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  1. I was on Allure back in January. What really irritates me is when people walk into the Windjammer and are told to please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer by the staff greeters and they do neither and walk right in. I think the new protocol will be wash your hands or you do not enter.
  2. As I can clearly see, this can be a murky legal scene when there is a personal injury from a fellow passenger. We know there is probably at least one or more accidents on a cruise each week were one passenger causes a serious injury to another passenger. My wife is a stenographer and hears personal injury depositions every week. Most of the depositions are legitimate lawsuits but some make you scratch your head that an attorney would even take the case. As I stated in my op the two scenarios I listed just got me thinking and sometimes I think too much😥
  3. Here is another scenario I witnessed. Day 2 a lady in a motorized scooter got on the elevator and ran over a woman's toe that was wearing flip-flops. The woman let out a big "Owww" and the woman on the scooter profusely apologized for running over her toe, the other woman luckily was fine and told the woman in the scooter no problem. But as you can see this could have went in a totally different direction. It's not the cruise lines fault that the woman on the scooter ran over the woman's toe. So what recourse would the woman have if her foot was severely injured from being run over by someone on a motorized scooter? We know this type of thing happens everyday on cruise ships where one guest accidentally or intentionally(fight) injures another guest. Land side in the US you would have lawyers lining up to take your lawsuit if you are injured by someone else's fault.
  4. On our cruise last week there was a man holding 5 seats on the 4th row in the theater and we were seated on row 6 behind him. About 5 minutes before showtime a man and his wife walked up and started to sit in 2 of the seats and the "seat hog" told the man these seats are reserved to which he replied that they(the cruiseline) specifically say you can not hold seats. The "seat hog" stood up to block him from entering the row and acted like he was going to punch the guy. The guy with his wife must have sensed this because he told the seat hog "you better enjoy it because it's going to cost the hell out of you". By now several people are watching and wondering if there is going to be a fight. Mr. Bully Seat Hog backs down and the man and his wife proceed to take a seat. About 10 minutes after the show started the seat hog got up and left because no one showed up for the seats he was holding. My legal question is if the seat hog punched the man with his wife and he wanted to press charges what jurisdiction would the crime prosecuted under? What if the man with his wife wanted to sue the seat hog for personal injury? Would he have to sue him under Bahamian law since the ship had a Nassau registration? This just got me thinking when the man told him he better enjoy it.
  5. Nassau is one place it's better to just book through the ship. The main reason as others have said is the long drive to and from Stuart Cove's. It's a 45 minuet drive on an average day and last September it took us almost an hour and a half to get back to the ship due to traffic. We got to the ship 25 minutes before the all aboard time and that would have been a nail biter if we weren't on the ship's excursion.
  6. A large part of the marine park in Cozumel is closed until January 2020 as marine biologist study the reef. It is due to coral bleaching or some other type of disease harming the coral. Some are blaming the hotel and cruise ship industry others say not. Do a search on marine park closure in Cozumel, lots of info. Somehow missed the prior thread on this topic.....sorry.
  7. Once in international waters and RCCL ships are Nassau registered what jurisdiction does the US Dept. of Public Health have? Do they or don't they? I don't know. But I do agree with keeping babies with swim diapers out of the pools..... and drunks too! Last cruise some drunk guy barfed in the pool and it was immediately closed for the remainder of the day. A ship's Officer told me the pool had to be drained and then cleaned and sanitized before it could re-open.
  8. I used insure my trip for years but now that we cruise 3-5 times a year and take a couple of other trips outside the US I started to use American Advantage Mastercard(several others have same benefits also) to book my trips and it covers trip cancellations for most reasons. I then purchased an annual Medjet Assist policy for the medical evacuation insurance. I ran the numbers and this was the cheapest way to go if you travel on a regular basis.
  9. We got off Navigator on Friday and we missed CoCo Cay due to hurricane Dorian. My biggest disappointment of the entire cruise was finding out the steam & sauna rooms have been removed. There are several nice additions and several not so nice changes to Navigator since coming out of refurbishment last April. The entire forward section on deck 11 where the fitness center was located is all staterooms now. The pools are packed like sardines due to more guest and no noticeable increase in pool size. Hooks specialty seafood restaurant is incredible(best crab cakes anywhere) BUT at $49pp w/ gratuity its not worth it imho. The portions are way to large and we were both stuffed before the main entree arrived. I could barely eat half of my whole lobster when it arrived and dessert was out of the question. A couple sitting next to us agreed it was way to much food even for a hungry man. RCCL should really revamp the pricing structure at Hooks by charging less and serving smaller portions. Hooks would be real revenue generator if they offered oysters, crab cakes and chowders a la carte at the bar in Hooks. All things considered I think we'll pass on Navigator for future sailings unless they offer an incredible deal.
  10. Going on Solstice next week and need to know if you can bring liquor(Baileys) instead of wine when you embark?
  11. I have shot skeet from the aft end of Majesty of the Seas.
  12. I always get insurance through a travel insurance broker mainly for the emergency medical evacuation part. You never want to end up in a third world hospital with a serious injury or illness and can't afford to fly back home. I met a guy a few years ago that got appendicitis while docked in Jamaica. He had $200k of emergency medical evacuation on his travel policy that paid for a private jet to fly him and his wife back home to Tampa for emergency surgery that evening.
  13. Got off Brilliance 2 weeks ago. The CL is two and a half times larger than the DL and while the DL was packed every evening the CL was almost empty every evening. The CL was never even close to being half full, Bertie and Nelson were exceptional host in the CL.
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