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  1. Ya....I think the employees should give us a survey of what we think about their management's competence, lol.
  2. Ya...this topic can be spun several ways.... 1. Top management/bean counters take away $tuff, and give it to the $tockholders (read: themselves). 2. Then hold the officers and crew liable because customers see through their B$....lol. 3. Or, a score of 5 out of ten means exactly that to us....and let them spend half of their working hours terrified of each other... which seems to show more and more.
  3. Congrats....You definitely GET IT...by giving 10's we are really telling top management that we are OK with them taking our benefits away, raising prices, reducing personnel, food quality, on and on. I always say, "10's for everybody"....but never fill out a survey. My way.... On topic...we were asked on Empress last year...great little ship.
  4. No empirical data yet on AL out of POM. My past experience on other Royal ships out of POM (using express self-debark, no checked luggage).... I was in my car at the parking garage and on the road between 7:30 and 8:00 AM. The past few years had some delays...reports of getting enough CBP officers there early to process folks. Seems to be improving now. Be interesting to find out how fast the new Oasis class terminal will process everyone. 7 AM start would really be good if they can do it. Royal wants everybody off early..their best interest.. so maybe happen. We used pier G and sometimes J.
  5. I use SAS a lot..and I live 2 miles from FLL airport. Much cheaper than driving my own car and parking at POM.
  6. Non refundables...saw it coming. Cruise lines know there is a 'HUGE CABIN OVER SUPPLY' coming. They are their own worst enemies, ha (some credit to MSC, NCL recently here). Pencil pushers (algorithm theorists) are trying to lock everybody down...early. Some of us locals (no-fly, retired, anytime cruisers) are always ready to scoop up last-minute-price-war-reduction$.....but we'll see. Some Coco cruises in Sept have hundreds of cabins available.... of course Sept is back to school time....but it is interesting to watch and see if Royal is willing to sail with hundreds of empty cabins ...we'll see what happens. Carnival stock looks a better long term value....
  7. ....20, but want to book a few more 'last minute local cruises'...(between hurricanes...ssshhhh)
  8. FYI, If something happens and you need to fly back to the US, say some medical emergency, or if you miss your ship sail away while in a foreign port, you need an actual passport to board a plane going to the US. With this in mind, I carry a passport when not on a Royal ship tour. A Royal ship tour will get you back to the ship. If you are on your own...and miss your ship...it is up to you to get home. So, it is good to have a passport and a credit card with you.
  9. Hi, Liberty for holidays. Ship is decorated. You will see Saturday Night Fever.. a broadway style show, and an awesome Ice skating show. Promenade on deck 5 is interesting. The only reason I haven’t sailed Liberty recently is she is in Galveston...but if you are OK flying there ...best of the two in my opinion. Try Liberty...a Freedom class ship...you can always do Vision later. The Fredom class is a huge step up from the others you mentioned. Have fun. BTW, I have 30 Liberty cruises....a couple of Vision cruises... says something there.. :-).
  10. Anybody fly into Hobby and use Royal's 'Air to Sea' program? We used that in San Juan...Royal corrals you at airport, loads bags into a truck. Trucks your stuff, and you to ship. I'd do that..worked great..think it was $36 and they guarantee you get aboard ship...or get you to next port on their nickel. I think the rental car issue stopped us since we would fly in.
  11. Hi, Indy has 2 ice shows, "Strings" or 'Freeze Frame". Wondering which Ice show did you see? Everything sounds good, can't wait to cruise on Indy again. :cool:
  12. Some people told me not to cruise out of Galveston because of the distance from airport, possible fog delays in winter, and a few other details. Adding 6,000 more pax won't help logistics. I'll wait and see.
  13. We also liked the old Portofino best. Went every cruise. Giovanni's Table is not our style..tried once never went back. The only good thing about those Italian style restaurants is if you plan to go early...you can still go to the WindJammer Buffet after and eat enough there to finally feel full, ha. So we will pass on Jaime's... we do go to Chops once in a while but not a lot.
  14. Ya, agree. We didn't like the girders spoiling the view. Royal should extend each (aft) deck to those girders and add NEW cabins... similar to the new forward deck 12 vista cabins..... I better shut up...they may do that...and double prices. :cool:
  15. We only started cruising in 2010, but I do ride herd on our points...found a few issues along the way, but a phone call fixed everything. Finally, Pineapple within a year.
  16. Good choice, enjoy. Here's a tip or two. Be first in line at the meeting place for your tour...be early...stick close to the guide (this goes for all tours, actually). Tendering from ship to shore..sit as close to where you got on tender..so you can be first off tender. Stay first in line ...so you can be first onto the bus...sit in front row(s) of bus because easy to hear guides talking! The lamanai boat we were on was fast and was up on plane...so the best view from the boat was 'first or second row' just behind driver/capt ...on our boat anyway. Long day, hat with double lanyard so you won't lose it, bottled water and sun screen. Again, stick close to the guide when walking... so you hear everything. If your guide is Donna...say Hi.
  17. We take the $3pp tram ride to Krazy Lobster. Nice beach. No charge to use lounges, tables, swim, etc..... They just ask that you buy some lunch, drinks or bottled water. Fair enough. We usually have nachos and bucket of brews. And we only stay for a few hours...but you can stay as long as you want I think. Personally, we can't eat and drink enough to justify an all inclusive price. We spend maybe $25. Mauricio runs the place...say Hi. Bob
  18. Hi, In Belize I have done Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Altun Ha, and Lamanai. I used Royal Caribbean ship tours. Not sure what Carnival offers. We climbed the main temple at Xunantunich, fun. Some climbing at Altun Ha. Lamanai was fun and climbed 2 there. To get to Lamanai we took a fast boat ride as part of the tour. Very long day though....advise to use ship tour because of distance...ships wait for their own tours. In Costa Maya I have done Chocchoben, Kohunlich, and Dzibanche. No climbing pyramids at Chocchoben. Kohunlich notable for big masks. Cozumel, wife and I have both climbed Coba, temple Nohoch Mul is138 feet high. Remember that going up is all physical, and going down is all mental, ha. Tulum is nice, no climbing though, from Coz. Royal offers Chichen Itza from Cozumel. Long day but the best of all (but no climbing at C.I.). San Jervasio on the island of Cozumel has interesting history but nothing left to see. My picks would be: 1. Cozumel - Chichen Itza or Coba ..but Tulum is picturesque. 2, Costa Maya - Chocchoban or Kohunlich. 3. Belize - Lamanai or Xunantunich. HAVE FUN!
  19. We keep them, sure. One of the ships we had to show seapass card for the muster station number....to get into Studio B Ice show.... They had 4 shows and so divided shows by muster numbers. Kind of a lame system, nobody liked it and don't think they do it now. Haha, you guessed it, big fan, I was prepared and had all muster stations covered...flashed card quick, and saw all the ice shows.
  20. Since we are close enough to see the ships....very convenient... and we only like to cruise the warm Caribbean..it is obviously PEV for us. POM, also easy from here. Yo Ho......
  21. Just saw a post of new Mariner Compasses..ice show is on the schedule. :D
  22. Hi, thanks. Wife and I are still wondering if they still have the skaters and ice skating shows? They haven't said anything about continuing the ice shows. They added laser tag in studio B. In any case, we have booked several Mariner cruises to Coco Cay.... and will find out then for sure. Look forward to Mariner and Coco...great getaways for us.
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