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  1. I think that's true for a lot of people (not liking to fly so much)...I'm the oddity...enjoy it!
  2. My next cruise will only be my 6th solo, so you're actually quite a bit up on me -- especially with three more booked :-} Most of my 37 were with my husband and I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it without him, but my daughter and friends and family have helped and I'm still loving it. And to really make you feel good, my first was in 1977!
  3. Plenty of time after Miracle to catch Zuiderdam :-} Are you west coast based?
  4. Thanks so much for making the extra effort!!
  5. I shared something similar from Oosterdam -- that's how I knew there had been a change :-} Thanks though for trying!
  6. Good for you! I think I'll make 40 (January is 37), but no expectations to reach 100 :-} Nice video. Hope I meet you onboard sometime, just to say hello and pat you on the back! Will be on Zuiderdam January 25th...will you?
  7. I see you happily sailing away so often, I'm wondering (if you don't mind sharing): How many cruises? How many of them solo?
  8. I've heard they changed the format of the daily activities sheet...is anyone able to share a photo of the new version?
  9. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Hearing this, I'm a lot more likely to do this tour. Really appreciate the photos too! Not sure how much in to February you sailed, but if I leave out expectations of seeing a baby, I think I'd enjoy this 👍
  10. This is encouraging! Will be there end of January and thinking about doing this. Can you tell me the boat size (passenger capacity) and if you saw other marine life? TIA!
  11. DanaK757 -- how was your tour? I'll be in GT late January and am considering it. What was the boat's passenger capacity? Did you see whales and/or other marine life (dolphins, turtles, etc.)? TIA!
  12. Thanks for the chance to re-live a memory. Our first cruise was our honeymoon, out of Miami to the Bahamas, January 31, 1977. We left our mid-west home, covered in snow with 15-degree temperatures, and arrived in Miami, to almost 50-degree weather...good enough for us. The temps were a little better in Nassau & Freeport (we didn't wear shorts or swim), but the most amazing thing was, it had snowed in the Bahamas on January 19th and they were all still talking about it ... you just never know :-}
  13. Thanks, clo! Each of my cabin stewards is told the same thing and asked the same question at embarkation: ~keep my ice bucket filled and I'll love you! ~where's home and when do you get to go there next? Have loved them all!
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