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    Gym, travel, wine, travel involving wine, making pizza, eating pizza, eating pizza with wine, etc.
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    Celebrity, Windstar, and we have our fingers crossed that we love Azamara after our 2023 cruise.
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    Tahiti, Bermuda (so easy when you live 20 minutes from the cruise port), Barcelona, Athens
  1. @Stockjock& @emmas gran… thanks for the info. We’ll be considering MSC for future cruises, but already decided on Yacht Club only if/when we do. 😊
  2. @Stockjock … What’s your opinion on MSC embarking and disembarking pax at multiple ports during a cruise? On the one hand the flexibility is pretty interesting, on the other hand I can envision it being disruptive to the folks staying onboard.
  3. You’re quite welcome! I had not thought more than one ship would dock there at the same time. So yeah, we’d definitely do it again, especially if a RC cruise was sharing that same space at the same time.
  4. I don’t remember, sorry... our cabana was directly across the lagoon to where the ship was docked if that helps.
  5. When / If Azamara uses this port again… We did this on a Post-Thanksgiving Celebrity Cruise to eat up OBC. The cabanas hold six people with loungers for all… plenty of sun or shade for everyone. There’s floating mats and other water “toys” nearby for cabana guest use. The staff providing service to the cabanas wasn’t that great… a lot of time lapsed in between visits for drink orders and stopped altogether later on in the day when there was still plenty of time on the clock, so to speak. We took champagne with us we had brought onboard the ship and enjoyed it there (ice bucket & cups provided by the waiter there), so maybe they thought we didn’t need a lot of drinks. It’s a short walk to where the BBQ lunch and ship staffed bar was being served/manned which was great. It’s nice and quiet, and the swimming is excellent because only the cabana guests nearby used that part of the lagoon… the crowds were at the other beaches and attractions. We had a beautiful view of the the ship. We were six, and enjoyed it very much. Two from our group booked a couples massage on the beach nearby. I brought my snorkel and fins, but there was nothing to see. We were on the Constellation which holds something like 2200 guests so we appreciated not being near the crowds and noise. Had we been on an Azamara cruise with only 700 guests however, avoiding a huge crowd wouldn’t really have been a reason for us to rent a cabana for $500 (if I remember the cost correctly). We’d likely do it again.
  6. My comment wasn’t meant for anything you said which by the way, I thought was pretty funny 🙂
  7. Guess I don’t get a pass because I didn’t notice my iPad’s spell check kicked-in. Oh well, I suppose tolerance sometimes takes a back seat to self-importance and presumptuousness.
  8. Please don’t. HOWEVER … gotta say, Agalima Organic Margarita mix is pretty dope. It’s not cheap, but it’s very good (as long as you use a shaker - otherwise it’s too sweet for my taste).
  9. We were invited to do a RC cruise on one of the Oasis class ships in Europe with the friends that we normally travel with on the Summit. We were doing Windstar in Tahiti later that year and couldn’t swing it (extended trip). They gave RC a solid “MEH!” when we asked them how it compared to Celebrity (especially when it came to the food). Some things were great, others not so much. They preferred the smaller ship experience on Celebrity too. We’re still focusing on Celebrity, but now starting to branch out to lines like Azamara, Oceania, and Viking. Who knows… maybe we’ll give them a shot one day.
  10. We love cruising the Summit out of Bayonne too … so convenient, and Bermuda is great place to visit.
  11. Chambord is Raspberry flavored…. Never had it in a cosmo but it sounds interesting. My hubby is the vodka aficionado… his go-to is Kettle One & Belvedere is #2. Me, I can’t taste the difference. I like the distinctive flavors of dark rum & reposado tequila in cocktails.
  12. I don’t know what it was about GM in a Cosmo that was off-putting to me, but I couldn't finish it. I’m unsure whether or not I’ve had it in a Margarita tho… I’ll pay attention to the ingredients list next time I order a top shelf Rita.
  13. Cointreau is a high quality triple sec, Grand Mariner is a blend of triple sec and cognac. The two are not interchangeable. Grand Mariner in a cosmo tastes awful IMHO … trust me. 😁
  14. That’s actually kind of not correct.. initially, airplane mode turns off ALL radio transmissions on the iPhone except for Bluetooth. But the iPhone remembers what you turned on while in airplane mode and does the same thing the next time you start it. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204234 Same is true for Android BTW except that Android turns everything off initially.
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