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  1. Would love to know as well since our August 2021 is in jeopardy. Would rather use our credits instead of having to go on Princess.
  2. I’m ready to cruise and am looking forward to August 2021. I have no problem wearing a mask on our ship if we sail. It’s all about the we, not the me!
  3. I wonder what was so important to break away from the tour.
  4. I booked legend for August 2021. I’m not happy with the ship but it’s all about the ports. I made sure that my balcony was not above the life boats. Didn’t matter to me which side of the ship.
  5. We always stay as high as possible on a ship keeping location (what’s above or below us) in mind. We spend most of our day on the lido deck which would be closer to our cabin if we need to go back for any reason.
  6. Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m packing for August 2021...
  7. My August 6th is back...starting to pack!
  8. ALL 2021 European cruises have disappeared including mine in August.
  9. I have read some other rumors on differences posts that carnival my move the Radiance to Europe and replace the Legend for the summer of 2021.
  10. Thanks for the buzz kill! Next thing your going to tell me is that Santa isn’t real...
  11. Thanks for the update. I hope that everything you have been told is correct. We will be on the August 6, 2021 Legend with you. I could understand Carnival not letting you book a particular ship because of limitations, but why would they pull ALL European bookings?
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