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  1. Bob, thanks for all the wonderful posts. So happy you and Jeannie are hving a great time. We can’t wait to do the same in a few weeks. Our only concern are the tests and hope they all will be negative. enjoy, Nancy
  2. Bon voyage and looking forward to following your trip. We board in a few weeks. Nancy
  3. Looking forward to this cruise. Nancy
  4. julia, hope to finally met you on the first of your three cruises. We are doing a B2B starting with the cruise before your first one. Nancy
  5. same for us…noticeable the past few months. At the restaurant we dined at last night, one we’ve frequented the last few years, the owner told us he’s in the process of putting out an updated menu on Tuesday and has had to raise the price on most items. Nancy
  6. Quite worse coupled with much higher costs Nancy
  7. the impact is currently occurring Nancy
  8. Welcome back…have a wonderful time…fingers crossed for my sailing in a few weeks. Nancy
  9. correct but it’s based on availability…doesn’t seem an issue currently. Nancy
  10. Jim…thanks for the great feedback and photo Enjoy week 2! Nancy
  11. Great news that you’ll go in a few weeks Nancy
  12. yes, take your test on Monday morning November 5th. so looking forward to this cruise. Nancy
  13. They chose to fly home and not return to the ship Nancy
  14. when the change was made, the grand gala, Sunday buffet was only held on cruises with 4 or more sea days…let’s assume that will be the case going forward. Nancy
  15. perhaps we will meet in November. We are really excited to visit your wonderful country. We spent 2 land trips at The Reefs in the 90’s and and stopped there for a couple of days on a crystal serenity crossing several years ago. I hope you will try crystal. We loved our first crystal cruise in 2004 and never looked back. Nancy
  16. All 7 day crystal cruises have an evening attire of crystal casual…it’s been like this for quite a few years Nancy
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