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  1. Larry, based on this unconfirmed report and Keith’s earlier “non inside scoop” comments....my October 30th Quebec to Miami cruise isn’t looking hopeful!!😪 nancy
  2. I believe they do... Note: If an affected guest is unable to redeem their Credits by December 31, 2023, they may request a refund of the original cruise fare paid. We ask that guests please allow up to 90 days from receipt of their request for refunds to be processed. To request a refund, please visit crystalcruises.com/requestrefund to submit the online form beginning May 15, 2020. Nancy
  3. I noticed it on the website weeks ago. I’m sure it went to press, so to speak, way before covid-19 Nancy
  4. So, so sorry about Ken's passing. larry and I enjoyed many sailings And wonderful times with ken and Lynne. RIP my friend. Nancy
  5. same here plus the 2021 river cruise promotion Nancy
  6. I too read the info from Seabourn along with holland America and princess suspending many cruises until later this year and throughout 2020. I have serious doubts I will be cruising in late October or anytime this year. 😪 nancy
  7. I’m also booked on this cruise and I’m not overly optimistic that it will happen. 😪 Nancy
  8. Colin, unfortunately, I too am not overly optimistic about our October cruise. As it’s 6 months from now, we still have time and there’s still hope. 😀 Nancy
  9. Bravo Jon and congrats. we sailed with Jon the first time in 2007...jim...you were on that crossing too. Jon brought his wife and his eldest son Nat who was 2 at that time. way to go. Nancy
  10. Yes...flex fares are pay 100% upfront Nancy
  11. Here’s the link to all of the “flex” fares https://www.crystalcruises.com/special-offers/crystal-flex-fares Nancy
  12. I noticed these “flex” fares a couple of days ago when I was checking on a cruise I’m booked on later this year Nancy
  13. Such a great diversion and looking forward to reliving the adventures of Scott and drew be safe and well Nancy
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