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  1. Dixons have announced the closure of all their duty free land based stores and two P&O concessions. I assume that probably means that they will no longer be on board.
  2. Azura is overdue an M.O.T (but slightly more detailed) before it can sail with passengers again. It probably makes sense to use ships that are still legal when capacity isn't the greatest issue.
  3. The Saga accounts 12m to Jan 2020 have a disclosed average revenue per passenger of £3,688 which apparently equates to £259 per night per passenger. Some posters have been happy to state that Saga is not more expensive, the facts do appear to show that a much greater revenue per passenger is achieved by Saga than Carnival. The figures are obviously reflecting the average cost of a cruise and ignoring any/all of the extra benefits. The many positive statements about Saga perhaps reflect that you get what you pay for (but you do pay for it).
  4. What about those pesky kids, were they watching or not? It is a family ship after all.
  5. Wouldn't that be 3 weeks equivalent?
  6. I had similar with a newly issued number. As I understand it, scammers work through a list of new numbers one after the other waiting for people to bite. They stopped after a few weeks of being ignored.
  7. Very approximately P&O have 20,000 passenger spaces to fill each day. A good majority of those will not be as engaged with the finer details of cruise ships as those on here. The launch has got them large amounts of national media coverage which puts the idea of cruising back into peoples minds. When they release the interior information they will get more of the same. it might be frustrating for some but I would think we are seeing a thought out marketing campaign. Those of us on here may not be the target audience.
  8. From the government website (so no government restrictions on numbers if all goes to plan from 21/6/21) I can't see anything that P&O have on their website that reflects anything other than they will follow Government guidelines. Roadmap step 3 – no earlier than 17 May Domestic cruises will be permitted in England under step 3 of the roadmap out of lockdown. Domestic cruises will be able to operate with up to 1,000 people or 50% capacity, whichever is lower. This capacity limit applies to passengers only. COVID-secure guidance will continue to apply. Groups of mor
  9. You can't beat watching a good live streaming show....
  10. I notice on Twitter a number of people posting pictures of a package they have received to help them enjoy watching the launch....followed by outrage from those who haven’t been so lucky. can’t wait to watch it play out on here.... They appear to be travel writers btw
  11. You are correct that a HL share dealing account is also currently a "free " way of holding shares (but not "free" if held in an issa or sipp). There seems to be quite a bit of feedback about how long it takes to transfer from one broker to another, many months in some cases so transferring could take a period of time and chasing by you. If you sell the shares and then buy back with a different broker the approx cost will be the difference in the spread (buy and sell price variation) which was .04% at Fridays closing price plus two sets of dealing costs and stamp duty on the ne
  12. Hello, I would assume it is on a "Peninsular club cruise" where there is an additional 5% discount off the select fare for Peninsular club members. Some cruises are marked as "Peninsular club cruise"
  13. Britannia sailings 29/8 to 16/9 now cancelled and replaced with additional 7 night cruises, details are on the P&O website and Twitter.
  14. I used the contact us option on the website and selected Peninsular club as a topic.
  15. Like many posters, irrespective of web browser I was unable to see most of my details and an error message continually appeared in various sections. I was also unable to book cruises online during the three day early booking window available for being Caribbean tier. The system appeared to recognise me, but not all of my details. P & O said they would look into it, and didn't fix it. I noticed that my account number online was displaying both upper and lower case letters whilst e-mails from P&O had all the letters of my account number in upper case, I e-mailed and asked if the
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