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  1. If you both are passengers, just be aware that each seat on the Emirates 380 in first is really a cubicle, and to talk to the person on the other side (we had the two middle 1st class cabins) you still have to stand up and peek across the wall. The shower is definitely worth it, it is spacious and they will leave you plenty of time, just talk to a cabin attendant early on. And you will get a pyjama in its own bag. The last one was in a felted cover, reusable as laptop cover. Nice. I like the bar at the end of business class, which is of course also available for first c
  2. I've been on both airlines and they are ok for the trip you are looking for. Vueling and Iberia sometimes code share, and then it can be advantageous to book Iberia as their price includes a 23kg bag in the hold. It is really the luggage policy and pricing that makes the difference. And make sure that you understand their in-flight price model. You may want to get a bottle of water after security and before gate to avoid high prices for drinks during the flight.
  3. How warm are the ships inside? Lots of draughts? I’m familiar with the weather conditions, I’m more worried that we might never get warm on the ship except in the shower.
  4. In October, I would be heading south of Rome rather than to the north of it. It will be autumn time, and the weather will not be as benign in the lakes region, nor in the piedmont which is my favourite italian region. If your previous cruise did not take you to Naples, I would start there and head further south to Calabria and the Basilicata. Rental car. Matera, in the Basilicata, is European city of culture this year, not in 2020, but this will have given it a big push for renovations and cultural developments. Then maybe over to the Puglian coast, with Lecce that seems to be overlooked
  5. Not sure why the passenger complaining to Windstar milepig wrote about has become a woman complaining to Windstar? Maybe I missed the additional information and would apologise, but I don’t think it’s correct to assume the original complaint was made by a female person.
  6. If your trip has been booked as one ticket, then in all likelihood Lufthansa check-in in Rome will accept your second piece of luggage for the hold as they will see your forward booking luggage allowance. The snag with this would be that you cannot retrieve your second piece in Frankfurt, should you need it, it would be labelled for Dulles as well as your main. They could label it to Frankfurt only, but then one needs to go to baggage claim in Frankfurt and retrieve it themselves.
  7. The laundry is by the piece or a flat rate for the cruise. I thought the flat rate too expensive and we went by the piece. There is wash, pressing only and dry cleaning. Two days before the end of the cruise we got an offer for 1 full bag of wash and press for probably 50$. And you can specify if you want your shirts on hangers or folded. Of course I took this offer and had the shirts folded, ready to put in the suitcase for going home. In the drinks compartment, I found the barmen very willing to learn - I wanted an Americano (which was a coffee for them) and not a Negroni - so th
  8. This was exactly the reason why I worded carefully my answer for cruisingator2 with his/her trip. When you originate in a Schengen country and end in a Schengen country, even with a change of plane in an intermediate Schengen country, you will only have a security check at the originating airport, not even a passport check (except maybe at the gate). Example: Oslo - Berlin - Warsaw. You will have a security check in Oslo (Norway), but not in Berlin. The reason is that Norway is in the Schengen system, although not in the EU. When you originate in a non-Schengen country,
  9. In flying in to FRA from the US you will have first a passport control and then a security check within the terminal. But when you get then to Barcelona, there is no passport check on arrival, you can go straight to the baggage hall. When you leave Barcelona airport you will need to go through a customs area - green or red gates. If you are not importing into Europe anything that is to be left behind of higher value (gifts) or large quantities of alcohol/tobacco, you can walk through the green gates, but customs officials may still do spot checks (btw, even if you have only hand luggage).
  10. Just back from the trip .... overall absolutely great. to answer my own questions: the range of clubs seem fairly modern, but I did not do a detailed check as the simulator was still broken. The bicycles are routinely transported on the tenders. There are two models, one with a slightly lower entry. Saddles can be adjusted, handlebars not, unfortunately, which can make for uncomfortable cycling. No baggage racks. Locks were available at the reception, helmets are standard with the bicycles. The bicycles are in good shape, have 27 gears (3x9; shimano).
  11. Now a bit more on the subject. David the Wonderer is spot on for me. We travelled intermittently on Seabourn, Celebrity Equinox in Celebrity suites, Royal Caribbean in a suite and Windstar. We tend to keep to ourselves but won’t decline shared tables if invited. I found the most snobbish behaviours in the Michael’s lounge on Celebrity where there were still 2or 3 different types of suites. The most easy going, respectful and friendly passengers were on Seabourn and Windstar. The other passengers on Oceania were ok particularly in hindsight, as it was our first cruise. But they had th
  12. Our first Seadream trip is coming up. Would any of you experienced Seadream passengers know if they have ladies' clubs on board? Graphite shafts? Just so that there would be a further element to look forward to. And the bikes - do they transport them on the tenders? And again, are there any models with a low level entry for ladies? And what safety and security features does Seabourn provide? Helmets? Vests? Locks? Is there a baggage carrier mounted? Thanks in advance for your replies Swixpat
  13. Our so far last cruise on sb (before we started on windstar) was to these greek islands in July 2016, so here my experiences: We've done on our own: Monemvasia - tender place - nice walk across the dam into the old town up the hill that is mainly deserted, with the occasional coffee shop and an interesting church. But, besides the small alley ways between the houses there is no shelter from the sun. And it is cobble stones only. There is a transport from the port to the entrance of the old town (€), but it is doable on foot. Nafplio - not an island, but still good. The to
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