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  1. Yes, I’m mistaken. I had not read the itinerary carefully enough... I thought the Op was planning on disembarking in AK and that is not the case.
  2. You can probably book tix from your home to London and Germany to home. You can make your own arrangements dor the London to Germany leg.
  3. Won’t work. Getting off the ship and getting back on the same ship a couple of hours later, whether you go through immigration, is not a way around the PVSA.
  4. ‘Cheesy crap’? Are you suggesting that Clifton Hill may not be the cultural mecca I enjoyed a few years ago?
  5. Yes, you will encounter the US authorities in Toronto prior to boarding the flight to Boston.
  6. Always a little tough to predict the weather but it ought not be too cold in early/mid December. Some things to do: Niagara Falls, Christmas light snd shopping in Niagara-on-the-Lake, wineyard tours, hockey game (in NF or Buffalo if you are adventurous), Welland canal tour before it is closed for the season, gambling at the casino. I assume the Amtrak connects from Buffalo to New York so that should be fairly easy.
  7. This is probably what you were looking for... http://miami.itamaraty.gov.br/en-us/News.xml
  8. Here is the Ottawa version: http://ottawa.itamaraty.gov.br/en-us/consular_services_and_visas.xml
  9. CBP will pre-clear you at Vancouver airport prior to your flight to the US. You don’t need to prepare for this other than having your passport on hand. Just arrive at the airport 2 to 3 hours before your flight and go through the check in process with your air carrier like you normally would.... you’ll be directed to wherever you need to go.
  10. From previous post: So for example, at the above site, OANDA, at this moment, US$1 = £1.20198.... I think it is more likely that £1 = $1.202 US.
  11. If the itinerary is Vancouver, Victoria, SF (United States) there will be no CBP pre-clearance in Vancouver since you are not leaving Canada to go directly to the US. So, you will be able to board the ship and come and go as you please. You will clear immigration at your first US port of call.
  12. I thought your brain had turned to mush but here you are trying to learn something.... impressive! Registered tonnage (gross and net) is a measure of the volume of the ship. At one time 100 cubic feet was equal to 1 ton (I believe it is done a little differently now but the principle is still pretty much the same). Gross tonnage is (more or less) the entire enclosed volume of the ship and Net tonnage is the volume of the ship available for cargo and passengers i.e. the space for engines, fuel, water, etc... is removed from the GT. Displacement tonnage is the weight of the ship in tons or tonnes and is a measure of the volume of water the ship displaces (refer to Archimedes). Deadweight is how much cargo the ship carries... not so important for cruise ships but more so fo cargo ships such as a bulk ore carrier.
  13. True enough. Ironically though, the tonnage cited does pertain to potential restrictions on the ‘size’ of the ships which may or may not be permitted into the lagoon. A cruise ship under 60,000 t (gross tonnage) is rather smallish in the big scheme of today’s cruise ship sizes.
  14. You could do either of these things if you wish. We were a party of five.... arrived at people mover, the others stood out of the way for 30 seconds while I bought five tickets, we carried on from there. Really, it’s like getting tickets for a metro/subway.
  15. Ships typically leave port at a certain time for operational reasons; availability of pilots, tides, other ship arrivals/departures, transit time to next port of call, etc....
  16. How much is ‘a few minutes’ and how would the Captain know that the passengers will arrive within that time frame? BTW, I often take private excursions but so far have not been late to return to ship.
  17. Although I don’t know the details, I’m sure there are license costs associated with the loaning of the books. I use my public library and don’t pay directly to borrow ebooks but I have no doubt that a small portion of my municipal taxes are going to the city library to support this. I don’t foresee a day when Princess will be providing access to ebooks, and certainly not without a charge. BTW, I still prefer hard copy as I find them easier to read especially in a sunny location. I will typically leave a book or two in the ship’s library and have seldom taken one off.
  18. I have reported people on two occasions. Don’t know the details of what happened, but the smoking stopped.
  19. Economy Budget fare - no Economy Standard fare - yes One checked bag and seat selection.
  20. Yes, I think the OP will get the drift on this question. Me, I don’t know what possessed me to choose the Princess conversion option - brain fart, I guess - I’ve done plenty of international travel and have a pretty good idea on how to handle my currencies and credit cards in a way that best suits me.
  21. That’s for sure. I let Princess do it once for a relatively small account and was quite disappointed at the rate they chose ‘for my convenience’ (from USD to CAD)No big deal in absolute terms but never again.
  22. It is not necessary to take a Princess excursion to have the visa business covered off. We used SPB tours (there are others such as Alla) for ou two day stop in St. Peterburg and visa are included as part of the overall excursion.
  23. Ha... maybe for Torontonians but it’s more like late April for us in Ottawa! Have a great trip.
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