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  1. First time cruiser with NCL, long time RCL cruiser. When requesting a price drop with NCL, do the port taxes and fees remain the same even though current taxes and fees are now higher at today's booking price? With the Black Friday sale, my cruise rate has dropped but the taxes and fees have increased significantly so that even with the fare drop the overall price is more expensive. With RCL, you can reprice as many times as you want, but the tax/port fees never change whether higher or lower.
  2. They also rope off a good portion of the Viking Lounge for overflow from the Concierge Lounge. Schooner or R-Bar would be a good place to meet up with non-D.
  3. The last couple of times I was on the Grandeur, they put up a "Private Event" sign at the entrance to the South Pacific Lounge. I have done this 12N itinerary 4x and I will be on this cruise on the 30th as well. The overflow lounge is typically packed for this sailing.
  4. Last two cruises they had the regular "processed" burgers as well as "Hand made Beef Burgers" in the WJ. The Beef Burgers seemed similar to what you would make at home.
  5. I just can't bring myself to pay for a burger at JR. Will get the Royal Burger in the MDR on sea days or build my own in the WJ.
  6. Thanks for the information. Heading up in a few weeks.
  7. Just a quick question. Is I-78 E exit to Chosin Few Way to Port Liberty completed or is it still detoured on Ave E - Center Street? Google maps shows it as driveable, but satellite view shows it still under construction.
  8. Last inside guarantee I got, I was assigned Deck-2 in the very front of the bow. I then un-guaranteed it and picked my room.
  9. We just got off Serenade yesterday. Last day of cruise I confirmed that I had no towels that were not returned. Checked my invoice on the app before I went to bed, all was well. On the door in the morning is the paper invoice with a towel charge of $50 added overnight. I went to GS and they "apologize for the charge and will credited me back immediately". Fortunately I caught it before I got off the ship so that it was easily resolved. Seems like they are substituting "towel charges" for the old "mini-bar charges" that you used to get.
  10. I am sure we will enjoy our cruise. There is no such thing as a bad cruise as long as you are not in a life boat or the sea. One of my most memorable cruises was in Hermine in Sept. 2016.
  11. We are Diamond Plus in their loyalty tier system. Over the last couple of years, they cut down the benefits of booking on board, obc and reduced deposits. They are now catering to the Suite people. D+ used to have reserved seating for shows, priority tendering, access to Concierge Lounge - now being converted to Suite Lounge, D+ excluded. The lounges that they are converting are locations that we always enjoyed because of the view. They just came out with the "Key" program which can be purchased and you get the benefits that they are taking away from D+. We understand that it is a business and they can change the rules anytime they want. That is okay with us. We still even have some great perks, at least for now. Royal is still a good choice for cruising and we will cruise with them again. We're not anti-Royal, we're just now "broadening our horizon" and considering other lines due to the diminishing perks that kept us loyal to Royal.
  12. We had a similar experience on the Anthem.They block off part of the Music Hall for overflow for D Lounge. The bar was full with D, D+ and some Pinnacles. This lady comes in pushes her way to the bar, slaps down her Diamond SeaPass card and declares I am Diamond get me such and such cocktail. Everyone just looks in astonishment as everyone is D or higher. Ran into her in the MDR and she was just as rude there.
  13. After 32 cruises on RCL we will be taking our first NCL cruise. We have been on every class of RCL, so ship size/age is not much of a factor. Due to all the changes Royal continues to make, they have watered down the incentives to remain loyal. Now for some NCL newbie questions. We are booking the Gem for 12N out of NY which seems similar in size to Vision/Radiance Class. Are they a good comparison? How is the night life, as my wife likes to dance 70's --> current? What would you recommend for peaceful sitting areas for reading or watching the sea? Any must trys for this ship, dining or activities? Is Hilton Garden Inn still the recommend hotel with park and shuttle, as we live in NJ? Thanks.
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