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  1. Times have indeed changed. And, yes, now that I've booked the later flight I'm completely happy with it. Have 57 days for them to change it again too ;-}
  2. Exactly! And thanks for sharing that. I discussed it with Southwest & while its basic policy would be to fly me standby on a later flight (had I missed my original one), if it wasn't a non-stop (and there are no others at this time), the next leg might've been sold out, causing a whole other problem. Luckily, I really am pretty good at killing time in an airport...used to do that a lot for work, so doing it when I'm on a pleasure trip is no big deal....I like to read ;-}
  3. Thanks, everyone! I've changed my flight -- now heading home at 12:50, but have to do an hour layover in Dallas. Could have been worse...I'll still be able to check my bags on arrival (if Port Valet isn't an option).
  4. Thanks for sharing your post with me...I'm on my way to my airline's site to go with that later flight now :-}
  5. It is indeed! And I'm not much of a risk taker in the "make my flight" category.
  6. WOW...I know I'd change a flight at 11:11...just don't have the nerves of steel to ride that out. Good luck to you!
  7. Thanks! I'll give those replies a look. My search was basically 'departing flight times' but that question never came up. I've got pre-check and plan to use Port Valet as well. Funny though -- if my flight was noon or even five minutes before or after, I probably wouldn't be asking. Just 15 minutes can make a difference!
  8. I figured that -- and also expected someone to mention it -- but nothing came up on a search, so here I am ... I like your confidence, just not sure I share it :-}
  9. Which is likely why I'll change this one ... I'm good at killing time at an airport, but not so good at handling a panic by cutting it too close (or worse). Thanks for the response.
  10. I think that's what's making me hesitate to keep this -- the great unknown of returning to travel and whether it will be what we recall or not. Thanks for the response!
  11. Thank you! I'd found recommendations by Royal and NCL, but not HAL.
  12. My return flight from Seattle was changed by the airline. I can change it if I want, and am leaning that way, but wanted to get the input of others... Had a 1:30pm non-stop home and they've moved me to a comparable 11:40am non-stop. I think I can make an 11:40am flight, since we dock at 7am, but wondering if check-in and security lines will mess that up. None of the other flights are non-stop, so I'm looking at a minimum of 6hrs (vs 4hrs) + an hour layover, if I make a change. Thoughts?
  13. If you read the cruise lines plans for Florida passengers and proof of vaccine, it's pretty clear that the state did not 'win' this one. Royal Caribbean has pushed the "sure you can do that...and here's what we'll do" envelope furthest, but none of them are doing an "oh -- ok"!
  14. I've only done three on a Carnival cruise and happily taken the couch as my bed...without making it into a sofa bed. The other two were on the twins. Worked well and because I didn't fold out the sofa, our room was not greatly impacted.
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