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  1. there is no info/vacation guide for Bermuda at this point SEE POST #129 for the latest update which seems more accurate Nancy
  2. same here and most of the laundry we do is really easy on the ship. We do utilize the pressing and dry cleaning service quite often on our crystal cruises. We’ve always found the pricing, when we’ve had to pay, quite reasonable and the service has always been excellent. Nancy
  3. Great photos…thanks happy birthday Nancy
  4. yes…it’s the spin class. Nancy
  5. I went to the reception desk,,,pre-pandemic,,,to order floral arrangements. Nancy
  6. Many of my college classmates were from one of the 5 towns. Nancy
  7. no worries…I didn’t want you to provide potentially inaccurate info to other crystal cruises you’re graciously sharing all of your cruise planning with. FYI, if you booked directly with crystal, you would receive the $125pp as you wish shipboard credit. Nancy
  8. i highly recommend you get this current info from your Amex TA. The crystal rep, might not have known the correct info back when you first booked. The terns and conditions, plus more that I didn’t include are currently clearly spelled out on crystals website. I also know for all crystal cruises, Amex Platinum card holder crystal cruise benefits MAY not be combinable with other crystal offers to strategic partner TA’s. This is regardless of who one books through. You and your TA should check The AMEX fine print, Nancy
  9. Wow Gary….so detailed. one thing I’d like to point out, I don’t believe the $125 pp ‘As You Wish” shipboard credits are combinable with all or some of the Amex Platinum shipboard type credits for the Bahama cruises as well as the Bermuda cruises. I’d follow up with your travel agent on this. From crystal terms and conditions for the Bahama cruises and Bermuda cruises: *As You Wish credit supersedes any strategic partner amenity. This $125 per guest “As You Wish” credit is provided by your preferred travel advisor and Crystal Cruises and is applicable to up to two guests per stateroom or suite you're off to a great start. Nancy
  10. Linda…absolutely!!! wishing you and john a wonderful cruise. Nancy
  11. Thanks tinaincc. personally, I have a much higher amount for medical evacuation and very pleased with the policy I purchased. I’ve always purchased a comprehensive travel insurance policy for our crystal cruises and for my upcoming cruise, it’s more important due to Covid. Nancy
  12. in regards to a comprehensive travel insurance policy, what $ amount for medical evacuation limit do you suggest? Personally, I have a very high limit for this and emergency medical. Nancy
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