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  1. I am so sorry, and this is horrible. There is no reason you should not receive your deposit back. I would continue to fight for this. I am a loyal celebrity cruiser, but this for sure would make me consider to jump ship. Since we always book our cruises over a year out, I have come to the realization that our cruises May get chartered. I would hate it, but would know it was a risk. Having said that, would not accept losing out money because of celebrity’s decision to charter it. I hate that this is even an issue. So sorry
  2. We haven’t actually booked or reserved the spots for February 2021. This is just the information I received from my celebrity planner. We will be in the reflection suite, so we will get the two spots we want, I wouldn’t feel comfortable reserving anymore than that. Our kids will already be in our room, so we would have had to pay for my nephew and his boyfriend to join us for dinner anyways.
  3. Apparently if the top suite wants all 16, they have first dibs on them. Again, this is a new program, not sure how it will end up. I know in the past when we were travelling in the PH but family members were in other staterooms from ocean to sky suite (prior to them having access) the michaels club always welcomed our family members in michaels club, whether they were with us or not.
  4. We are booked in a suite on the reflection for Feb 2021. My nephew booked a balcony with his partner, we were informed that we could pay for his suite perks at $59 pp per day. Basically access to luminae to join us for dinner and michaels club. None of the other perks associated with our suite are given. Ie: They would need to have the drink package to access “free” drinks anywhere besides michaels club. Apparently there are 16 allotted spots for the suite perks available each sailing. These are offered from the top suite down, until all are taken. We are to reserve our “spots” with the shoreside concierge prior to our cruise.
  5. We ended up switching our cruise from the 5th to the 15th. It’s a better itinerary for us, we have never been to Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica, not to mention at least one of the weeks will fall on our sons spring break and since he will be doing his thesis, he may be able to take the extra week off from school. I won’t be able to celebrate my 50th on board, since it’s on the 8th but I hear once you turn 50, you get the entire year to celebrate! Waiting for the roll call to show up so we can start counting down together.
  6. For us, we didn’t even mention it on board. We noticed it and it was there some days, but it wasn’t a constant smell. We did mention it on our survey, but it really didn’t affect our cruise. We would not have expected any compensation.
  7. We were on the Jan 20th sailing and definitely had the sewage smell. I don’t recall smelling it in public areas like restaurants or bars but we did smell it on various occasions in the hallways and our stateroom. We were forward, 11th deck, so quite a ways from the martini bar. Not sure if the smell dissipated or we just got used to it, but it was most definitely apparent.
  8. Just booked the February 5th 2021 cruise, wondering if those that are doing the b2b will be on this one as well. My fear in booking this far out would be the possibility that it gets chartered along the way.
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