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  1. you're welcome. I believe the cruises close to Xmas are typically discounted as they are not great sellers Nancy
  2. I've been reading and thoroughly enjoying the notebook!!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip. Nancy
  3. nancygp


    Perfectly fine!!!!!! Nancy
  4. Different strokes for different folks!!! Nancy
  5. Dennis, please, no reason to apologize. Glad you posted the YouTube video, thanks. see you onboard, Nancy
  6. I started a thread a couple of hours ago to get some feedback from anyone that has sailed with Joel. As we love going to the avenue late in the evening, we're hoping for a positive experience. Nancy
  7. Congrats on a great upgrade. FWIW, a C3 is not an inside cabin as crystal does not have inside cabins nancy
  8. He will be in the Avenue on my September cruise. I read his bio and he has worked on crystal and various cruise lines. Has anyone sailed with him?? Feedback?? thanks, Nancy
  9. We do too!!! We initially met him on our first crystal cruise 15 years ago. Nancy
  10. Wow...how great you received an upsell to a crystal penthouse..enjoy
  11. Travelcat, I read another poster you booked a Penthouse Suite...did you change o,the Crystal Penthouse? If so, I think it would be more satisfactory for you. Nancy
  12. Additionally, if your cruise is 14 days or longer, you get 4 included specialty restaurant visits. Nancy
  13. I recommend arriving before 11:30. I will also embark in September at here will be one other ship in port. Are you on the September 17th sailing? Nancy
  14. Thanks for another great update. Vancouver is one of our favorite cities and we'll spend a few days there before our September Symphony cruise. enjoy your visit to Granville Island. early Bon voyage, Nancy
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