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  1. My wife and I are trying to decide prior to final pay if we should go, bump forward or cancel. We are 71 and are concerned about what happens if we come down with COVID. Does the ship have medicines on board to treat this. Is this treatment covered by the insurance we bought through Princess. Does Medicare cover you while at sea? We are in good Heath a bit overweight but generally good shape, our concern is should we risk going as we know the cruise line is taking every precaution and we have been going to stores, and restaurants during the last few months and wear our masks, wash our hands and use wipes, and use hand sanitizer all the time. We have had contact with our children and have not become ill. If we follow all these precautions and what the ship is doing we feel the risk would be low. I know some will say that’s up to you, my son said bump it back. We don’t want to be afraid to enjoy life again, but want to know if we have considered all our options.
  2. We are one the Nov. 21 sailing excited to go, but still wary of what the shipboard requirements will be. We have spoke with Princess and there answer is they have no idea. I know there will be extra precautions prior to boarding like questionnaire, taking temperature, and other possible tests they deem necessary, no problem. I hope that masks will not be a requirement as going to pool and having a drink at the bar where i have met some great people and had great conversations will not be the same. Also how will they handle the theater? I can understand if that is what must be done then I will, have until July 31 to decide if I want to make final payment for this crusie. I t just will not be the same as the good old days of cruising, yes I know the times they are a changing. Any new information on what to expect will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the information.
  4. Just booked British Isles next May do they offer the City stay program for Amsterdam? Agent said it was no posted information at this time. Has anyone done this in previous years? How was it and what was the cost? Do you recommend it? Also how far out can you get quote on Celebrity Air.
  5. MarkE


    Do they serve Casamigos ( George Clooneys brand) tequila on the edge, I assume it would be a premium brand?
  6. We are going on the cruise tour in June 2021 and we want to know which side of the ship is best port or starboard on a south bound sailing. We will be doing the land tour first then the cruise from Whittier to Vancouver, my wife has been watching videos and reading reviews and they stated you must be on the Port side for the best viewing. We know that they turn the ship in Glacier Bay so everyone gets a great view. What are your thoughts or is either side good.
  7. Another major event hit San Juan this week they have suffered enough the last year now an earthquake. I have read that some building were damaged severely in downtown area. Has this latest catastrophe caused the cruise line to change itinerary for upcoming cruises. We are on the Edge sailing Jan. 26. I cannot see adding to there stress by bringing in 4,000 people to an already stressed community. Any updates on all cruise line plans for this port in the near future.
  8. We are planning to book the May 28, 2020 12 day British Isles cruise and were looking for suggestions as to if there is a preferred or better side to book cabin on. Also is late May a good time of year for weather there? Any tips on tours in any of the ports would be helpful.. Are credit cards readily accepted in most ports? How much money should we convert to pounds ? Any other suggestions on making this trip great will be appreciated.
  9. At Mr Sanchos was it easy to get a cabana and is there a charge for that? Was it packed I believe there are 3 ships in port on the day we visit I have read comments that pool is packed. Are cabs easy to get for return to ship? We are going next week with the grandsons and tips about the ports will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thats the price and yes that is outrageous, also your drink package does not include water.
  11. Do you rent a clamshell on Harvest Caye from the beach vendor as I do not see them on the NCL website anywhere. Do you know if reservations are required and the cost. I see cabanas but those are more than we need.
  12. Has anyone done the NCL fishing excursion in a Roatan? The website on NCL does not have much info. What size boat? Do they troll or bottom fish. Tour states 2 hours, not much time fishing for $149. Any info appreciated.
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