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  1. I’m actually in Austin. Need to update my profile. Southwest seems to be pretty good in Austin
  2. Yes, I know. I was typing on my phone and not being precise in my language. Thanks for the heads up! I was looking at flights on AA last night, and they're already around 900 per person. Was debating between buying them, or waiting. Usually when I wait prices go up. Do you think the Southwest would be cheaper? And worth waiting on? Thank you so much for your comments! You made me feel better about the decision!
  3. The Breeze is 1104 per person that week, so in the middle of the two. My boyfriend was initially anti cruise because he thought it was just being pampered on a boat. He got excited when I showed him all the off the boat time for the Fascination. It’ll actually be his first time out of the country, as well as his first cruise. For the extra money money we are saving, I’m going to do 3 nights beforehand in San Juan. I’m still a little worried I won’t like the boat, but I don’t think he will notice the difference or care
  4. I ended up booking the 7 day on the Fascination for 789 per person. The other one was an 8 day, but was over 1300 per person. I didn’t realize it was 8 days until after I booked though. I talked to my boyfriend and showed him the routes, and he said that 3 sea days on the newer ship was too much for him. I booked room E93. Thoughts on it? I’m fine with interior rooms. Was debating a porthole room, but they had bad reviews of being loud and smelling smoke. Could not find any reviews of E93.
  5. Does the Serenity area have the cabanas/couches on the fascination? And since it’s back of ship instead of front of ship, is it windy? So, sounds like they don’t do the nighttime music on deck then? I’ve been on 6 cruises, and only one didn’t have a deck party.
  6. After doing some more research, I see that the Fascination had some upgrades done in 2015. My cruise on the Fantasy was before 2015, so maybe I didn't have those upgrades? For example, I don't remember an adults only space on the Fantasy.
  7. I am considering booking the Southern Caribbean on the Fascination the week of Christmas. I've been on this itinerary before, but it was on the Liberty. I loved the Liberty. I've also been on the Fantasy to the Bahamas from South Carolina, which was my least favorite cruise. The Fantasy just seemed dirty and more cheesy to me, and the crowd seemed different too. When I did the Southern Caribbean in the past, I was a solo traveler. This time I will be bringing my boyfriend with me, who has never taken a cruise before. I was ready to book it, and then the lady on the phone at Carnival told me that I may not like the Fascination because it's an older ship. She sent me a lot of cruises on the newer ships, and told me to consider those. They are, of course, more expensive. I also like the islands on the Southern Caribbean, and that I can pair a couple days in Puerto Rico beforehand. So, thoughts on the Fascination? I'm mainly interested in the food, serenity area for adults (loved the quiet cabanas on the Liberty), and entertainment. He's really into comedy, and I'm really into beach music and dancing. I liked the outdoor dance parties that the Liberty had at night. The other ship that I'm looking at is the Horizon, but it's around $500 more expensive per person. It also leaves from Miami, which is maybe a bit cheaper on flights but less exciting to pair with a land trip. All new islands for me, but I'm not sure I'd like them better than the Southern Caribbean ones. The ones on the Southern Caribbean were the prettiest that I've seen. Way better than the Bahamas and Mexico. Thanks in advance!!
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