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  1. Well, I reached out to the T/A company yesterday and they couldn't see the offer on their side, so she contacted Carnival's Casino Dept. Apparently I could have used it, but my cruise date was not within the date range that the offer was good for. That sail-by date range was not mentioned on my email from Carnival, otherwise I wouldn't have even bothered with it. Thank you everybody for your replies.
  2. Thank you. I booked online, but I did give the T/A company a call prior and spoke to a representative regarding using the code and she that I can't do that. With saying that, I think I'll give them another call to confirm. I will report back here with what I find out.
  3. I recently booked a cruise for next summer on the Horizon with one of the travel sites. I have also received a casino promo code that has Drinks On Us and a few other perks. Can I contact the T/A and have the promo code applied to my res? FYI, I booked AFTER receiving the offer, but I'm just curious if I can apply it through the T/A. Thank you in advance.
  4. Does the P&A have shuffleboard, cornhole and foosball like Red Frog? We've sailed on the Vista twice and we spend a lot of time as a family playing those games. If they are not in the P&A, are there other locations to play these? I know on the Vista there was a single cornhole game on the sports deck, but it was way too crowded to play a game without somebody walking in front of you.
  5. We are considering booking this for our next cruise. However, I have read some mixed reviews concerning the "all inclusive" portion of the excursion. Some have said that you can only order drinks when you order your lunch? How was your experience with this?
  6. If your bank has branches in Texas, just deposit the cash and withdraw it on the day of the cruise. Just speak to them to make sure you will be able to pull it the day of the cruise.
  7. I pre-purchased a bottle through the Fun Shops for my last cruise(last August). I didn't drink as much of it as I thought I would, so I had quite a bit left over. I was curious if I could disembark with the bottle and consulted customer service, who said "no". It was a use it or lose it situation. I was really puzzled by this, as I had already paid FL taxes for the pre-purchase, so why would I not be allowed to keep it? Does anybody know the rules on this? Was I given wrong information?
  8. We have sailed both. LOTS the summer of 2017 and Vista this past summer. We were a party of 4 on the LOTS with a 14yr old and an 11yr old and a party of 4 on the Vista with two 12yr olds. Here are our feelings between the two. Ship appearance: Tough call. Both are nice. LOTS is more classy and Vista has a more relaxed vacation feel. Waterparks: LOTS had better slides and a flowrider, but crazy short hours of operation. This was a bummer especially when returning to the ship on port days only to find things were closed or about to close. Food: Subjective.... we enjoy Guys free burgers much more than Johnny Rockets. Atrium vs. promenade: Cone of lights or shopping mall ... pick your poison. LOL Trivia: Much more fun on the Vista. The crew on the LOTS were very dry and zipped through the trivia. Family night life: When we were on the LOTS, we felt that they "rolled up the sidewalks" after 10pm. We were always kind of wandering around looking for fun stuff to do as a family. On the Vista, there was always some sort of fun party going on somewhere. Shows: We enjoyed the shows on LOTS more and the theater was much more functional than the Vista. We are not brand loyal, but for OUR family, we enjoyed the Vista more.
  9. We cruised on the Vista this past August. We also cruised on the Breeze(sister ship of the Magic) in August two years ago. We loved both ships and no, I did not feel that the Vista was more crowded than the Breeze even though both cruises were during summer break for the kids. You will find crowds at the usual places at the usual times... pools in the afternoon and buffet around breakfast and lunch. However, I still never thought it was "over crowded" and we always found a place to sit and eat. The Red Frog Pub on deck 5 is one of my favorite places to hang out during the afternoons. The sky bikes are fun, but I would suggest ridding them on a port day. The line will be more manageable and the view of the island is fantastic. If you do not plan on booking a Havana cabin, I would highly recommend going to the Havana pool after 7pm. We went there one evening and we were the only people in the pool and hot tubs. Yes, the theater is designed strangely, but it was done so to serve as the night club late at night. We saw several shows and we would sit on floor level, but on the outer edge just before the tiered seating. We never felt we had a bad seat. Just get there a bit early and you'll be fine. Overall, I think you'll enjoy it... especially if you are a person who focuses on the positive things and can shrug off the negatives.
  10. I pack one of those cardboard 4-cup holders from Starbucks, McDonalds, etc. It's great when I'm making a quick snack and drink run for the family.
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