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  1. I have yet to get a refund from my two cancelled Carnival cruises. Jason, the PVP with Carnival (who is highly recommended on here), says Carnival issued my refund to my travel agent's agency in July. My travel agent says cruise lines never refund to the agency, they refund directly to the passenger. For those of you who booked your cruise with an agent, who gave you your money back - agency or Carnival? I have been checking my credit card for the past six months and there is no credit from either!
  2. I cancelled through my travel agent last week. I received a very generic email from the agency that my cruise had been cancelled. About two days later my booking disappeared under my account login on the Carnival website. I have not received anything about my future fun credit. I am wondering if it will show up on my Carnival account eventually? Or will they email me something? How long has it taken for you to see your credit after cancelling through an agent? I am hesitant to book new cruise until I see my credit!
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