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  1. The Princess ships we were on had ‘High Tea’ in the Piazza at an additional charge. We went to ‘Afternoon Tea’ in one of the dining rooms at no additional charge and it was very good.
  2. Book it yourself with Royal Caribbean.
  3. Yes, they’ll be refunded but it may take some time to see your $$ again.
  4. Your passports must be valid for at least 45 days beyond your expected departure from Bermuda.
  5. It appears as though I’ve had two entirely different experiences with the complementary specialty dining than some others; I’ll just have to book a few more cruises to see what happens, I guess! Enjoy your cruise, and your meal. Regards....
  6. Nope.... Princess will tell you where and when you’re booked. If you do something yourself, you’ll be paying for it. You may be able to do a little negotiation on the time but you’ll need that voucher first as the starting point and you may not get it immediately upon boarding.
  7. You’ll receive a voucher for a specialty restaurant (probably not the Crown Grille), date and time: all of this will be pretty much at Princess’ discretion and they’re likely to do it for a slot that is in minimal demand for those with cash. The voucher has no cash value so use it or lose it.
  8. You’re right. I suspect the T&Cs evolve rather rapidly and always best to check on the specific cruise being booked.
  9. Agree. Great hotel, location and pretty reasonable price for downtown.
  10. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/CEL-Non-RefundableFAQs_Trade.pdf
  11. Huh! Not gonna happen.... Try the Sleep Inn & Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport. We’ve stayed at hotels in the area and it’s convenient enough for getting to the port in the morning.
  12. What is your upper price range before it becomes ‘expensive’? Hotels near the port are considerably pricier than those somewhat further away (typically, shuttles are available for pretty much all of the mainline hotels).
  13. I’m pretty sure I purchased more than one FCD (per person) per sailing.
  14. What risk? ‘unless a problem comes up’, ‘if they have a medical issue’, ‘could become a problem’, ‘things could happen’, ‘in all lkelihood will not’. I mean really, the OP and his traveling partner have perfectly good passports for the trip they are taking and there is absolutely no reason to renew at this time.
  15. You’re OK; enjoy yourselves.
  16. And BTW, if you have booked a tour through the cruise line the timing will all be arranged so that you’ll make that OK no matter how long the CBP process in Seattle.
  17. Ah, this is an entirely different scenario than what I originally understood. If you’re stopping in Victoria before heading off to Seattle then there will be no pre-clearance in Vancouver nor Victoria; you’ll have to deal with CBP (US Immigration) upon arrival in Seattle. As for martincath’s observation about the number of agents working the pre-clearance I think he/she simply thought you were a US citizen.
  18. You’ll pre-clear US Immigration in Vancouver.
  19. I’m pretty sure it’s for real. Thing is, I really don’t see anything in it of any great interest to me. Now, I’ve never booked MSC so I don’t know whether they quote their fares in CAD. I’m a Princess and Celebrity cruiser and the fares I see/book are in CAD all the time.
  20. Speak for youself! I’m working out a new twist to resurrect the ‘removal of the barrel chairs’ on Princess ships.
  21. Could be. I don’t know whether it’s a magnet on the keyboard or the edge of the iPad. I tried to determine which with a piece of metal but the strength of the field does not clearly indicate to me which one is the culprit. I simply keep the device and card separated and have no problem now.
  22. You’re more fortunate than me! I have an iPad too (with a keyboard) and have had my card demagnetize on numerous occasions. I keep the card well separated from the device now.
  23. If you are an American citizen you don’t even need a passport as long as you aren’t planning on using an airport. If you choose to use a passport as proof of US citizenship, a valid passport on the date of entry is satisfactory.
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