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  1. We didn't as we weren't paying the fare (Maya Chan paid).
  2. You should have received very detailed instructions from them as an email attachment. You walk through the port to the taxi stand. Someone will be there from maya chan. Tell them your name and number in party. They check your name from their list, they get you a cab, tell the driver where to go (sometimes they put another party with you depending on vehicle size) and off you go. The instructions include the best route through the port.
  3. The only way to ensure you will be happy is to get there as soon as you dock. You need to get there before all of the shore excursion folks to stake your claim on the beach or at one of the pools. They have a website where you can read all of their terms, conditions, prices, and hours.
  4. We never felt the need to preorder unless we are offered a discount. The last time we planned on going the family that was with us complained of it being "cold" that morning since it was drizzly so we ended up not going. :-( . It ended up warming up and stopped raining :-(.
  5. Our daughter enjoyed both. We did Med when she was 7.5 and Alaska when she was 12.5. She really enjoyed the Vatican and Valencia. Alaska she said our best day was in Glacier Bay just sitting on our balcony and looking at nature through binoculars. Of course, our child is very quite and reserved and is content, most days, reading a book or drawing. If your child is outdoorsy and very active, hiking in Alaska would be more their speed.
  6. Try reading this thread that covered this exact topic a while back. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2595004
  7. It will be crowded. Our daughter usually sticks to the kiddie area and doesnt care for the inflatables at all. As an 8 year old she couldnt pull herself up on them when we tried them one year in Costa Maya so she hasnt even asked to do them since. The kid section is close to the bathrooms, food, and a bar so we chill over there. It is also not as loud as out by the beach and that pool.
  8. Playa Mia does not limit the number of entrants. Weve not been to Sanchis or Nachi. We always go to Playa Mia (spring break). To beat the crowds, go on your own, not through your ship. You will beat any shore excursions by hours and you can stay hours after they leave. Playa Mia is pretty big. We get there early. Stake our claim by one of the pools, make friends with our waiter, and enjoy our stay while watching our daughter play in the pool. Also, going on your own, you have many choices of tickets to choose (all inclusive, ala carte).
  9. Your ship card is for things on the ship (carnival). Everyone else is different. Itcwould be like trying to use your Hampton inn room key to pay for nachos at the baseball park. Take cash and/or credit card (preferably one with no foreign transaction fee AND not one tied to your onboard account). This way if it is lost/breached/stolen you can still carryon with your trip. Dont use your debit card. Period. US dollars are welcomed. Take small denominations and dont flash your stash around. Period. Take only what you will need of the ship. The rest on your room safe.
  10. I wouldnt rely on those "fridges" for any medication that needs to be keep at a certain temp as those things are hard pressed to keep a soda below room temperature.
  11. Also check what us directly above the cabin you are looking at. Avoid eating areas, pool decks, clubs. You will get more noise at weird hours. Having cabin decks above yours us optimal. Connecting cabins are great if connected to your family but louder otherwise.
  12. For less motion, lower and middle is best.
  13. We used an extension cord for cpaps (2) and used the USB ports next to each side of our bed to charge our electronics.
  14. Why did y'all hollar for her to slow down? You paid for the tour and she works for you. Even I was a 20 and 30 something, I had no qualms about telling a tour guide to slow their roll.
  15. This is not accurate. None of my points cards charge foreign transaction fees. Any credit will charge fees in cash advances (ie used in ATMs). I have a Citibank (american airlines), a Barclays (american aitlines), an amex (delta), and amex (hilton), and capital one (travel points) All of these cards (except capital one) deposit their points directly into my hotel and airline accounts so when I go to book a flight or room at those sites. I click "use miles or use points). Easy. Capital one, you redeem the points on their website as rebates to your purchase (for the card I have). We tend to use our cards for certain purposes and pay them off in full each month so I have no ide what the interest rate is on any of them. Never get a points card if you intend to carry a balance, it cancels out any benefit. We also have almost perfect credit which means we open and close cards to obtain bonuses with little effort or effect to our scores. If your credit is below "high" YMMV. Using points cards is a game. You have to know when to use them to maximize your benefit. Some offer supplemental travel insurance at no cost but the entire trip must be purchased using that card... a certain amount must be spent to get a sign on bonus within a certain time frame... some have annual spend requirements to get the "annual" benefit. We generally focus on one card at a time until we have fulfilled that card's requirement. For example. My Hilton amex requires 15k in purchases to get a free weekend night annually (basically anywhere in the world). If we stay at a Hilton family property, I get bonus points for having the card, and get bc even more bonus for paying with it while I'm there. This card also provides me free lounge access at a lot of airports with free snacks and beverages. Once that is met, we move onto the AA cards to make sure that we spend the minimums on them to get flight campanion tickets for $99(anywhere in US) , our bags fly free and earn miles on every purchase. Our Barclays card also gave us a statement credit to offset our global entry application so we now have TSA pre check and global entry when going through customs. We put EVERYTHING on these cards and only begrudgingly carry and use cash. This includes when we travel internationally. If your annual spend is less than 5k, getting a points card is not for you, especially. if it has an annual fee. BUT if you can get a card with no annual fee or waiver first year, do your spend. Get your bonus and close it... let the points game begin...
