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  1. Anyone have the current info from the Joy?! Boarding a week from today!! Thanks!!
  2. Sailing solo on NCL Joy July 27 to Alaska. Anyone else?
  3. Going solo on NCL Sky this weekend for 3 day Bahamas Cruise- 5/17-5/20 Anyone else?
  4. Thanks again for all of your help!!! I like configuration B- the windows in the bathroom- so deck 14 is the way to go! Bigger balcony and the windows in the bathroom. Booked 14300! Thanks again!
  5. I've stayed in a regular aft balcony on BA before on deck 14 and SpiceH2O didn't seem to bother me too much. Similar layout. I would want the biggest balcony H6 I could get. It would be very nice to have the windows in the bathroom. So- it sounds like to me I should do the deck 14 suite? or if not the windows in the bathroom probably deck 12 or 15? The deck 9 seems like a very long way up from Haven proper on deck 17. Don't mind the walk though. Deck 15 might be noisy from Garden Cafe directly above. Am I reading this correctly? This is not a cheap cabin and want to be sure I select the best option. I have some good picks left to select from as this is almost a year out.
  6. Got it! Was there a spreadsheet made on the Escape/Joy/Bliss/Encore? So- to confirm- biggest balcony and windows in master bath- take deck 11. otherwise- take deck 9 for biggest balcony? Out of all the options- deck 9 is best for biggest balcony and deck 11 has second biggest balcony but has the windows in the bathroom? Am I following correctly?
  7. Thank you so much for all of this info!!!! It's much appreciated. Is there a chart or reference guide that you used for this?
  8. Hello all- looking for some advice. I did some searching around and it seems that the Haven Aft-Facing suites on the Escape are a little bit different depending upon the particular cabin#. I did find something that deck 11 and deck 14 cabins have the windows in the master bathroom. Is that correct? Looking for the best cabin within the category! Any assistance would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. I thought it would be helpful to share to the poster who asked, no?
  10. Crepes were not on the buffet on the Bliss when I sailed on her in July to Alaska- I was told they only had them at Cocco's.
  11. Anyone recently stay in a H5 on the Bliss? Best pick for cabin #?
  12. Going in the Studios on NCL Bliss Dec 8 2018. Coming up so soon!!! Anyone else on this sailing?
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