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  1. That math isn't correct. 18% on the drink package of $59 is only $10.62. Not sure how they came up with the $14 as it doesn't seem to be gratuities which currently are 20%. $14/day equates to almost 24%. Also when looking at drinks/day you are thinking just alcoholic drinks. I will drink 4-5 bottles of water if not more a day, specialty coffee, pop along with the others and that does work out in my favor for the drink package.
  2. It's already too late as that went into effect today. Shouldn't be applied to an upgrade on board. Only would be added to an existing reservation if they made a change like add a person, change cabins etc. Upgrading should be the normal $10+20%
  3. Solo passengers get screwed by this since it still charges them the full $196 instead of just $98 as we are only using one beverage package.
  4. Gratuities would only be for 2, they would still have to pay them for the 3rd person. So OBC & WIFI would be the better deal for them.
  5. I would recommend doing the Roseau Valley Treasures tour with Bumpiing tours in Dominica and river tubing in Grenada. Did this back in April with my niece and she loved both of them. I had done river tubing in Grenada in December as well and everyone on the excursion had a good time. But by far the best in Dominica is tours with Bumpiing and if you're lucky you might get Levi as your guide. Trafalgar Falls, Titou Gorge & Champagne reef can't be beat.
  6. Actually on Equinox since it's already been to dry dock you should be able to get into your room upon boarding to drop off your carryon. Completely available to you usually after 1pm.
  7. MDR is typically Prime Rib on the first night. It's good but I've also done Tuscan with the discount. Depends on if you really want to dine in Tuscan during your cruise, you may get a discount on a different night but might not be 30%. I'd personally pick Murano (actually did that on Equinox a few years ago) on the first night especially if they are offering that discount as well.
  8. Sea Cow is a great snorkel trip. They break the group up into 2 (at least they did when I went) so it's not crowded when snorkeling. That's always a fear when doing a ship excursion that it will be very crowded but they do a good job.
  9. I think they are but not sure since I've always upgraded my niece to the premium non alcoholic package. It's only about $33 for a 7 day cruise and she likes her virgin mudslides and such
  10. Coffee from Cafe al Bacio is available on the Classic alcohol package, no need to upgrade. Reason to upgrade is if you want martini's, better wine selection or you want sparkling water. I always upgrade and never regret it but I like my Evian, Grey Goose, and good wine at dinner.
  11. You can upgrade anytime you want at $10 + 20% gratuity. When they have the sales on the beverage package it doesn't carry over to the price of the upgrade, that still remains $10 + 20% (I've called and tried and always told no)
  12. Yes you can but they are asking about the classic non alcoholic package. Classic alcohol package would include the frozen drinks up to $9 but classic non alcoholic does not include the frozen drinks.
  13. Go to Chicago Paul's live review. He's posted a few menus that included wines. Might not be Equinox but should be very similar.
  14. No, I've always had to upgrade my nice to the premium non-alcoholic to get the frozen drinks.
  15. FLL and MIA are so close together won't make a huge difference. Also I usually book going into FLL anyway since it's usually cheaper. This happened to me March 2017 and it really wasn't a big deal. For some you'd have thought it was the end of the world. We just booked a hotel in Miami and took an Uber. On disembarkement had a hotel in FLL and Uber back there. Some people let it effect their attitude (especially since embarktion wasn't until 2:30) but we made the best of it. Had a snafu with our hotel a week before but didn't let it upset us. Got the Four Seasons for the same price. Bonus was the Detroit Pistons were staying at the hotel for the night so my nieces got their pictures taken with Blake Griffin and the entire team was by the pool all morning. If you choose to let it impact you negatively that's your choice. I choose to look at the fact that I'm on vacation and not in snow and cold and just have a positive attitude.
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