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  1. Yes, my July 1st on Enchantment to Bermuda was canceled. I did another L&S to next July for that cruise. After researching/pricing multiple vacation options for my schedule, booked Adventure this afternoon for July 3rd. I will take the 2 days at CocoCay and Cozumel for the price. I don’t care about Nassau - been there, done that and do not typically get off the ship when in port. I am curious about Grand Bahama as it has been many years since we have been there.
  2. I have not tried to book anything in the cruise planner yet. Just waiting. A few weeks ago the log in page changed the dates to July1-7 but when you go into the planner, the dates are the original July 1-10. So again, waiting. Just started a planner purchase and was not stopped. So waiting.
  3. It was pulled from the website months ago but not canceled yet. I am also booked on this sailing. It was our lift & shift from 2020. It shows up in our planner but no where else, not booking sites or the port schedule.
  4. I have a July 1 sailing on Enchantment that has yet to be canceled. I have not received an email regarding this device or requirement.
  5. We are currently booked in “limbo” on the July 1, 9 night, Enchantment sailing to Bermuda, Nassau and CocoCay. This was our lift and shift from last year, same itinerary on Grandeur. We have not been officially cancelled, nor contacted. Hoping we hear something this week.
  6. True. We only had to deal with 1 booking so it hasn’t been terrible for us. Just waiting.
  7. We are booked and now 2 months out from our July 1st - 9 night Enchantment out of Baltimore. This is our L&S from last year - Grandeur. We booked while on Rhapsody, Feb 2020 with RCCL. We have watched all the cancellations and orders and waiting for likely the mid-July start up and having to L&S again.
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