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  1. Tom Baker

    Diabetic menu

    Ventura was fantastic in July. The Maitre-D brought around the menu the night before. My son has allergies rather than diabetes. He said choose from the menu, but if there is nothing suitable or you would like a specific dish tell me and I'll get it made for you. I sometimes knock P&O but their MDR service is wonderful and very accommodating, speak with your waiter and they'll advise you on the best dishes each evening and the ones with high sugar content. They have a briefing before they start and each dish is identified as diabetic friendly.
  2. Tom Baker


    I assume you mean those teenagers who use the main family pool during the day as I've never come across loud behaviour elsewhere on any ship during the day. I've found "rowdy teenagers" usually segregate themselves from the general populous on P&O ships. During the evenings they take themselves to the sports courts or highest deck away from any adults. Perhaps you have just been unlucky.
  3. Tom Baker

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    It would have been fixed very quickly if the toilet had broken in my cabin for days on end, once I started using the sink or the shower or the bin or the vase or reception (which cabin was it so we can all avoid it in the future) 🤮
  4. Tom Baker


    I booked a superior Balcony for 14 nights for 4 of us in 1 cabin. However the 3rd and 4th Passengers were not £1 each, this price is specifically for those under 16. The cruises that have £1 for additional under 16's are in term time only, so P&O are encouraging families to take trips outside of the school holiday dates, which will offset the fines imposed by Local Authorities.
  5. Tom Baker

    Port Shuttle info from P&O pages

    Akureyri has a 2 berth dock, so assuming that there are less than 3 cruise ships on that day a tender may not be necessary (unless P&O are just tight about port fees)
  6. Tom Baker

    Port Shuttle info from P&O pages

    Just booked Ventura (N916) Info on shuttle buses to the following locations; Torshavn - No Shuttle Bus Service Akureyri - No Shuttle Bus Service , Possible Tender Isafjordur - No Shuttle Bus Service, Tender to Shore Reykjavik - Shuttle Bus Available Greenock - No Shuttle Bus Service Belfast - No Shuttle Bus Service
  7. Tom Baker

    Ventura MDR breakfast menu

    I go to the MDR for breakfast on most days when on Ventura and ask for whatever "Full English" I want and they bring it, you don't have to stick to the script. There are daily specials, such as corned beef hash, kippers, eggs Benedict etc, they are also printed on the menu.
  8. Tom Baker

    A record of onboard prices

    Ventura July 2018 https://www.flickr.com/photos/158601154@N06/
  9. Tom Baker

    Service charge ending!

    P&O state that "the discretionary daily Service Charge on board will be removed in May 2019" Psychic Sally says; What they've failed to mention is that "a compulsary daily gratuity will be added from September 2019" :rolleyes:
  10. Tom Baker

    Possible bargain but be quick!

    Never knew such sites existed. I would be hesitant as I am extra cautious, but if someone is braver than I then I'm sure that someone will jump at the chance to save some money.
  11. Tom Baker

    Port Shuttle info from P&O pages

    Ships shuttle buses run from the port to Blankenburg a few miles up the coast. The train station is located here if you were looking to do a DIY trip to Bruges. Alternatively go out of the port gates, turn right and head for the church. Buy a return tram ticket from the shop opposite and save yourself a few bob.
  12. Tom Baker

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    "Once we were having a lunch time drinks party on our stern suite when one of the Captains changed course to ensure we had the sun on the balcony" you missed "upon a time" after the first word. :rolleyes: Lets hope that a Captain doesn't alter course so you can wave to your friends on some small island or we all could be in trouble. :confused:
  13. Tom Baker

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    If diaB hasn't received any "perks" then I seriously doubt ANY exist. He would certainly be at the top of the P&O thanks for your support list!
  14. Tom Baker

    P&O Britannia new booze policy

    Ironically the price of the Courvoisier on sale in the on board shop on Verntura a couple of weeks ago was £43 for the litre :o
  15. Tom Baker

    P&O Britannia new booze policy

    Pick up food anytime from the buffet and take it back to your room with no problem. I was on Ventura earlier in the month and they had a table where you dropped your purchases off, no searches only honesty. Some people did take alcohol back to their cabins. One woman took it a little bit further and dished out her vodka to some random, underage teenagers in Havana and was disciplined by the captain. The only reason she wasn't thrown off was because the ship had no more stops before Southampton. I suggest if you are sensible and don't draw any attention to yourself AND others do the same then everything will be fine.