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  1. For anyone that has done this cruise/itinerary recently: Do they have a theme party night such as 70"s or 80's etc. We have some decade themed items here at home and could bring them if that is on the activities list. If there are any other "themed" nights, please let me know as we still have time to get things together...Thanks
  2. From one Bee to another Bee Being the American OP, just know I would never violate immigration rules of any country. There is no way I would ever put myself in the situation of entering a country illegally. I was just stating the situation at hand and the what if’s in an attempt to gather information. Wondering if anyone ever had such a situation? As an update, we can disembark in Halifax but not Saint John. It has something to do with the local immigration facilities there. I was not able to assertain why it’s s flat no in Saint John...I spoke with Rccl and Canadian border security regarding the early disembarkation. Case closed. Bee
  3. Hello fellow travelers... We are wondering if anyone has any information on the Greylines Peggys Cove excursion in Halifax. The tour we wanted to do in Halifax is Sold out and we are looking for an alternative to get to Peggys Cove. Thanks. Bee
  4. Hello...We have a situation that we may need to leave our cruise a few days early in Saint John's and then fly home to the states. We inquired and our request was denied. How can they deny? Canada and US citizens should be able to pass freely. Does anyone have any reason why we would not be allowed to leave the ship? I don't want to press the issue this week with all the Dorian issues going on. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Bee
  5. Hello...I am booked on a cruise and its too close to cancel. So I need to get off 2 days early...Can I just get off the ship and go to the airport to fly home to the states? I will be in Canada when this happens. What is the consequences of just having to disembark? I would have to go through Customs at the airport anyway??? Anyone know??? Thanks B
  6. Hello friends Another question. We are currently on the millennium & flying out on Friday... from Vancouver... how is customs done for return to US? Do we go through customs in Vancouver? Is it efficent? Help my be prepared for the process. Thanks bee
  7. Hello friends we are currently on the celebrity millennium and forgot to arrange transport to the airport. Celebrity says their transfers are leaving later than preferred for our 12 noon flight. What should we do? Taxi? Shuttle ? 4 adults traveling with luggage back to the states. Thank you !! Bee
  8. HI and thanks for all your help. I should have mentioned the REASON I am concerned about laundry is that we are doing the Land Cruise tour first, so we will be gone for almost 2 weeks...hence laundry. The last hotel we will be staying on land does not have a coin laundry. So you think we will get the laundry perk??? Bee
  9. Hi. We haven't sailed Celebrity for a bit..We are Elite level. What type of perks do they give you during the sailing? Specifically, Do they give you a laundry coupon for a discount? Need to decide if we need to find a coin laundry before getting on the ship. What about a day or two of complimentary internet? Do they have a internet lounge? We are doing a 7 day Alaska sailing on the Millennium . Do they have a Captain's club cocktail hour? Any other specific perks please share. They give a general overview on the website but I want to know what they give on the ship. Thanks Bee
  10. I just saw a post asking about best restaurants in Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan...But what about Fairbanks??? We are going to be in Fairbanks for 3 days and will need to hit the highlights, breakfast, lunch and dinner...We will have a car for 2 days...Thanks in advance.. Bee
  11. Hello.. How's anyone done a fishing experience on a cruise ship excursion. If so, which one and was it fun, adventurous, fruitful ( catching fish) and how much does it cost to have your fish sent home? Just wondering, trying for something different. Bee
  12. Hello... Has anyone done this excursion? I am trying to figure out why it is 99.00 pp to have a guide hike up the trail with you. We are hikers but don't want too strenuous.. What is the elevation change.? If you have any suggestions for Juneau other than a helicopter or floatplane...please give me your thoughts. Thanks Bee
  13. BeeSkip

    Fairbanks help

    Hi cruisers. We are going to be in Fairbanks 2 days prior to picking up the Cruisetour which included a city tour & the riverboat discovery. So... what is good to do for 2 days on our own??? Any local restaurants to recommend for any meal. We will be staying at Sophie suites. Is there uber in Fairbanks? Would it be worth it to rent a car ? Hiking close by???? Thanks is advance... Bee
  14. Hi Cruisers. I'm looking to get information on what is the the best Celebrity excursion in Icy Strait....WE have ship board credit we need to use. We do not want to do anything airborne ( helicopter or float plane) The bear search in the valley looks good but it seems like your paying $100+ to hike??? Anybody have experience with the Jeep excursion? With the whale watch excursions, do you really see the whales or a passing fin breaking the surface of the water???? Anybody do the halibut fishing>??? Thanks Cruisers. Bee
  15. Hello...I was wondering how the food and menu is different with the Aqua class Blu dining. Is it more relaxed, intimate than the main dining room? What meals are served in Blu? Is it all "anytime" seating in Blu? Is the food upgraded in Blu similar to a specialty dining room??? Thanks. I search several pages and did not find this info. Bee
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