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  1. You’re referring to the PVSA (Passenger Vessel Services Act), not the Jones Act. I don’t believe there is any move afoot amongst legislators or the cruise lines to make any changes. Anything you may have heard is likely from cruisers. I suspect you are interested in this because of the no sail order and cruise restrictions due to coronavirus. If that is the case what particular difference does it make? Ships aren’t going anywhere while the coronavirus is such a problem.
  2. In Canada, air carriers have to show the full fare cost (reserving a seat and checking your luggage will likely cost more). Cruise fares are typically advertised at the ‘lowest’ price possible; I’m not aware of any law that prohibits that.
  3. The Canadian government issued the advice against cruising due to the coronavirus pandemic, not any specific cruise event i.e. Diamond Princess. The advice has been in place for the better part of four months now and I do not expect it to be lifted for a very long time. Canada did not/does not have anything in place like the CDC’s no sail order. which allows for the possibility that cruise lines can sprinkle loads of fairy dust on their ships to make them ‘safe’; our ports were simply closed to cruise ships until the end of October. I think it’s unlikely any ship will be coming here after that. even if the ports are opened. In my view, the UK has been kind of slow on this mode of transportation and has not demonstrated any particular leadership here.
  4. By the time cruising begins again those transporters will have been installed.
  5. I was going to suggest a pro-rated increase (without any taxes or port fees) but I’m thinking that adding in the Christmas cruise may skew that considerably.
  6. They could, they just don’t want to. Many customers want to see the ‘lowest’ prices. I’m not saying it’s totally rational, but that’s how many consumer brains work. The add-ons (tips, gratuities, etc...) can be applied after the commitment to buy has been made.
  7. Be careful of all the people wheezing uncontrollably through their thin, ill-worn masks. Also, wash your hands thoroughly after running them all over the handrails.
  8. Yes, Canada is pretty much the same; global advisory against non-essential travel and a specific advisory not to cruise.
  9. Yeah, I tried it a couple of months ago and didn’t care for it. I thought maybe some significant changes had been made for the iOS version but I didn’t see any.
  10. Since 1215.... a little known portion of Magna Carta.
  11. I’ve had a few reminders on ky browser too. Maybe I’ll try it again to see whether it’s really ‘up and running’.
  12. Well, OK but I’m referring to the OP’s post #1, not the grand scheme of lounger distribution around the ship and whether somebody prefers a quieter experience. Me, I tend to frequent the Promenade deck quite a bit and will only be near the pool when swimming.
  13. Except that won’t help sunseeker in his/her quest to be near the pool which is what the issue is as I understand it.... certainly not peace, quiet and tranquillity.
  14. As usual, the subtle differences are either not apparent to you, or you’ve simply chosen to ignore them. The State Department is telling Americans not to travel for non-essential reasons (basically stopping Americans from leaving the US). The Europeans are currently permitting citizens from a short list of countries to travel into Europe, the US is not yet on that list (basically, not permitted to enter Europe). So, it’s not a two-way street at all in the sense you tried to portray it.
  15. I’m thinking much heavier on the slashing side.... If EU goes much above 20, I suspect all borders will be buttoned up tight again and noby will be going much of anywhere.
  16. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Your rather gratuitous swipe at Asians was unnecessary.
  17. Alright, not going to try to convince you of my PoV.
  18. Sure.... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/fort-frances-quarantine-act-charges-1.5613894
  19. If your desk is located beside a window on a high floor the view makes it all worth the effort.
  20. OK. The poster’s scenario was more concerned with preserving his financial position without much regard for the health of everybody else.
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