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  1. Thanks for the review. My first HAL cruise is coming up on the Statendam in a couple weeks departing from Amsterdam. Do you know if there were any laundry specials onboard? Any idea how much the internet is? I only see a premium plan available to prebook for $112 but hoping for some other options.
  2. I'm booked for Feb 2021 and haven't rcvd any email yet from travel agent. I'm a little bummed because we're going for the world expo (still are) and wanted to take this cruise.
  3. I just looked at the ship cruise log from last year on the Ruby and it says "The rangers boarded the ship using the starboard pilot ladder at 06:00. As the ship approaches Glacier Bay the park HQ, etc.. is off the starboard side so make sense to board from that side.
  4. I mean to say counter clockwise, sailing across the top then down into the drake passage with the island off the port side.
  5. All ships (going east or west) circle cape horn clockwise so as to enter the drake passage with the current. That said, choose a balcony on the port side!
  6. I picked up some Brazilian currency before I left home to use while there to reduce credit card fraud. I used credit card in Argentina, Falkland, Chile... no taxis, just uber and never picked up any other currencies. Paid for tours in USD or Paypal. Souvenirs I used USD or credit card.
  7. You'll also receive the official map/booklet for Glacier Bay along with your patter. There is a sign setup as well you can have your photo just like those at park entrances. Enjoy your visit, it was the best day of our AK cruise!
  8. Princess shuttle last summer was $8 or $16 round trip. A taxi area was setup and it was easy to find and share taxi since most are going in the same area.
  9. In Belfast, we rented a car from the city airport (15 min taxi from port). Where the ship docks is a temporary tent so no cars to rent, etc.... We were the first off the ship and already there was 3 taxis pulling up. We picked up our car and was the very first ones at Giants Causeway and spent 45 min there alone. By the time we were walking back up to the car park, we passed 100-200 people coming down. We parked free at the hotel and afterward we had breakfast there and used the restroom. Afterward we quickly stopped at Dunlace Castle down the road and headed down to Mount Stewart which was south of Belfast. We spent the rest of our time here including lunch. On the return we stopped by Scrabo tower for some photos. Having a car let us beat the crowds at the Causeway and enjoy the countryside. Mt Stewart was not busy and it seemed overlooked by most but very much worth a visit. If you do rent a car in Belfast, make sure it's at the city airport, not the international which is far away. Also, if you use credit card insurance for renting a car make sure what/if certain countries are excluded. N. Ireland is usually one those countries
  10. You should be fine with your bags. I highly recommend reserving a seat so you can sit together. Last summer the reserved seats were first 6 rows of the bus. Go to the bathroom before you leave, buses aren't as smooth as the airplane :)
  11. We walked easily to Stirling castle from the train station however the Wallace monument is a bit far. Once we finished touring Stirling Castle we asked one of the many employees there to call us a taxi. The drive was less than 10 min and she gave us her cell to call when we were ready to be picked up. If you won't have a working phone I'm sure someone inside the ticket/sales shop at the Wallace monument can call for you. Instead of taking us back to the train station we asked to be dropped off at Stirling bridge for pictures and we walked a bike path back which was less than 10 min walk. As far as the train, we walked 15-20 min from the ship to Greenock West station. We were the first ones off the ship just a few min after 7am. We took the 7:34 train to Glasgow which arrived at 8:18. We then exited the station and walked 10-15 min to Queen St station for the 8:41 train to Stirling which arrived at 9:07. Stirling Castle opened at 9:30, we beat the crowds and was able to spend 90min-2 hrs there before heading over to the Wallace Monument. I believe we left on the 1:13 train to Glasgow for about 60-90 min before heading back to Greenock because I wanted to shop at the ALDI which was across street from the ship. Train tickets for the day was roughly £20. It would be best to write down all train times ahead of time so you have them. Stirling is easy trip to do on your own from Greenock. https://www.scotrail.co.uk/
  12. Last summer the shuttles were in Dublin, Belfast, and Le Havre. Belfast was free, the others were $8 one way or $16 roundtrip. There are private buses in S. queensferry that worked out well to take you into Edinburgh. Here is a link for the X99 bus and you can find it as soon as your off the tender. They take credit card! https://www.lothianbuses.com/timetables/cruiselink-x99/
  13. We overnight last year in Dublin arriving at 5am. The shuttles didn't start until 8 so we took a taxi. There will be a taxi area setup right off the ship. Also there was no restrictions on walking out of the port (Ocean Pier 33). The ship was literally 3 minutes walk to the port entrance gate and roughly 1.5 km from ship to the point light rail station. I was surprised to hear my inlaws walked to/from there.
  14. Thanks for the review! I board the NS in a few months, can't wait
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