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  1. I would assume that, rather like the majority of water dispensers that you will find in the uk, the buffet water dispenser has a mains feed. Consequently people are queuing up to fill up their bottle with the same liquid that comes out of the tap in their room. The risk of spreading infection comes from carrying a bottle around with you all day, touching all kinds of things and then touching the water controls immediately after touching the possibly contaminated bottle thus spreading the contamination on to the next users hands. There are many signs requesting people not to do it, however they do seem to go unheeded. And all to top up a bottle with tap water that is available in your room.
  2. I would assume that carnival have rather a lot of knowledge when it comes to pricing all elements of a cruise. It is hardly likely that they would introduce something that would cost them money and is presumably priced at a level they believe to be attractive to prospective purchasers whilst being revenue enhancing. Sometimes described as a win win situation. As such, I would assume that the plan would be to make more money and not less. Assuming that to be the case, then it could help to keep prices down. As an aside, what is it about the drinks package that causes everyone to need to make a profit on buying it? The majority of people do not feel the need to eat every last item of food on offer, attend every event etc and yet the cost of all of that is in the ticket price. The drinks package somehow sits in a very different part of our brain when analysing it. I feel the same, just don't quite understand why.
  3. It is even cheaper if you stay at home....
  4. Apologies, you are correct. I thought it looked like a good idea at the price I said!
  5. On our recent cruise on Ventura, we came across a get together in Metropolis on one of the first sea days. Whilst not actually my thing, I sort of assumed that sort of arrangement was always in place. Clearly not the case then!
  6. I think Paul Daniels trained the waiters on how to remove it! I have heard it said that is what the theatre show "astonishing" is based on.
  7. Back to changes..... On formal nights the rather strange glass plate that greeted you and was then whisked away in an amazing display of quick hand work has now gone. What it was for probably deserves a thread on it's own account😁
  8. There is an elephant in the room here, or children in the room to be more exact. If adults buy the drinks package, child drinks packages at £7.95 each can then be purchased. So, a family of four get a drinks package for a daily cost of £23.95 each. I imagine this would be appealing and help with budgeting when holidaying with children and not wanting to have to budget on what your children are drinking. Maybe these earnest discussions on value are missing the real target audience?
  9. There is a room below/on the way to the theatre on Ventura (I can't quite remember the exact location) which looks something like a child friendly arcade (the games cost money to play I believe), it was there 6 weeks ago if that helps. Looking at the deck plan I believe that it has to be what is marked as the peninsular room, although it doesn't look anything like the pictures I can find of that room now! Alternatively they have opened up a space that wasn't used before. Strange that it isn't mentioned anywhere....
  10. which sort of destroys any argument..... There is also the small fact of where the head office is located when needing to negotiate with suppliers, service providers etc. I am sure they could spend fortunes creating a duplicate team somewhere else, if everyone wants to pay for those costs of course.
  11. Which is presumably why they have the ID system they have for getting people on and off?
  12. I can’t understand how they can risk using an old picture. A lot of facial hair can be removed or added in six weeks, certainly enough to make recognising someone in a photograph challenging from a security point of view.
  13. Not sure that everyone would agree with you on that! Share Price Information for Carnival (CCL) Share Price is delayed by 15 minutes Get Live Data Share Price: 3,587.00 Bid: 3,600.00 Ask: 3,605.00 Change: 229.00 (6.82%) Spread: 5.00 (0.14%) Open: 3,373.00 High: 3,650.00 Low: 3,334.00 Yest. Close: 3,358.00
  14. Different type of customer or different type of consumer protection laws? I don't know the answer, it is simply a question I would like to understand.
  15. I understand serious consideration has been given to whether her brother Ronald would be a welcome addition to the fast food provision. Unfortunately the trial on Britannia resulted in a bit of a kerfuffle when he was spotted in the buffet late at night....
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