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  1. Thanks everyone, I think I'll pick my cabin!
  2. Actually, both of my sentences say the same thing. I was asking why it is less expensive for me to select a cabin vs the guarantee category.
  3. Can someone explain the logic behind a gty cabin being less expensive than if I chose one. I'm looking at Empress in December and it shows Jr. Suites less expensive if I select the cabin vs they chose one for me. Mary&Jim
  4. Hi everyone, I booked this cruise for December today. I know it does not have a Diamond Lounge, but what about a Suite lounge? I looked at the layout and didn't see one. Just wondering. Thanks, Mary&Jim
  5. I received my FCC last night for an April 3rd sailing. Exactly the same experience as others stated. I called Royal because I had a Next Cruise Certificate which I applied towards the April sailing. Previously I was told any perks associated with the NCC were lost, but when I called today I was told they could be used on my next cruise. We will see!
  6. Thank you for inviting us along with you on your vacation. Enjoyed your review very much.
  7. Thanks, not that I like that answer! My TA told me I would lose the obc because when I try to re-book the reservation will be considered used, even though RCL cancelled the cruise.
  8. I asked my TA but they do not have an answer for me yet. I was scheduled to take a cruise on April 3rd. I decided to take the 125%. However, on a February 2020 sailing I purchased a Next Cruise Certificate which was applied to the April 3rd sailing. My question is did I lose the benefits associated with the NCC? My TA thinks it's gone, but not too sure. I was advised to wait and see. Has anyone else run into this yet? Thanks, Mary
  9. Does the cancelled cruise show up on your cruise history With the added points? Just wondering.
  10. We've been in New Smyrna Beach full time since 2003 and we love it here.
  11. We just received an email, also. Sailing 2/9 & 2/15 on Adventure.
  12. Thanks Bob. Sounds like the way to go.
  13. Merion_Mom, Haha, I would never even consider it! Not that crazy about doing laundry. If I do wash & fold, would I have enough time on a 6 day (1st week) cruise to get my stuff back? I was not sure w&f was offered on a cruise shorter than 7 days. We have to change cabins for the second week if that make a difference.
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