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  1. I hear you on the Fascination, but if I remember right reading your reviews, you have done that itinerary multiple times. We have only done it once and loved it. I never thought of looking at RCL. Will have to take a look at their itinerary. We went to the ABC islands last spring when our Jade itinerary was changed due to the hurricane hitting your area. Love them! Just a heads up, looking at RCL, for the next 16 hours they are having a sale on the southern itinerary our of PR, 60%off second guest.
  2. Guess we have decided to hold off as we aren't seeing much about the Epic that is screaming to us to book. Really wish they would leave the Dawn there. Either we switch itineraries or we may go back to the CCL Fascination itinerary.
  3. dltvermont


    Great live review. Dawn was our first ever cruise, pre-drydock. We prefer that size ships over the new big ones but its getting hard to find the itineraries we want on the "smaller" ships. Love the itineraries out of Puerto Rico on both NCL and CCL. They are trading out the Dawn for the Epic in Puerto Rico next year so we decided to look elsewhere. As the poster above said, we aren't locked into a specific cruise line, we base our choice on itinerary and price, however, when its just the two of us, we do tend to lean toward NCL.
  4. dltvermont

    $1 upgrades

    Thanks all for the responses. Guess sfaaa is correct, didnt miss anything by not doing this before they expired. For those of us that arent really experienced, it would be easier if they showed you the cabin you picked and then apply the upgrade so you can see what you would get if you took the offer. Beachbum, I got as far as where you choose your cabin and all it did was say here are the locations and cabins, which do you want. So it didnt look like there was an "upgrade" as I never saw the available cabins without that upgrade applied.
  5. dltvermont

    Keeping a camera safe on port days

    I always take my camera bag with us on shore. If we are at a beach, it is either next to one of us or always in sight. Maybe asking for trouble but so far no problems.
  6. dltvermont

    $1 upgrades

    I know this offer has expired but was wondering what the $1 room upgrades actually were. Was this like upgrading from Oceanview to Balcony? or just an upgraded class of room? I went in and did a mock booking and it asked if I wanted the $1 upgrade then said to pick my room. Never said what the upgrade was doing for me.
  7. dltvermont

    Travel from FLL airport to Miami?

    We have used SAS from our motel to Miami port but never from airport. Have always had great service from them.
  8. Does NCL dock at a different pier than CCL? Your pics of the pier area dont look like what I remember when we were there on CCL a few years back. And, if I remember right, when I was researching going to the Boatyard on our last cruise (which had an itinerary change so never got there), I thought it was a left turn our of the pier to head toward the Boatyard. I still plan to make it there!!!
  9. Was talking to my wife about doing this itinerary in 2020 (already have vacation planned for spring 2019). Looking at NCL's page it looks like the Dawn will be replaced by the Epic. May still do it for the itinerary but we arent big fans of the larger ships. Still in the thinking stages.
  10. I envy you! I need to get away from this snow and cold. You are on this same itinerary?? Should be a blast.
  11. Great start. Looking forward to the rest! The Dawn was our first ship/cruise back in 2014. Our favorite itinerary has been the Fascination out of SJ. Ive been eyeing this cruise so will be great to see what you have to say about it all. When it is just my wife and I we prefer NCL. For cost savings when we have had the whole family we have used Carnival.
  12. If you look at the beginning of most of her reviews (newer ones anyway) I believe she lists her camera as its a popular question. I think she has the Olympus Tough camera. I can tell you I have the Olympus TG4 and it is amazing for underwater pictures and above water too! The Toughs are a bit pricey though.
  13. Great start to another review! Love your writing style! Im always torn about an Alaskan cruise. Something about being on a cruise ship means warm, by the pool, shorts/tshirt. Not cool, pants/sweatshirt. I can get that right at home! Would love to head there someday though. The scenery and wildlife are amazing.
  14. dltvermont

    "Who are the officers"....why?

    Thank you all for your replies! And GP, this is exactly right. I see the question asked on this board and on other lines' boards and Ive just never understood why. Its just not something that Ive thought of asking and have never been in a situation where had I known who they were beforehand I would have not booked so I just wondered if there was a reason is all. Same with cruise director. Now THAT I have seen both sides of how one is better than another as you see them constantly but Id never NOT book because of a cruise director......so far anyway!