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  1. We were thinking of maybe The Venetian and some of the hotels nearby on the Cotai Strip.
  2. Appreciate the information. Glad to know we won't have a problem getting back to our hotel since we plan to return from Macau late in the evening. Yes, I have watched the videos showing the bus crossing from Hong Kong to Macau. Very useful information. From where you are dropped off is it best to take one of the free shuttles to the ferry port and then hop on one of the free shuttles to the main hotels from there? If so which ferry port is best in regards to buses to the main hotels? I believe there are two ferry ports nearby.
  3. We are thinking of taking the bus to Macau and are wondering upon our return to the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities if there are taxis at night that could take us to our hotel which is nearby.
  4. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    Where is the best place to find up-to-date news on the protests? Would like to monitor the situation as our trip is getting closer.
  5. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    mking8288: Once again so much great information. 😀 All your help is greatly appreciated.
  6. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    Thanks for the good suggestion of staying on Lantau Island at one of the hotels you mentioned. We may consider doing this since we'll get one day in Hong Kong before our ship disembarks and hopefully being a weekday there won't be too many riots or disturbances so we'll get to see at least some attractions. I believe the big Buddha should not be too hard to get too from one of those hotels. Also believe the bus terminal to take the new road to Macau is nearby. Any other suggestions to pass the time until our flight if we decide to stay at one of the hotels you mentioned?
  7. Thanks to all for some different suggestions. We'll also be watching to see what transpires in the next few weeks and finalize our plans then.
  8. The problem for us is we'll each have a regular sized suitcase and a carry on. We heard the ferry limits luggage. We'd like to visit Macau for two or three days but not sure if it's worth the hassle with luggage by bus. After searching online for a private driver we saw they do have a company but you have to change cars after customs/immigration and it is expensive.
  9. Does anyone have information for Private Car Service that's reasonable and reliable to go from Hong Kong to Macau?
  10. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    mking8288: Thanks for all the info you provided on Macau. Since there are three of us we may look for a private driver. Probably a little more cost-wise but more convenient as they will take us right to the hotel. Will keep a lookout for your upcoming Hong Kong posts.
  11. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    mking8288: As mentioned above your posts and up to date information is greatly appreciated. We are going to look into going to Macau instead as an option. Any suggestions on what to see and do for 3 days if we do decide to switch and visit Macau? Do you know how long the drive is from the port where celebrity docks to Macau?
  12. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    We are scheduled to be there the first week of January disembarking from a cruise and we had planned to stay 3 days in a hotel not far from Nathan's Road. With all the riots and unrest right now we are seriously thinking about changing our flight reservations and leaving the day the cruise disembarks. The riots seem to be more violent and not only contained to one area so we feel if we stay we won't get to see very much plus the unease of not knowing if something's suddenly is going to happen nearby concerns us . Anyone else considering changing their flight reservations to leave earlier after disembarking a cruise or canceling their trip to HK?At this point we are so unsure of what to do as it seems that things are only getting worse.
  13. Does anyone has information on Navigator cabin 1151? I know these cabins were put in when Navigator was refurbished but that particular cabin looks smaller on diagrams than the other inside cabins on that deck.
  14. Thanks so much for posting the pictures and for all the great info.
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