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  1. Hi, has anyone heard if the Sun Princess is still cruising in Australia in March 2021? Thanks snag
  2. Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has been on the darwin ww2 cruise on barwin harbour with viator and what it was like? Thanks snag
  3. snag


    I was wondering if you can get glasses of bubbly with the premium drinks package? Ta snag
  4. Hi, I just wondered if anyone has used another method for their account other than a credit or debit card? Both mine were stolen last thursday and the new ones haven't arrived yet and we leave on sunday? HELP!!!! Snag
  5. Hi, as we are booked in to eat at 7:15 on the sea princess I was wondering which showtime would be best to attend. Thanks for your help snag
  6. snag


    Thanks but I really wanted to know how much it costs to send washing out to be done. Ta snag
  7. snag


    Sorry, I meant ship’s laundry
  8. snag


    Could someone please show me the current list of prices for washing on the Sea Princess. The last one was 4 years old. Thanks snag
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