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  1. Funny that I started getting notifcations on an old thread of mine. FWIW - I found all of martincath's info to be spot on and very helpful for our trip last summer. We stayed at the YWCA and it was perfect for us. We did do Capilano - it was quite frankly one of the highlights of our amazing stay in Vancouver. We did NOT go on the morning of our cruise - we changed our schedule and went the day before and we loved every minute that we were there.
  2. When we left home (FL) the forecast was for low 60s with some occasional rain, by the time we got to the west coast and spent a few days in Seattle and Vancouver the forecast changed to be low 50s with rain almost every day. I had tried to prepare with layers and everything but I was caught off guard by the 10 degree swing of temps. The one thing that I screwed up was socks. I own all kinds, but I only brought what I wear in the winter in FL, which is tiny ankle socks - and of course in AL with upper 40s/50s and rain what I wanted was my wool, or at the very least longer crew socks. No ide
  3. We used Hoonah Travel Adventures when we were in Icy Straight last week. I can highly recommend them. The boat was new and very comfortable. It's a medium size I would say, we had around 20 people or so on the boat. The guide was great, very knowledgable and very personable. We had bad rainy weather and still had an incredible time seeing the whales.
  4. We were there last week, and were considering those restaurants, but as we wandered around the market and surrounding area our party of 6 all found various things at the food court and smaller stalls that we liked. My husband had a veggie burger that he raved about, I got a great sandwich from somewhere called Bread I think, and some people had Chinese. We all grabbed our food and sat in the middle at tables outside and really enjoyed oursleves.
  5. So does this only work on certain ships I understand? Is it possible to use imessage to text in the Radiance?
  6. For dinner in the Windjammer with theme nights - are there also non themed food available? For example on Indian night, will there also be more "kid friendly" things like burgers or even a normal salad bar available? Thanks
  7. We are leaving from Vancouver and have no medications and are rather excited and hoping to board early, so I was thinking the more luggage we left with the porters the easier it would be to explore the ship for awhile. Other than paperwork/passports I can't think of anything that I would need before the luggage was delivered, but wasn't sure if the porters or cruiseline cared if we checked most everything. Thx
  8. This is probably a silly question - but can we just put all of our luggage with the porters with luggage tags? Is there anything that is required to be carried on? Obviously we will keep documents and passports with us. But we are not bringing any drinks on board and don't have any concerns with medication, so is it ok to just not have a carry on? TIA
  9. We will be on this ship in a few weeks, looking forward to reading about your trip.
  10. wgeo

    Time in Ports

    There are tons of things to do in most of the towns (not a huge amount in Icy Strait) but to really answer your question you're going to need to say which excursions you've already booked and how long you have in port each day. Some excursions can be 2 hours long and some can be 7, so it all depends.
  11. Thanks for replying - this is looking better and better.
  12. Thank you, we will have a rental car too, this may be a good addition to the day.
  13. Thank you - gonna keep it on the list since we're in port so long - looks interesting.
  14. Wondering if anyone has walked through this tour before? We have a very long port day and I'm just looking for a few extra things to do as filler. Has anyone done this? Was it a decent walk and do you recall how long it took you? TREADWELL MINE HISTORIC TRAIL - http://www.alaska.org/assets/content/related_items_pdfs/Juneau-Walking-Tour.pdf
  15. We booked for June 2019 on the Radiance back in August 2018. We did get a very large price drop (over 1500) for our extra large oceanview room (forget the exact title - room 8000). Couldn't believe how incredible the price drop was, a lot of people on my roll call saw decent drops during that sale - can't remember if it was black Friday or just close to then. Of course, not sure what our final price would compare to the opening day prices, but we're happy with the cost.
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