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  1. 3 minutes ago, John Bull said:



    As always, I'll bow to your expertise - my experience of commanding a vessel is limited to being second-officer on pedalos in a park lake.:classic_rolleyes:


    I had thought that "displacement tonnage" was the weight of water displaced by the ship.

    As in measure the height of water in dry dock with & without ship to figure the difference in the volume of water & convert  that to the weight of the water displaced by  the ship. So much easier than my tongue-in-cheek suggestion of putting a ship on a set of scales.:classic_wink:

    Is there such a measurement?


    JB :classic_smile:



    That’s pretty much what displacement tonnage is.... the weight/mass of the ship measured in tons or tonnes.

  2. 15 minutes ago, ldubs said:

    I apologize in advance for this slight detour.  😀


    I see British and/or European men wearing these things that are kind of between shorts and pants.  They end about halfway down the calf.   Kind of like baggy capri's for men I guess.   I want a pair of these.  Anyone know what the common name is?  

    Could be an unintended consequence of a severe wedgie.

  3. 1 hour ago, AngVan said:


    I was hoping to do the HOHO while in port, would you suggest pre-purchasing tickets? or wait to see how busy it is.

    Is there a booth to purchase near the dock? 

    We did the tour ‘on our own’.  Pre-purchased tickets on the Old Town Trolley website and took the first trolley leaving the pier (stop 17A on the tour map.... see post #2).  We had no problem getting away early but I have to tell you, getting off and then back on became tough as the day went by due to the crowding.  You ought to keep an alternate strategy in mind to ge back to the ship on time ie.  taxi.


    I suggest you consider the ship’s offering if the price is in the same neighbourhood.  As I recall, it wasn’t nearly as crowded and did exactly the same route.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Fouremco said:

    Both. Here's a related thread, one of several on this board:



    Thanks.  I think the evian (specialty water) has always been in a glass bottle.  The aluminum is lightweight enough that the ship’s draft ought not increase by a meter or so due to increased weight of cargo!  I’m on SUMMIT next week and will see what is on offer... typically I don’t care to drink out of aluminum cans as I often get a bad taste from them.  Maybe water won’t do this.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Fouremco said:

    Your beverage card doesn't cover anything in your stateroom. Pick it up at a bar or restaurant and bring it back to your cabin.


    As for plastic bottles, they are changing over, but I don't know if this is fleet-wide or how far the change has progressed to date.

    Changing over from plastic to what?  Metal or glass?

  6. 1 minute ago, Davis2010 said:

    Our 10 year anniversary ❤️ We haven’t traveled since our honeymoon cruise 10 years ago. So we WERE excited 😂 

    I think you should stay excited.  You’re scheduled to arrive in Seattle at 1115.... as Gatordad815 implied, it’s likely you’ll arrive on schedule.  From the airport to the cruise port in a taxi is not a big deal and, in my opinion, there’s no particular reason to think you won’t be embarking at 1300 or so.

  7. 3 hours ago, katmu said:

    Hi, I'm also a ocean cruiser looking to do my first river cruise with Ama this coming November on the Danube.  Are certain times of the year more likely to have water issues than others?  We have a large project at work this year so I have several months, including a good part of the summer when I can take an extended trip so that's why I'm looking at November plus I tend to like visiting Europe during the low season.  I'm ok with the cooler temps as I'm from Minnesota.

    Try this thread:




  8. 16 hours ago, Docbizarro said:

    Leaving on a royal carribean cruise out of San Juan end of June this year.


    1) what are the closest hotels to the port that royal carribean leaves out of? are there any that you can walk to the port from?

    2) If there are no hotels that are that close to the port, and you have to take a taxi shuttle either way, what are some recommendations people have? preferably nothing too pricey (around $200 or less per night for 2 adults in 1 room)

    Take a look at the Hyatt Place/City Center.  Less than $200 (taxes and fees included) may be a bit optimistic but I think you can get a ‘competitive’ rate.

  9. 1 hour ago, smith6 said:

    We are sailing on the Edge Feb 16 on return we would like to rent a car from Ft Lauderdale to Orlando. Need suggestions on car rental companies other than the airport close to the pier.

    We did exactly that in November.  Walked off REFLECTION as soon as we could, took a taxi to the Hertz located at the Crowne Plaza Fort Lauderdale, drove to Orlando where we returned the car the next morning before flying home.  I suggest you spring for the taxi to get to the car rental otherwise you’ll spend most of the morning competing for shuttle space and lining up at the car rental office.

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