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  1. I was wondering about the Epic. And yes, I wasn't sure since there are so few teens on the ships now.
  2. Does anyone know if the teen club is even open on the Epic now??
  3. thanks everyone for your input! Unfortunately I think the excursions offered now are very different from those offered pre-Covid.
  4. My 13 year old son will be with us next month on the Epic. Is the video arcade open? Anyone have a copy of the Entourage daily activities?? Any other activities for him to do while I spend a little time at the spa? 🙂
  5. I am trying to plan our excursions for our Oct 20 cruise. If anyone has recently been on the Epic (within the past few weeks), I would love some info on the excursions you took! I'm thinking of Escorted Pompeii--This seems to be only the bus ride to the site. Tickets extra. Is it possible to hire a guide while there?? Highlights of Cagliari--Looks like it's been shortened to 2 1/2 hour tour with no free time? Pisa/Florence--I am so confused! Any info on any excursions you have taken would be fabulous! Spain- plan to maybe explore on our own? Majorca-anyone do a segway tour there? Thanks so much!!
  6. Love the photos! I think I'm giving this way too much thought. The solarium looks so nice and enjoyable all day long. And the extra space will be much needed with 4 of us in the suite.
  7. So we are 30 days out from our cruise, and I am having second thoughts on our room. We currently have a front-facing 2br suite (16001) which has an enclosed balcony. I'm wondering if we would enjoy an open balcony better? I originally chose 16001 because I believe the rooms are a little larger than the other 2BR suites. And if we decide to switch rooms, should I chose one on port or starboard? We are beginning/ending our cruise in Civitavecchia.
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone! So it looks like the balconies are all the same size, and can fit either the small chairs or lounger. Thanks!!
  9. So we are looking to book a 2br family suite for this November on the Dawn. Looking at photos and videos online, there seems to be 2 distinct differences in balcony sizes. Some are smaller with only room for 2 small chairs and a small table between. Other photos/videos show cabins with a balcony large enough for 2 deck lounge chairs. Anyone have any insight on this? Thanks!
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