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  1. We were on EDGE in January and very much enjoyed our infinite veranda cabin. We always go with balconies and found the IV was a good fit. The ship is fabulous; I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself immensely.
  2. Perhaps you have some on board credit you can use to pay the gratuities, rather than ‘real’ money up front?
  3. Pretty easy concept to understand. It’s all the things you’ve imagined as being some sort of common practice that are a bit incredulous.
  4. A rather obtuse interpretation of what was written.... 15% of Americans have cruised at least once. While I’m uncertain whether I agree with numbers and analysis, the sense of what was written is easy enough to understand.
  5. Not to worry.... breakfast hours are suitable for you to enjoy your meal and have plenty of time to prepare for disembarkation at a port of call. There won’t be any significant difference in traffic at breakfast compared to other days.
  6. Recommend St. Regis Hotel on Dunsmuir.
  7. Both right; shorts at breakfast and lunch are OK, slacks at dinner.
  8. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/card.html
  9. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the data at this site, but see no particular reason to doubt it for giving an idea of how much snow to expect (historically) in Chicago: https://www.currentresults.com/Weather/Illinois/Places/chicago-snowfall-totals-snow-accumulation-averages.php I deal with travel in cold/snowy locations all the time and may have a different perspective than you; since you cannot travel a day earlier and the Atlanta flights don’t really appeal to you, I’d take the rout through ORD with the likely outcome that everything will be OK.... it really takes a lot to shut an airport like that down due to snowfall.
  10. Going back to the ship shape we generally imagine.... a pointy front end (bow) and a roundish or squared off rear end (stern) with the axis connecting them generally referred to as fore and aft (or the keel if you want to look at something solid) the advantage of defining port and starboard is there is zero ambiguity respecting the sides of the ship structure being referred to; unlike left and right. So we are pretty much back to post #1.
  11. Ah, got it, thanks. Spent plenty of time on ships but never a ‘double-ended’ one.
  12. If you’re proceeding ahead with the #2 end in front, which way do you turn when you alter course to starboard and how would you phrase the course alteration to the helmsman?
  13. Ferries constructed to operate in two directions (and there are many of them) would have navigation lights installed to provide for correct/conventional lighting depending on which end of the ferry is ‘forward’. So, I’d say that the notion of port and starboard would change depending on which end of the ferry is the ‘forward’ end when underway.
  14. Good decision.... Leave the thread alone and see how long it takes for the discussion to morph into something totally unrelated to the title’s subject matter! See, I’m already doing my part.
  15. You’re liable to have it pretty much all day. Me, I like the sun and would keep the starboard cabin; you, I think you should contemplate changing if yoy want to avoid having it all afternoon.
  16. Yes, I’m mistaken. I had not read the itinerary carefully enough... I thought the Op was planning on disembarking in AK and that is not the case.
  17. You can probably book tix from your home to London and Germany to home. You can make your own arrangements dor the London to Germany leg.
  18. Won’t work. Getting off the ship and getting back on the same ship a couple of hours later, whether you go through immigration, is not a way around the PVSA.
  19. ‘Cheesy crap’? Are you suggesting that Clifton Hill may not be the cultural mecca I enjoyed a few years ago?
  20. Yes, you will encounter the US authorities in Toronto prior to boarding the flight to Boston.
  21. Always a little tough to predict the weather but it ought not be too cold in early/mid December. Some things to do: Niagara Falls, Christmas light snd shopping in Niagara-on-the-Lake, wineyard tours, hockey game (in NF or Buffalo if you are adventurous), Welland canal tour before it is closed for the season, gambling at the casino. I assume the Amtrak connects from Buffalo to New York so that should be fairly easy.
  22. A lot of focus on left and right in this thread. I know you’ve stated before that port is defined as the side of the ship located on an observor’s LHS when facing forward and staboard is on the RHS. So, once they are defined and understood as the two sides of the ship’s structure there is no ambiguity. So, back to the left and right business.... what if a person is standing in the ship’s casino engrossed in the flashing of lights and ringing of bells without the benefit of windows to help him/her determine which direction he is currently facing? If he is facing towards the port side then port is ahead of him and starboard is behind him; the whole left/right business is useless. As you wrote ‘.... port is not always “to your left”....’. Now, let’s see if the OP has the determination to take on the ideas of floors, ceilings and walls (decks, deckheads and bulkheads).
  23. This is probably what you were looking for... http://miami.itamaraty.gov.br/en-us/News.xml
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