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  1. We stayed 2 nights at the PortoBay International on Copacabana Beach. We had a top floor balcony which opens right out on to the beach. Not many hotels had balconies like this which is why I chose this hotel. We didn't want to walk around when it got dark so this was the next best thing. The sunrise from the balcony or breakfast room was amazing! Their breakfast was pretty good and there are a couple good restaurants within a block from the hotel including some at the luxury Belmond hotel. Our tour guide picked us up from the airport however our taxi ride (arranged by hotel) back to the hotel was 110 Reals or $30 USD.
  2. We had Port side earlier this year on the Star and enjoyed it. Regardless of cruise line and direction, ships sail around cape horn counter clockwise due to the currents in the drake passage so you'll want to be on the port side. If your sailing west to east then glacier alley, prior to arriving at Ushuaia will be on the port side.
  3. We were in Chile last month, no more fee for USA
  4. We stayed at Mio Buenos Aires and enjoyed it. We walked over before breakfast (there breakfast is pretty good) to the cemetery which was a 5 min walk. It opens at 7am and we enjoyed it all by ourselves for an hour. AEP airport was only a $5 ride away! We did the reverse in Jan, the falls and BA for one night before our cruise. We easily walked to Floralis Generica/Art musuem from there which took about 15 min.
  5. very few vendors and snacks at the terminal so I wouldn't plan on arriving too early
  6. Last month the survey was in my inbox before we left the Star. Check your spam folder?
  7. We had the books recently on the Star, the BOGO specialty dinner was only good for the first night. Unfortunately we had a huge lunch at Don Julios in Buenos Aires before boarding so we had to pass. We did use both water coupons (one from each book). I didn't see anything else for us to use
  8. If your going to sail around Cape Horn then I would be on the port side so you can view from your balcony. The currents run west to east in the drake passage so ships will sail around the island counter clockwise entering into the drake passage with the currents. This was explained to us on the Star Princess when we rounded the horn last week.
  9. I ate at the new Sabatinis 2x on the Star and that's the exact menu. The cost is $25 compared to $29 for Crown Grill. I loved the new menu, the food portions are bigger.
  10. I left the Star yesterday and we had the chair in our balcony room.
  11. Just off the Star in South America.... saw 3 types of Stanley's for $25. Regular, Penguin costume, AND I can't remember the 3rd one but it could have been a sea lion? Definitely another animal costume.
  12. Skyroam works well in Montevideo, Punta Arenas (only when ashore because ship anchors too far out), and Purto Montt (works fine even when anchored). Nothing in Stanley and slow in Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia.
  13. We board our ship in Buenos Aires on Thursday but so far the solis works very well in Rio, Iguazu (all over both parks), and Buenos Aires. I’ll let you know in regards to the rest of ports as I know them. FYI, haven’t needed it much since free WiFi is plentiful and FAST at a lot of places. If you don’t have WhatsApp, download it. You can text and talk on phone as you do at home as long as you have WiFi. Just have cellular data turned off.
  14. Thanks for the review. We board the Star in Buenos Aires next week! I have a suitcase for summer/spring and one for winter. What were the issues in Punta Arenas, that's a tender port correct? When you missed the Falkland Islands, did you stay at sea or arrive early at the next port?
  15. Great review so far, we’ll be arriving in BA next week @ AEP, did you happen to notice if they have the prepay taxis there? What port did you leave from, Valparaiso or San Antonio?
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