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  1. Interesting from a short-term spectator activity. More ‘interesting’ is the false negative scenario.
  2. Ha... lots of opinions on that but I’d hazard nearly 100% of cruisers don’t actually know the answer. I fly a lot and have no idea what the economics/financials are for running an airline.
  3. For sure, although the tall building on the left side of the photo made something click too.
  4. Yesterday in Singapore - 15 new cases of COVID-19; Florida - 2,541.
  5. To see the aurora, it needs to be dark. Your best bet would be as late in September as possible.
  6. Hmmmm... I pay about 1.24 CAD per liter for super here. That’s about 3.35 USD per (US) gallon.
  7. Sure, but it’s getting dark around here shortly after 7:00 pm too. Gawd.... once we go back to standard time the lights will be coming on at 4:00 pm in my neighbourhood. Oh well, look ahead to next June I guess.
  8. Why not include the price of gas along with the other unrelated figures to provide even more disjointed perspective?
  9. R value (Basic Reproduction Number) and IFR (Infection Fatality Ratio) aren’t the same things. What you’ve portrayed and said is misleading and meaningless.
  10. We were there last year (not on a cruise) and the setting, especially the lower road along the harbour (harbor for my American friends) is still pretty fresh in my mind.
  11. I expect you’re unfamiliar with ‘Hello, Canada, and hockey fans in the United States and Newfoundland’. Forget about TV, AM and SW radio was the way to go!
  12. As the weather turns chillier, they’ll be able to hunt for geese and deer in Central Park and solicit the local 4H kids for surplus animals for slaughter.
  13. After six months of being pretty much idle, I’m not impressed but I’m not surprised. I think their main sticking points are the issues around recommendations 50 to 54; what to do in the event of a significant outbreak. Evidence suggests that ships with a number of infected passengers onboard cannot rely on national, state or local authorities to take on the burden of evacuation, quarantine and care that may be required. I enjoy cruising and have done plenty of it but I just don’t see the industry being able to start up again in the near future out of US ports.
  14. Recommendations begin on page 9 of the report. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/healthy-sail-panel-full-recommendations.pdf
  15. I’m sure @chengkp75 has an opinion on that. Mine is.... not even close. This is not a plan, especially the elements related to a significant outbreak.
  16. I think it’s that black disk in front of the blue streak I see on TV.
  17. Well... after overthinking this somewhat, I may have to change my response. Most of the interior cabins on the Eurodam have their doors opening out to the starboard side. So, it’s more likely a passenger will run into the stewards and their equipment on that side of the ship. So, if you need a reason to pick a side, choose the port (left) side of the ship. Have a great time.
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