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  1. You can try tapatalk if you're interested. I used it for about two minutes before reverting to the browser but that was some time ago and maybe it's improved.
  2. But what if stepmom is psychic? Quite a quandary we have here!
  3. Not only all those good points but would you trust Celebrity's IT department to keep all your documents in order? I still print and carry a fair amount of stuff on vacations.
  4. That's not necessary to read a book or play a game that's already on the tablet.
  5. As long as the books and games are already installed (downloaded) on the tablet she will be able to read and play without wi-fi.
  6. Bad math... the number in the hypothetical scenario should be 20, not 200 and this is more 'likely' to happen.
  7. Look a little harder.. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1811537/quebec-troisieme-dose-voyages-etranger-vaccination-covid Oops.... I took some time to eat my sandwich and the link got posted elsewhere.
  8. Are these numbers representative of the earth's surface area or population distribution?
  9. Why not start with an Access to Information request from the CDC?
  10. Agreed. If the 5% threshold is reached though, the first passengers denied boarding (or even deported) should be the unvaccinated Floridians.... they'll be better positioned to take up the conversation with their own state officials.
  11. Perhaps, but your posting history on this and the responses you've received (similar to mine) leads me to conclude that you're willfully spreading your false narrative despite clear evidence to the contrary.
  12. Absolutely not true. Manulife Cover Me travel insurance is being sold with coverage for cruise travel as long as the traveler is vaccinated. Manulife is not the only insurer selling foreign travel policies with cruise travel included (Johnson is another). I don't suppose you could move on from this particlar falsehood of yours?
  13. How about this? Original design of bulk carriers on GReat Lakes was a 'whaleback' but when loaded the bow had the look of a pig's snout (easier to maximize amount of cargo through the existing locks) and over 100 years ago the ships were refered to as 'pig boats'. Traditionally, lakers are still called boats even though their design/look has changed significantly over the years.
  14. Needlessly? You're well protected against contracting Covid or having a serious bout of illness if you do but the more important thing is that the health authorities ought to have foreseen the vaccination situation for cruises out of the US?
  15. No, but what does it matter? I said that 'I'd characterize it as a bribe' - only my opinion and I'll do my tipping after the service is rendered. I sort of doubt that the recipient would look at it that way when the cash has exchanged hands..... customer is always right, especially now!
  16. Mine is fine. Have you tried clearing all your browsing data/history to get rid of the temp files?
  17. The call-back feature is great. I just wish Air Canada would let me press 1 or 2 early in their spiel so I don't have to listen to five minutes worth of options.
  18. No need to falsely stereotype me; I tip after the service is delivered.
  19. I'd characterize those examples as bribes, not tips.
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