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  1. Guess what, news articles are often opinion pieces with the authors’ own biases and agenda underscoring whatever is being submitted for publishing (or broadcast).
  2. You may view it as a ‘cash cow’; Bermudean authorities may see it as enforcing the law.
  3. I believe the situation is covered by Canada’s Coasting Trade Act.
  4. I have done similar cruises at pretty much same time(s) of year with no problem. My advice is to book the itinerary that interest you most.
  5. We went a couple of years ago. The Papal Audience is held on Wednesday morning at 1000 when the Pope is in Rome. So, you can always duck out about an hour or so after he starts to make it to your shuttle.
  6. I think the OP made a typo on the thread title... s/b February and April...? Yes!
  7. Don’t forget to bring along these essential articles...
  8. Celebrity EDGE will be docking ‘port side to’.
  9. I’m thinking you’re pretty generous! I’m with c-boy on a quick look out the door to see whether somebody is hustling down to the laundry room. If the washer or dryer is stopped, I have no idea how long things have been there and it’s my turn now.
  10. If you’re planning on visiting somebody or there is something you really want to see this may seem to be a reasonable option. Don’t forget though, you have the additional cost of car rental, gas, meals, accommodation {perhaps) and incidentals that ought to be factored in. Also, the time it takes to drive from Quebec to Albany (or Burlingtion VT) is not inconsiderable. For four people, I’d seriously consider flying out of YQB to wherever in the USA you need to go.
  11. We overheard some people at the airport talking about their Eclipse cruise when traveling home from our first cruise with Princess. We decided to try Celebrity at a later date and have done so half a dozen times now.
  12. Wouldn’t it be better to bring $100 bills along with you, rip them in half then hand out one half at the beginning of the cruise with a promise to provide the other half at the end if all goes well?
  13. We did a two day tour with SPB a couple of years ago. I realize that’s much more than what you have in mind but I can tell you a few things you may want to consider: travel from the cruise port to St Petersburg is not quick and easy on your own; SPB (and Alla) provide great tours at very good prices which include the visas you will need; doing things ‘on your own’ in the city will be very difficult.
  14. The passports are good until they expire. Issue is, where are you going and what are the entry requirements (passport validity) for the country (ies) you are visiting?
  15. When you first enter into Canada you’ll go through (Canadian) customs and immigration. When you’re at the airport in Toronto you’ll pre-clear US CBP there.
  16. In my view, the proposal the OP made was a ‘solution’ to a ‘problem’ that doesn’t much exist. The last cruise I was on, I had a problem with plantar fasciitis and had a heck of a time walking up and down stairs; the very notion that an elevator (or elevators) would be occasionally set aside for use for a specific cohort of the passenger population (which I most likely would not be permitted to join!) strikes me as unworkable.
  17. What is the process? Do you think it’s the same for all cruise lines or something that Pullmantur does? We’ll be visiting some of these locations on a Celebrity ship and it would be good to know. Thanks.
  18. Sometimes it’s the power-walkers you have to keep a weather eye out for; joggers seem to be in a more relaxed rhythm.
  19. Ought not make any difference. Typically, the itinerary is a detour to the south of Cape Horn and then back to the Beagle Channel for the actual passage through the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago. You wouldn’t normally transit the Drake Passage.
  20. No, the price you paid for your cruise (with beverage package perk) includes all drink gratuities. Of course, if you order something not included in the drinks package you’ll be paying extra for that along with the appropriate gratuity (ie. a bottle of wine).
  21. Under no obligation to compensate. I suggest you move on and not spend any time/effort on this.
  22. The Princess ships we were on had ‘High Tea’ in the Piazza at an additional charge. We went to ‘Afternoon Tea’ in one of the dining rooms at no additional charge and it was very good.
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