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  1. I posted your answer last week, please follow link.!
  2. Perhaps they only eat earlier on TA crossings? Port intensive cruises will make your day later.
  3. I might not have many posts to my name, but over the last 4 months, before my latest cruise, I would imagine I have read virtually every post in the Celebrity section to prepare. I have read many concerns about falling standards on most things i.e., personnel, food, service, maintenance etc. Most of you good guys and gals are heavy cruisers, sometimes it is difficult to see what is happening if you are constantly there. An analogy is seeing your family all the time, you don’t notice them age, but if there were gaps of a few years between seeing them, then you would certainly see
  4. They probably cannot, because they were there 3 days ago 🤣
  5. Just returned from the Baltic cruise on the Silhouette. We wanted quick transfer options and did not want to use valuable time on trains and buses from Oceankaj to the centre, nor pay for taxi if we could avoid that. I could not find anything about shuttles apart from vague references that there might be one. If it helps there is a shuttle running every 20 mins or so and taking circa 20 mins to complete the journey. Tickets are purchased on board the ship in advance and are 20 dollars for 1 day or 35 dollar for 2 day, unlimited use. The shuttle stops at Kongens Nytorv
  6. Just returned from the Baltic Cruise on the Silhouette. Was reluctant to purchase the premium wifi due to cost as only wanted to keep in touch with kids back home. I reconsidered when they brought out the cheaper, but reduced, package. If it helps anybody, I was able to send back 30 to 45 secs videos with sound to family on FB/Messenger. Whilst it took a few minutes to send all was okay on arrival, photos went immediately. Speed of general surfing was obviously not the fasted but was not frustrating either, the trick is to find the time when general onboard
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