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  1. On the last day Cafe al Bacio filled an entire gallon zip lock bag full of the coconut macaroons for us to take back home for my niece who is gluten free. She had them years ago on the Summit and loved them. She was very thankful when we got home.
  2. I've got it in December. Concierge gives you the nicer canvas tote vs the nylon tote you get in the other cabins.
  3. My room steward changed mine for a bottle of red. Shouldn't be a problem.
  4. I tried to upgrade for my April sailing when there was a sale going on the beverage package. However the upgrade price remained the same $10 + 18% on the cruise planner, even calling the Captain's Club they asked and it was not a discounted price to upgrade.
  5. If the custom line is long get a porter. They bypass the long lines and have one of their own. I believe they even jump to the front of the taxi line as well.
  6. TropiSport, reef safe and natural ingredients. I've used it and unlike some of the others it's greasy feeling once you put it on.
  7. I cruise solo all the time and have never been charged more that double occupancy. I think by booking double and having a no show you'll only get the single captain club points vs booking solo you get double. Still get the same OBC as I believe it's per cabin not per person.
  8. In order to use the Celebrity app you had to be on WiFi so if not that maybe why it was data. I was on the Summit and turned my phone into airplane mode, really the only way not to be charged for the data and such. Then for the Celebrity App you log into the Celebrity WiFi and just say you are using the free app.
  9. It only showed upgrade options within 30 days of sailing. But for me if I can’t get the sale prices I’ll do it on board & give one of the bartenders the credit. They’ll take care of you the rest of the cruise
  10. I just looked at my cruise planner and the price to upgrade to premium is still showing $11.80. I wonder if they have a date as to when it goes into effect which is why some show 18% vs 20%.
  11. I did the Equinox solo (kinda friends were there but didn't go to specialty dining). Same experience that everyone was very attentive to me. I cancelled my final dining in Tuscan as I'd rather be w/ friend in MDR but friends I met on the cruise who were dining in Tuscan were looking for me to ask me to join them. Everyone I've met on Celebrity has been very nice and inclusive when they find out you are a solo cruiser.
  12. My 2 are missing as well. Someone on another tread said X is making some modifications to the website so that's probably the reason for it. I'm giving it a few day and will check again.
  13. At 6'5" that sofa bed is going to be pretty small for him. My niece who's about 5'8" fully stretched out almost filled the length of it.
  14. Second Luvcrusn on Calabaza in Barbados. Have sailed with them twice with the third time coming up in April. St. Lucia Spencer Ambrose has a great tour that I've done in the past and probably plan on doing in December. St. Maarten I've done a tour with Captain Bob's and doing it again in April. On boats tour the entire island with a couple snorkel spots and then a stop (on the water) at Maho beach. Carambola is a nice relaxing beach day in St. Kitts. Antigua I just did a ship tour to swim with the stingrays.
  15. Actually in December it was at 4:45 pm
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