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  1. Just prepay or charge your account automatically daily. Easy no brainer. Everybody gets tipped. Zero stress. Zero need to get cash or change. Yes. You can opt out but why stress about it and mess with it? Seriously. Not worth it!
  2. We didn't as we weren't paying the fare (Maya Chan paid).
  3. You should have received very detailed instructions from them as an email attachment. You walk through the port to the taxi stand. Someone will be there from maya chan. Tell them your name and number in party. They check your name from their list, they get you a cab, tell the driver where to go (sometimes they put another party with you depending on vehicle size) and off you go. The instructions include the best route through the port.
  4. I took battery powered fans on a recent HAL cruise. Worked like a champ. Lasted 7 nights and still had battery power and it didnt take up any outlets to boot!
  5. Your tips/gratuties/service fee is the same as explained above. It is either assessed to your onboard account daily or you could have chosen to prepay when you book your cruise. A separate 18% gratuity was added to your purchase price of the dining and drink package when purchased those.
  6. The only way to ensure you will be happy is to get there as soon as you dock. You need to get there before all of the shore excursion folks to stake your claim on the beach or at one of the pools. They have a website where you can read all of their terms, conditions, prices, and hours.
  7. We never felt the need to preorder unless we are offered a discount. The last time we planned on going the family that was with us complained of it being "cold" that morning since it was drizzly so we ended up not going. :-( . It ended up warming up and stopped raining :-(.
  8. Where are you going? Weve never used binoculars on one cruise and that was to Alaska. We just ordered a decent pair on Prime Day in 2017. We already had a pair that we "inherited" from my mother-in-laws closet.[emoji6]
  9. Our daughter enjoyed both. We did Med when she was 7.5 and Alaska when she was 12.5. She really enjoyed the Vatican and Valencia. Alaska she said our best day was in Glacier Bay just sitting on our balcony and looking at nature through binoculars. Of course, our child is very quite and reserved and is content, most days, reading a book or drawing. If your child is outdoorsy and very active, hiking in Alaska would be more their speed.
  10. Try reading this thread that covered this exact topic a while back. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2595004
  11. It will be crowded. Our daughter usually sticks to the kiddie area and doesnt care for the inflatables at all. As an 8 year old she couldnt pull herself up on them when we tried them one year in Costa Maya so she hasnt even asked to do them since. The kid section is close to the bathrooms, food, and a bar so we chill over there. It is also not as loud as out by the beach and that pool.
  12. Playa Mia does not limit the number of entrants. Weve not been to Sanchis or Nachi. We always go to Playa Mia (spring break). To beat the crowds, go on your own, not through your ship. You will beat any shore excursions by hours and you can stay hours after they leave. Playa Mia is pretty big. We get there early. Stake our claim by one of the pools, make friends with our waiter, and enjoy our stay while watching our daughter play in the pool. Also, going on your own, you have many choices of tickets to choose (all inclusive, ala carte).
  13. Your ship card is for things on the ship (carnival). Everyone else is different. Itcwould be like trying to use your Hampton inn room key to pay for nachos at the baseball park. Take cash and/or credit card (preferably one with no foreign transaction fee AND not one tied to your onboard account). This way if it is lost/breached/stolen you can still carryon with your trip. Dont use your debit card. Period. US dollars are welcomed. Take small denominations and dont flash your stash around. Period. Take only what you will need of the ship. The rest on your room safe.
  14. I wouldnt rely on those "fridges" for any medication that needs to be keep at a certain temp as those things are hard pressed to keep a soda below room temperature.
  15. Also check what us directly above the cabin you are looking at. Avoid eating areas, pool decks, clubs. You will get more noise at weird hours. Having cabin decks above yours us optimal. Connecting cabins are great if connected to your family but louder otherwise.
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