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  1. I’d do what your wife has asked you to do. Cancel and forget about all the potential deals you may get in the future. Preserve marital harmony and think about another cruise in the future when planning is more certain.
  2. I did not read back very far in the thread and did not have anything in mind about proof of vaccination prior to boarding when I commented on the notion of simple math around viral reproduction when comparing a huge swath of ‘the population’ to a relatively tiny sample of cruisers. To answer your specific question, I think masks in public areas on cruises where everybody has proved vaccination should not be necessary. From a slightly different angle, I would not not go on any cruise where mask wearing would be required. To me, this is a signal that cruising is still too risky for me, even though we’re all vaccinated.
  3. i’ll concede the ‘in the population’ reduction of R, but if the situation is reduced to ‘on a cruise ship’, I don’t believe the math and risk management calculations are quite as simple.
  4. Free shipping to USA on orders greater than $30. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca
  5. Rats!! you’re not on my Ignore list so I had to see the message you commented on.
  6. I think about the best we’ll ever be able to do on this ‘rate’ is to use deaths/number of confirmed cases. We’ll never know how many people actually contracted CV-19.
  7. Isn’t it great to be able to flip through all those cable channels without having to watch a somber politician tell you about CV19 or watch repeats of the greatest game of xxxxxxx from 1985?
  8. Probably not. Typically, when you book a private tour the visa requirement is included in your booking. You should check with the tour provider to make sure.
  9. A great day for you.... the Leafs beat the Canadiens last night too. Here’s to a Toronto Stanley Cup in 2020.
  10. Not so routine here this evening. I’m watching the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens play hockey. Stanley Cup fever officially begins on 1 August. A little weird watching hockey in empty arenas at the end of a hot July day!! Oh yes....I trimmed a couple of big cedars earlier this morning.
  11. Spain, Upper Volta, Montenegro Ecuador..... wherever the UK government judged the level of CV19 to be relatively low it’s pretty clear through the recent episode with Spain that a pandemic remains active, the outbreak of cases is unpredictable and there is significant risk to people and traveling ouside your home country can result in significant work/life complications and disruptions. If you want to travel wherever you’re permitted to go that’s up to you and I hope you enjoy yourself. Me, I’m staying at home for a while and that’s up to me.
  12. TOB didn’t mention anything about knowing/not knowing whether a vaccine was effective; only said he/she had signed up to participate in trials.
  13. I thought this thread was supposed to be about things people don’t miss with the moratorium on cruising?
  14. I don’t know about the chances of contracting CV-19 at work compared to going out of country on a vacation but I’m pretty sure the possible disruptions may be significantly worse: abrupt border shutdowns, changes in travel options, isolation/quarantine in a foreign country, access to health care, etc... All of which have been experienced/observed in the last few months and with an active pandemic it would not be unreasonable to expect it all to happen again at a moment’s notice. I understand the UK government gave a ‘tacit approval’ to travel to Spain. In my opinion, that was short-sighted. Lord knows, they haven’t demonstrated any particular prescience on managing the situation up to now, why would anybody suddenly conclude they’ve got it right now?
  15. Don’t be silly, of course I couldn’t predict the outcome. People make decisions all the time based on their assessment of the risk factors and their own risk tolerance. I cancelled some summer travel plans within Canada based on those two critical decision factors.
  16. It’s not ‘their’ problem. Travel restrictions/advisories were lifted and people chose to go on a vacation which was entirely up to them. Me, I would have foregone the opportunity given that a pandemic still exists and done something different at home. We all make choices and sometimes things don’t work out.
  17. Because the virus has already burnt out in many countries and the vaccine will be arriving soon Neither of your assertions are accurate.
  18. Fair to whom? There’s not much about the coronavirus pandemic that has anything to do with fairness and justice; your government, along with others, reacted quickly to a situation and took measures to protect public safety At least that’s my interpretation. I was reading on the BBC this morning about some people and their holiday plans; as a Canadian I find it amazing and irresponsible that the UK government even ‘permitted’ citizens to leave the country for Spain (yes, a know that’s hindsight).
  19. So, what you meant to say in post #9 is that you once made reservations for a show based on information from a CC poster? Not so much ‘I make reservations 6 months before the cruise.’ which implies that you do it all the time? Just trying to get your story straight.....
  20. Something special about six months? Why not follow some earler advice given and make reservations as soon as you are able to?
  21. As long as you don’t leave the window down, the cabin temperature will remain at what you’ve set it. If you want the window down for extended periods, you may want to reconsider the whole IV thing and choose a ship with traditional verandas.
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