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  1. Thanks for the info! I didn't know that. I booked at New Year's for April 2022. Hoorah!
  2. And keep checking. My invoice after L&S was correct, as was the reservation online. About a month ago it had jumped up $200. I called and she said I had to call back in ten days. After ten days I logged in and it had jumped up $4000! I called again and got a fellow who seems to have fixed it. This constant double and triple checking really pees me off!
  3. To correct myself it's not FCC, we'd need to move deposit to a specific different sailing, forfeiting $200CAD of our NRD.
  4. We have NRD - I was assured if we can't do the cruise we switched to that we would forfeit $200CAD but get $760 FCC.
  5. We moved our booking from November 2020 to November 2021. Assured over and over that it included all our perks. Of course the invoice came and it doesn't reflect that. The taxes were higher too, so the amount owing is higher. Not a deal breaker, but would be nice if that had been mentioned (increase of $130). Should have waited for the email to arrive so I could question her. Also, since we don't know for sure if we can go next year, we were assured that if we cancel, then we'd lose $200 (as expected) and have the rest in FCC valid for sailings until November 2022.
  6. I got the email last night about cruise with confidence and my Novembercruise. Used the chat function to ask a few questions and the agent insisted it only covered sailings to September 1st. We went back and forth for awhile on that. Then she just gave me a number to call (which isn't working). I'm not sure I want to do this cruise next year. Does anyone know, if I transfer to next November, and subsequently cancel, how long will my FCC be valid for? I have Non refundable deposit and cruise date is November 20th. Will FCC have same validity as the cruise with confidence fcc (May 2
  7. I have the same concerns as others -- getting sick on the ship, countries not letting the ship port, etc. But I have another concern, and that is I am worried my employer will put return to work limits on anyone traveling (not just cruises). They can't tell us we can't go, but they may well put demands on the return that make it impossible. Hope I'm wrong. My closest friend at work has a cruise about seven weeks prior to mine, so she'll be "testing the waters" with the employer first.
  8. Our 2019 Transatlantic went from Miami to Civitavecchia and we walked right off the ship. Nobody at all there to check. And we had no checks at the few stops in Europe on the way. Good thing we weren't onward to Germany, where I was once questioned upon leaving because the entry stamp in the passport was illegible.
  9. Thank you so much Wine-O. That's very kind of you. I'm texting my sister like mad about our best choice of action.
  10. I might have a look. Problem is my sister and her husband are joining us and we chose these cabins for a variety of reasons. I'll need to find us both good moves.
  11. Thanks Wine-O. Its Transatlantic so lots of sea days.
  12. I'll be on Silhouette cabin 7159... should I worry? A previous enquiry here thought the smoking area was further back than that but this info seems to contradict that. Thanks.
  13. Agreed with previous posters -- and recalling when my friend packed her steamer in her husband's suitcase. He of course was the one called to account for it!
  14. We did the World Wine Tour a few years ago. It was fun, but not if you're a real wine lover. None were particularly good, and we were given one hour to get through as much as we could. They even counted it down. It quickly became a cheap way to get as much wine as everyone could. So, more like binge drinking than wine tasting. I had a ball!
  15. I just repriced my cruise (Barcelona to Buenos Aires, November 2020). Paid $440CAD more, got four perks (had two -- Classic Bev and grats). Now I have $500USD onboard credit, grats, internet for two devices, and beverage pkg. Question -- she said we get PREMIUM booze package, but the invoice doesn't clarify. Anybody know if the promo is for Premium? And if so, should I follow up to make sure my receipt clarifies that? Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences. I'm not sure I would have held on the phone as long if you hadn't reported some successes.
  16. Thanks Mike. The currency exchange really is a killer. Often Disney World offers Canadian-at-par sales; wish Celebrity would. Ha! That's a pipe dream.
  17. On this topic, we have the Classic and want to upgrade. Cruise Planner says I can upgrade for $15.96CAD per day. However in the Cruise Planner it shows the price for Classic and for Premium, and its only a difference of $13.30CAD per day. Anyone have any luck getting them to upgrade this way? Or maybe the $15.95 includes the gratuity? Thank you.
  18. Thank you all for your replies. I am really uncertain how to proceed, and keeping in my mind we are cruising with my sister and her husband and want to keep nearby. I'm trying to get her input. I wish Celebrity would just clearly indicate where the smoking areas were so we didn't have to rely on old Cruise Critic posts! I wonder if there would be more smokers on this cruise, being a Europe to South America itinerary? Perhaps I'm just overthinking it (I always do), but if I'm smoked off my balcony for seven sea days I won't be happy.
  19. Thanks ECCruise, I was hoping we might be forward enough not to be bothered. There was a post from about 2018 stating there was smoking just outside the forward elevators port side, but other posts said midship only.
  20. Thanks for your reply oceangoer2. We are on Silhouette. I've done a mock booking and the current cost is much higher than what we are paying; my understanding is I could stay in the same room class without incurring additional charges. I think I'll look more closely, but with wanting family nearby (but not next door) it might be difficult.
  21. We are booked on the Barcelona to Buenos Aires Transatlantic next year. I spent a long time choosing what I thought was going to be the perfect cabin -- 7159 -- now I'm not so sure. I think it might be above the smoking area and I'm very sensitive to cigarette smoke. Should I change? And even though it might mean having my sister change too? (they are in the mirror image room across the elevator divide, we thought that way we'd have a balcony in the morning and evening sun during the southward part of the journey). I'm not even sure we can move rooms since I expe
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