker tested several times. Although she did get sick it was pretty mild and she only tested positive once. The roommate also was very mildly ill, although her symptoms lasted longer. I just got
  9. I can’t help you with what hotels NCL uses, but I wouldn’t let them choose for me in Venice. Getting to your hotel in Venice can be difficult/expensive and time consuming. Since you have to either walk or take a boat every where location is very, very important. Crossing bridges with your luggage isn’t fun-most of the bridges have steps so your bags have to be carried up and then down. If your hotel isn’t on a water bus line you might have to pay for an expensive water taxi to get you there. When I was planning our trip I found the site Europe for Visitors extremely h
  10. I booked the same cruise (pretty sure anyhow, I’m on July 25 2022) this spring! I am so looking forward to it. I have been spending A LOT of time on their site this week. Work has just been so incredibly awful since Thanksgiving (work in healthcare in a hospital). This week I should be on a cruise ship on my way to Aruba-and it is getting to me more than normal. Pretty sure I am gonna use one of my cruise next certificates to book something for the fall tonight or tomorrow.
  11. In 2018 I did a 11 day out of NYC with a 7-1 stop in Tortola. I had booked the excursion on the Rebel Yell to Jost Van Dyke. The day before the captain changed it from 6 to 12 and warned us that we would be leaving on time. I made sure I had breakfast before I left-some of the others did not expecting for their to be food at the beach. We had amazing time on Jost-only the Soggy Dollar was open and we were the only ones there. Then after all of our pain killers there was rum punch on the boat back. The excursion was plastered especially some of the smaller ladies with nothing in their stomach.
  12. I am a bit worried about next year’s season as well. I figure my May 2021 9 day cruise has next to no chance of going (that is already a rebook from this year). But from what I am reading, Canada is expected to be behind the US on the vaccination schedule. What I saw in the news is everyone who wants a vaccine should be vaccinated by September 2021 in Canada vs a projected June for the US. That is basically the end of the season for Alaska. Even if we are under control in the US, will Canada open to cruises if their population isn’t vaccinated? Considering they were very quick (comparati
  13. All of this is not taking into account what the countries the cruise is going to may require. It is very possible that countries may require proof of vaccination before allowing you to travel. Since many countries don’t do an immigration check as you depart the ship, the cruise line would probably not let you board if you didn’t have proof. The CDC might even make it a requirement before they allow ships to begin sailing.
  14. 2021 is scheduled to be NCL’s first year sailing out of Reykjavik so no one really has experience of NCL flying them there. The free airfare for second guest is a relatively new promo. NCL had been running free/reduced airfare that applied to everyone in the reservation until just a little bit ago. That is actually what I have on my Iceland trip for 2022. With how their revenue has been affected who knows if we will ever see that promo again. There is another thread that discussed NCL’s airfare, but I can’t find it at the moment. Some general good to know is if you want to
  15. Yes Iceland is going to be a port in the summers! I have a 10 day Iceland and Greenland booked on the star for July 2022. There are also 11 day cruises that go to 1 more port in Greenland. Those cruises are round trip out of Reykjavik and hit several other ports on the way back from Greenland. Also there are cruises from Reykjavik to South Hampton/London and vise versa. Those are also super interesting itineraries going to Scotland, Ireland, Norway etc.I had a hard time choosing but went with the Iceland/Greenland because I can have time in Iceland on either end and the 10 day b
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