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  1. We were on Adventure last year. At Officers Q&A in theater, Officer Bill said strangest request they received for a 'service animal' was a request for a 'service squirrel'.
  2. Just off Symphony, they said no flash photography, and please turn down the brightness of the screen on your phone so it doesn’t bother folks behind you.
  3. Wow...never noticed the 'fine' print, haha. I see the problem, it is only printed in English. They should print it in 15 languages like the instruction booklet for my Home Depot grill. 🙂
  4. Good cabin location there, 4591! Had that cabin several times! Easy on/off ship. Muster station is 010 in Boleros (A/C). Booked 6 of these bargain Ex-Cuba cruises this summer. Nice old ship. You can see the genesis of future Royal ship design in the atrium. It now appears Royal are keeping Majesty and Empress until April 2021. Had lunch with officers last week and obviously the Cuba thang caught Royal unawares... seems they are now re-purposing these small ships into the role 'ferry boats' for Coco Cay, and their newly acquired Lucaya resort in Freeport. Good for them; good for crew; good for stockholders. The production shows...... hmmmm. The cast, and singers are terrific, really are. The actual shows are dated. Remains to be seen if they update these ships with new shows which are usually licensed for 5 years or so. The physical limits of the stage size is also a factor for sure. I enjoy the small ships as well as the monstrosities. BTW, Vernon does a great job as C&A rep. The 'Event' in RCL is 4:30 - 8:00PM nightly. They have pics of all guests... don't worry.... they know D and ups. Cheers!
  5. Hi Paula and Jim, Thanks! All good here. We will be in Coz 11/7, 11/11, and 11/23, 2019 ... but not on MJ, bummer.... Oh, bunch of FoHos cruising on Jan 24, 2020, Indy. We'll be celebrating my 50th Hop. Cheers!
  6. We turned Pineapple on an Indy cruise recently. I say turned because the exact day was the third day of the cruise. I requested, and received, concierge's help to allow us to be 'recognized' on our next cruise, which was Allure, three weeks later. It was a good decision. Our exact points caught up to us 10 days later on the C&A website, and it said Pinnacle Club, yeahh! So we were official and received Pinnacle cards when boarding. Concierge was wonderful. Recognition was day 2, at C&A event, Aqua Theater. We were treated to gifts, lunch at Captains table, discussion of benefits, Coastal Kitchen/Suite Lounge, behind-the-scenes tours....awesome, WOW. The other end of the spectrum is if you become Pineapple on a short cruise, say 3 days on Navigator, or on Empress. They may not 'celebrate and recognize' new pinnacles....is what they said. In fact I received a printed sheet on Indy (5 nt cruise) specifically saying that changes to new levels of C&A tiers would not take effect until the official points are posted on your C&A web page. IMHO, leave 2 weeks between actual day you turn pinnacle (you will certainly know, ha) and your next cruise...so official points tally up. AGREE...each ship is different, short cruises, smallest ships, may not be staffed, or equipped, or have the time to organize your 'recognition'.... even on your first official pinnacle cruise. Bottom line for us was (being pro-active) to get the concierges involved on the cruise before, during, and planning your 'official' recognition. Reread this last sentence, lol! Hope it goes well!
  7. Ya. Maybe just use CC for info occasionally, and not post.
  8. Ya....did that a few months ago, but they didn't cancel it.
  9. Just curious if anyone every heard any waiter say they get a bonus from the 'gratuities' we pay? If you just do some rough math...about $300,000 to $400,000 per week long cruise.
  10. Funny comment by Bill, the HD on AD during Captain's Corner Q&A session recently... "We had a request for a comfort/service squirrel."
  11. We listened to the sales pitch for a few minutes, but the times available would not have worked for us because they interfered with show times. The specialty dining quality is not as good as 8 years ago, when we started cruising with Royal. The menu of Chops is loaded with purines...if you ever had a gout attack...you know. High salt...chefs love salt, they put salt on salt, lol. Cost has doubled, or more, in 8 years. We just don't see specialty dining as good value anymore. Have fun.
  12. In CM yesterday. The $3 tram would not stop at Krazy Lobster. They drove to the far end of town and when I told him we wanted to go to Krazy Lobster...he said we had to walk back. Option is walk out of gate and hire a cab to Krazy Lobster.
  13. I figured they would get those port aft elevators working after we left, LOL.... I was on Mariner 6 weeks....last 2 weeks only 2 elevators went to 14. Agree...always full since folks would get on and ride...eventually getting to correct deck. Mariner does not have C&A events or formal nights. The DL is overcrowded first and last nights ..... some folks arrive 1/2 hour early and grab their seats.... some walking up stairs to 14....ha. Kicker is the Suite Lounge was mostly empty...larger and way less folks....they should switch. Lots for kids to do ... good because lots of kids on Mariner....even in Sept and Oct. Agree, some production shows were late hours. Ice show good, cast changing over soon. Crew was great but decided we prefer longer cruises and won’t be back on the 4 or 3 day cruises out of POM. Have fun. ...not sure why new site is double spacing lines...
  14. They have some sections of pier complete with top platform starting at shore of course. Surprised me how low off the water it will be....a few feet at most...going to be a wet walk with winter east winds....as stated, no breakwater. There yesterday...back again next week, will get some closeups.
  15. Good question...here is a pic taken yesterday..I am on Mariner. So much work to do by June ‘19. Rumors on the streets (beaches) are the new dock to be ready by Jan instead of Nov....I’ll ask around for any unofficial stuff...not sure but officially opening June? The east and south beaches are open as normal, awesome as always. They have a temp visual barrier fence up, rest of island a constuction zone. West end has barge dock...bringing in sand/materials. I’ll be here often....be interesting to post pics every week.
  16. DS must be careful, everybody wants to get into the picture! 'DS Photo Bomb'
  17. Fascinating thread. Doing some lengthy historical DS research (research is hell), my sweaty research assistants brought a bottle of Hennessy Pure White, some chilled Solarium towels, a Cohiba, and this note: Who said this? When asked to join the Captain at the captain’s table for dinner, the answer was reportedly (something) like this... “What? ……I am not dining with the hired help.” Mrs Madeleine Talmage (Lady) Astor, wife of John Jacob Astor on the Titanic. [she survived, he didn't]
  18. Hi, [saluting] Just found this thread. Fun stuff. I decided (after cleaning coffee spray off the iMac) that ‘DS’ folks have more fun than Pineapples, or anybody. Unfortunately, we will become ‘P’ soon, no going back now (bummer). Anyway, not wanting to be sneered at (or subjected to 'P' jokes), I designed a new ‘delphically simple’ signature picture which eliminates any reference to our actual C&A status. Going forward…only Royal will know our status….whether to stock our cabin with 4-ply TP, have the bottle of Moscato, 8 bottles of water, and orange juice and cookies ready on day 1….oops may have said too much already. Subscribed… :D:D
  19. 1. If it is a 3 nt weekend cruise....they're always more expen$ive than a 4 nt Mon-Fri cruise to the same place. 2. It is summer pricing. Schools are out; prices are high! 3. September through December generally cheaper except if cruise has a holiday in it. 4. They know most working people have to arrange vacations/flights/hotels and will pay more in summer..... and they know local working folks will fill up the weekend booze cruises.
  20. Does the survey ask about bartenders? ..whack..
  21. So if someone rates food quality as a 5, and rates the service as 8.... they should worry about the food quality as the first priority....
  22. Yup, to keep them happy I will start out by saying, "10's for everybody!" Then, never fill out a survey. Everybody stays happy and no chance of causing them trouble.
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