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    Argentine Pesos

    Heading to South America in January. Would like to purchase Argentine pesos prior to departure. I have contacted many banks, TravelEX, AAA -- none deal with Argentine pesos. I understand completely that there are economic problems. Please share your experience in purchasing these pesos. Can you obtain them in the Buenos Aires airport, ATM, bank, hotel? Thank you for your reply.
  2. mfabz

    Travel Time from AEP to EZE

    Do you recall how long it took you to go through security? We have read it takes 2 hours.
  3. What's the travel time from AEP to EZE -- especially around 5:00 pm. Also, how long did it take to go through security? We have a 5 hour window between arriving at AEP from Iguazu and departure from EZE back to the US. Any comments, experience would be very helpful. Thanks
  4. Anyone know where Sue Denning is or heading to?
  5. Haven't cruised RCCL in a while. Celebrity has done away with formal nights and call them evening chic. Do gentlemen need jacket and/or tie to get into dining room? Thanks for your reply
  6. How large is the Escape Room on the Anthem and how large is the group? Is there a charge for this activity? How often is it offered -- port days? sea days? I understand you need to make a reservation once you are on board. Anything else I should know? Thanks for your reply.
  7. mfabz

    Overnight in Paris

    We did an overnight in Paris in June 2017. We used Private Tours Paris and were very pleased. They picked us up in LeHarve, private tour for 8 with guide for 2 days, they booked a dinner cruise for us and returned us to LeHarve via Versailles the next day. We booked our own hotels, although they would have done that for us too. We left LeHarve before most and returned with plenty of time to have dinner before departure. We didn't want the hassle of the train and wanted to maximize our time in Paris. Celebrity does provide transport only to Paris but we were already in Paris when the bus was scheduled to leave. Hope this helps.
  8. We are 8 active American adults visiting "down under" for the first time. We are booked on Celebrity Solstice in mid February of 2020 travelling from Auckland to Melbourne. We plan to use Melbourne as our home base and can spend up to 7 days for additional land travel. We are thinking of GOR to Adelaide, Tasmania, Grampians, Philip Island, Kanagroo Island etc. Would greatly appreciate your comments and input on how best to spend our time. Thank you
  9. How can you find out if there is a charter group on board your sailing? We are looking at a sailing for February 2020 and there are only a handful of cabins left. I know this has been discussed before. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. mfabz

    R/T Hawaii But only 40+ Hours on Land

    Find another way to see Hawaii -- bad weather the entire 2 weeks -- we were not able to get into port of Kaui because of wind.
  11. Wayfairers -- would you please share the name of the private tour company. Thank you
  12. Does anyone have the name of a transport company (we are 8 people) that can pick up at the pier around 7:00 am in Buenos Aires and take us to the airport to catch flight to Iguazu Falls. Thanks for your suggestions.
  13. Anyone know where Sue Denning is? She left the Eclipse mid January for vacation
  14. We are on the Celebrity Eclipse in January 2019 and will have an overnight in Buenos Aires arriving on a Saturday and departing the ship on Sunday. On disembarkation day we plan to travel from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls and will have private transport from pier to airport. Please share your experiences: To Iguaza Falls: (1) what time were you able to debark the ship? -- can you arrange for special departure time? (2) time it took to go from ship to port exit and thru immigration? what time do they start processing passengers? (3) time of flight we can safely take -- 9:30 am too early? (4) dependability of airline you used -- on time? changes in flight time? any delays? weather problems? On return to Buenos Aires we will go directly to EZE and board evening flights back to the US and will have private transport between airports: (5) what is the travel time from AEP to EZE at 4:00 pm on a Tuesday? (6) dependability of airline you used -- on time? changes in flight time? any delays? (7) how long in advance of flight do we need to arrive? security time? Your thoughts & experiences are greatly appreciated. Thank you Donna
  15. We are a group of 6 and will need transport from airport (EZE) to our Hotel in Buenos Aires. Are taxis readily available? Will they accommodate 6 adults with luggage? Or will we need to pre-arrange with a transport company? Please advise your experience; any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks