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  1. If masks become required attire, our cruising will be over.
  2. Thats great! I have a message in to my PVP asking why ours wasnt transferred.
  3. April 2021. Paid in full with the FCC from our cancelled cruise!
  4. It is my understanding that if you have Carnival's insurance, it is not refundable or transferable. People with private insurance have had luck transferring it over to a new cruise. Just like any other insurance, you pay for it but if you dont use it you cant get refunded. Your insurance started the day you bought it.
  5. Not even going to look at cruises before fall but even then, I dont believe we will have this thing stopped. Hoping so, but dont believe so. Looks like our plan now is to reschedule something for next Spring and then hope.....
  6. We arent considering anything until at least fall at this point. That being said, Im not pulling the trigger on any cruise until the country is back so some resemblance of normal. Just because a cruise line says its safe and they are going to go doesnt mean it is and doesnt mean any of the destinations will be open for business either.
  7. Carnivals website shows no cruises before May 12 now. Looks like they've made their decision. Id expect to hear soon. Does anyone know, if I booked my cruise thru the website, can I call my PVP to assist with the cancellation stuff?
  8. I have a feeling that July is the best guess for cruises and anything else to start settling down and returning to normal. I have 3 concerts in August that I really dont want to miss! Need some positive fun after all this! Been bad enough missing our April cruise!
  9. We are scheduled on an April 11 cruise right now. We arent going as my wife would have to be on 2 week quarantine when she returns before her work will let her come back. Im expecting Carnival and others to keep the shutdown going so waiting for them to cancel as the "offer" will be better than if I cancel now. We are tossing around dates now as to when we might reschedule but just cant be sure when this stuff will be over with. I will say if anyone schedules or plans to go on a cruise in the next couple months, BE SURE your travel AND personal insurance will cover you if something goes wrong. Ive seen a few already say that if you go against the recommendations of the CDC etc, they will not cover you if something happens.
  10. Have a great time! I dont believe you will regret your decision.
  11. Im scheduled for 4/11. I wont be able to go as my wife's job has imposed a mandatory 14 day quarantine when we would return. Im holding out waiting to see if Carnival will cancel as the offers seem to be better at that point vs cancelling on our own.
  12. Based on itinerary, Id do the Fascination. No comparison. BIG difference in the ships. There is so much island time on the Fascination that we didnt even have an issue with it being smaller or older. Though we do prefer smaller ships too.
  13. That makes perfect sense. Why didnt I think of that!! Thank you.
  14. As of right now, we are sailing on 4/11. We will do a final re-assessment before 3/31. If things havent gotten worse with quarantines and actual cases, we will sail as planned.
  15. If you load your gift cards on your account when you board and end up not using it all up, what happens to the leftover money on your account?
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