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  1. Help please from any recent visitor to Oman. A visa appears to be required but I have seen a comment that suggests that if you fly into and out of Dubai an Oman visa is not needed when you visit Oman from your cruise ship. Is there any truth in this? Thank you you for any assistance which might be forthcoming. montythecat
  2. Thank you to “lovescarborough” and other contributors to this thread for the cost comparisons of alternative cruises to Celebrity. It is good to have the hard evidence of my initial reactions. Unfortunately, we are joining those of you who are now being forced to look elsewhere. The new “perks” pricing structure is particularly reprehensible. Since when is paying $35 more for drinks per day a “perk”? We have always found X cruises at what we believe to be sensible prices with a free classic drinks package and, usually, gratuities as well. I can only hope that there will be a drop in sales and profits which will cause Celebrity to have a rethink. If that were to happen we would return immediately.
  3. Two contrasting cruises are equal top of my list. The Baltic (starting in Amsterdam to save sea days from Southampton). Different countries so different types of cities. St. Petersburg is wonderful but Tallinn and Stockholm are also really lovely. Amsterdam is a good place to have at the beginning or end of the cruise for an extra couple of days. The remaining ports of call such as Copenhagen and Helsinki aren’t exactly lacking in interest either. The Mediterranean (eastern end). Unless you go for three weeks it is not possible to see the whole of the Med. I prefer Italy, Greece, Turkey and the Adriatic countries (Croatia & Montenegro in particular) compared to France and Spain. I would put Venice in as an absolute essential. I agree with those recommending Rome and Venice as start/finish ports. Time of the year is important. I would avoid July and August. Too crowded and too hot in the Med. I am sure you will have a memorable cruise whatever you choose. Somewhat inevitably I would, of course, suggest that you make every effort, sometime, to do both! Kind regards, Montythecat.
  4. Hi Jim, I do enjoy your blogs so am looking forward to the next set of stories. You started off by asking about things to do in Boston. I have no doubt you are aware of all the wonderful historic stuff. We had a day in the city three years ago on a New York to Montreal cruise. The place I was most looking forward to visiting was The Bull and Finch, now more well known as The Cheers Bar. Cheers and Frasier were my favourite TV programmes so a visit was mandatory. I know it was only the outside which was used but there is splendid memorabilia on the walls. Unfortunately nobody knew my name as I walked in! If you were at all interested in Cheers I would thoroughly recommend a visit. A picture of me standing outside is much treasured. Cheers is in Beacon Street which is a very nice part of the city. Still cold today 20 miles to the west of Southampton which isn’t a place to get too excited about. Hitler destroyed all the old bits in the city centre. However, if you have time, Winchester and Salisbury with their wonderful cathedrals aren’t too far away. Easy trip by train. The railway station is close to your hotel. I prefer Salisbury cathedral but find the city of Winchester prettier and more atmospheric. It is also closer and trains are more frequent. On balance, therefore, I would recommend Winchester. Have a wonderful holiday. Very best wishes. Mike.
  5. TJ Tours were amazing in St. P. A small group with the delightful Elizabeth as our guide with driver, Genaddy. Thoroughly recommended and I would use them again if we were to go back to this beautiful city.
  6. Good choice. The Med and Baltic are chalk and cheese, so in due course I am sure you will do both. However, the one consistent factor in the decision you have to make is August. Many who have replied to you spell out the disadvantages of the Med in peak summer. My favourite time of the year is May/June. Not too hot and long days which you don’t get in the Autumn/Fall. I don’t know whether it is important to you but the only disadvantage I can think of is that the sea/ocean is cooler. Have a wonderful Baltic cruise. By the way, TJ Travel in St. Petersburg were wonderful and I would certainly recommend them.
  7. Tricky. Difficult decision. The balance of responses seem to be suggesting not to go with Celebrity. I would go along with that. A nice new NCL ship might be the best bet. After 8 cruises with Celebrity we are finding the entertainment increasingly boring (and we are certainly older than you!). For what it is worth, the only cruise we have taken (12 so far and counting) where there were issues (rude and unhelpful staff) was on Infinity. We might have been unlucky but wouldn’t do it again. Whichever ship you choose I wish you a lovely cruise.
  8. We use Celebrity (eight out of twelve cruises so far) unless there is an itinerary which suits us better. We don’t enjoy lots of sea days, so rather than leaving from the west coast we flew to Hawaii and had a week on NCL’s Pride of America visiting the main islands. It is a lovely ship (I believe it has recently been refurbished since we were on it) with an all American crew. We had four nights in Waikiki before the cruise which gave us the opportunity to explore Oahu and be first in line when Pearl Harbour opened (which, incidentally, was very moving and wonderfully presented). I appreciate your enquiry asked about X, but I hope it might help if I provided an alternative perspective on a Hawaiian cruise. Whatever you choose I am sure you will love it. By the way we were there in January and the weather was perfect. Hot, but not too hot.
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