  16. We went in March 2017 and were a party of 6 (3 adults and 3 tweens) and only 1 person in our party drank alcohol. My husband and I are diet coke (,coke lite) drinkers and the kids slammed back at least $40 worth each of smoothies (Oreo being our daughters favorite) and virgin drinks. The guac and chips...SO good! We had fish and pork tacos for lunch...yum! I had emailed when I reserved that the kids in are party were picky and he asked what they would like as to make sure they would enjoy their time...we asked for hot dogs and fries! They had hot dogs especially prepared for the 3 tweens!! I used to avoid port stops in Costa maya, after being to Maya Chan, I would look for ones specifically to go there. I'm happy to read that the roads are fixed but Ivjyst thought it added to the adventure. I grew up on rural Tennessee with pitted gravel roads were normal everyday commutes so this was nothing. The kids got a laugh out of the overly dramatic "city folk" who shared our van from the pier... it was really cool to see the ocean during our drive there and back. Nice to get out of the touristy area. I don't think that we've ever had any better service any where EVER. My brother who went with us (the drinker) who is tight with a buck said he would have paid twice what we paid... The kids gave it 6 thumbs up as they sipped their smoothies in the hammock or played in the sand in our little corner of the world (they will deny ever playing in the sand..) Have fun!
  17. Log into you C&A account on the RCCL website and click on your profile, preferences.
  18. You can get anything you want in the MDR if you are willing to pay for it[emoji4]. The drinks that I listed above are available in MDR with your meal. A 12 oz can of soda is going to be about $3.50 (which includes the 18% gratuity). The soda package is unlimited soda from the fountain (doesnt include canned, although some have said they have been successful in getting cans, but dont count on it). Some ships have the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines that can be used with the package but the special cup that you are provided with the package to use.
  19. If scuba is not your thing, and if it's offered. SNUBA is an alternative. Kinda like scuba but the tanks are on a dingy and you dive with just a long hose. Grand Cayman is really awesome. I've not done snubs there but in Mexico. We like the Turtle Farm and Hell. The dolphin encounter is across the road from the Turtle Farm.
  20. It depends on when disembarkstion starts, how many passengers are on board, city, etc. Generally speaking, I've never seen or heard of later than 9 or 10 am as the next passengers are waiting to board. RCCL tends to get people off the ship fast but you may end up waiting to go through customs for a long time (again, it depends). You can always take an excursion from the ship to kill time as well. They pick you up from the ship, load your luggage on their bus, tour you around, and drop at the airport. If your disembarkation city offers the service (some do, some don't), luggage valet (where cruise line works with airport & airline to convey your luggage directly to your flight) is awesome and avoid the "what yo do with my big bags" dilemma.
  21. I haven't been there but found a resource as far as Civi and Rome accessibility https://www.sagetraveling.com/accessible-cruise-ports-rome-civitavecchia-italy
  22. Free drinks readily available: flavored water (usually lemonade and a fruity flavor), tap water, iced tap water, iced tea, no premium coffee, milk and from-concentrated juices at breakfast.
  23. Definitely buy one! You could buy several (depending on type).
  24. You wont have a problem. I took my transport chair and checked it as I entered the plane. They brought it back up so it was ready as we came off the plane. No charge. Depending on the size of your device, they may even fold it up and slide it into a spot in the cabin but usually they stow it in the belly.
  25. The FLL airport and cruise terminal are nearly on top on one another, relatively speaking. No more than 10 minutes away from one another. Car rentals in FL are also inexpensive (relatively). I have found FLL beaches to be horrible so if beaching is what you want, I would head to a different beach town for a day. My very first cruise in 1991 I had a post cruise stay "ocean front," it was a cross a busy highway to a narrow strip of sand to the beach... Flying down with my family some 20+ years later, we booked a Hampton (not on beach) with a shuttle to the pier. We felt completely stupid. We paid per person (there are 3 of us) to ride the shuttle. We had to wait to load our bags, wait until the shuttle was full, and slowly make our way to the pier stopping at the various different ships departing that day. For less than a half of what we paid for 3 of us, we could have gotten a taxi, thrown our bags in the trunk and been at our ship about an hour sooner. Have a great a great trip!
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