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  1. WeatherFx

    Grandeur - Has MDR service collapsed?

    We were on Grandeur in April and had MTD. We had exceptional service making it the the best service in the MDR out of our 25 cruises on RCL. We also were on this most recent Dec. 1-12 sailing on Grandeur. We had very good MTD service in the MDR overall, although not at the exceptional level we had in April - which would be hard to match. There was a section next to our normal seating that we were seated in one night whose service was only fair.
  2. WeatherFx

    Izumi $49.99 - No longer a la carte?

    I leave on Grandeur in 3 days. Still says $35 allowance for a-la-cart restaurants on my 3N Dining Package.
  3. WeatherFx

    NRD Royal Website problem

    You have to proceed to the end of the booking where after you put in your name(s), you can check a box for the refundable price. It is on the same page for the add insurance and gratuities. It is a pain to have to do it that way.
  4. WeatherFx

    Izumi $49.99 - No longer a la carte?

    I print out and bring a copy of the small print. We were on the Anthem one time and they tried to tell us that it was a total of $30 for the both of us. We had to get the manager involved, who eventually gave us the proper amount. Trying to get them to understand that we each had a package, so we each get an allowance.
  5. WeatherFx

    Izumi $49.99 - No longer a la carte?

    I just saw this as well as I was looking for Black Friday deals. We leave next week and have previously purchased the 3-Night package. I just doubled checked and it still says $35 at a-la-cart restaurants on the 3N.
  6. We have an Insignia Tablet that runs on an Android OS. We have never been able to connect it to any RCL ships. It refuses to load the login/register page due to certificate security issues if I remember correctly. Does not matter whether we use Chrome or FireFox. (No issues with our android phones or WIndows tablet.) Does anybody else have this issue on an Android tablet? If so is there a work around? We will be on-board next week to give it one last go. If I can't get it to work, DW wants a new tablet. We are not Apple fans, so if you can connect your non-Apple tablet, what brand/model do you use? Thanks.
  7. This is our experience and choice as well.
  8. WeatherFx

    Why cruise in September?

    We still cruise every September, even after being on Anthem in 2016 during Hermine with 100mph+ winds on the way to Bermuda. Still had a blast. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day is our peak work season - so no vacation time then. As long as I am on the ship I really don't mind where we end up or the seas along the way. Also less kids and lower prices are a plus.
  9. WeatherFx

    Diamond Plus Luggage Tags

    This is the current version. Yours may come complete.
  10. WeatherFx

    Diamond Plus Luggage Tags

    Mine came in the mail broken already.
  11. WeatherFx

    How many reservations do you have?

    We have 6 booked currently through April 2020. When new itineraries are released we book right away and collect price drops along the way. Typically 3 cruises per year.
  12. WeatherFx

    Questions about Grandeur Cabins

    We always get an Interior Stateroom in the middle of Deck 4 between the Centrum and the front stairs/elevators. This area gives quick access to most activities, shows and MDR. Also convenient for a quick pit-stop if needed. ;) Ocean View if you prefer natural light, Interior for darkness. We are rarely in our room except for sleep, shower or change. These rooms have the affectionate shower curtain. :eek: We had one of our best cruises on her in April and will be back on her again in December. :D
  13. WeatherFx

    New England Ports of Call

    Another good source for information is Tom's Port Guides. He has PDF files that you can download will a lot of useful information.
  14. I have made this trip three times so far. The Anthem as well as the other cruise ships are too far out to sea. Basically, while you are in port you have coverage -- other than that you will have "cellular at sea" service with applicable data charges unless you have some form of a plan.
  15. I have gotten weekend price drops on about a third of my cruises over the years. Residential (NJ), C&A as well as just plain one day price drops.