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  1. Let me know if they show any of the football games on the big screen please? ( i have this dream of being in the pool with a beer watching the game as it snows)..... good luck in the casino today... looking forward to your pics... your ole pale pal
  2. 331 EST here and no word from Mark. I hope he hasnt drunk too much Starbucks waiting.....l and i hope the new exciting EOS will be worth his wait. hope to hear from ya soon Mark!
  3. what upgrade they did to the casino! look in on you tomorrow.... looking forward to a great adventure.... your ole pal
  4. looking forward to seeing and hearing all about the refurbishment! have a great cruise
  5. wow like i closed my eyes and whammo day 2 already? enjoy your day Mark... lady fortune will return tonite for you lol your ole pal
  6. underway... and away she goes good time to Meg and all! the anxious one
  7. Good morning Mark.. hope you set your clock back so as not to report too early... lol beautiful morning down here and looks like a lovely day to set sail... The disney Dream, carnival Sensation and a mighty big boat are all tied up and almost ready to recieve... Hope embarkation goes quickly and smoothly and we start seeing your reports and photos as soon as you are settled. have a great first day your ole pal
  8. Hey Mark... I recently stayed at the Hampton in Titusville and enjoyed it immensely.. very reasonable. Have a great pre-cruise day today.. gonna be a beauty down here...if i'm not mistaken you'll see the Carnival Dream and the Disney Fantasy sailing this evening. looking forward to your pics over at Cocoa Beach today have a great one your ole pal
  9. my imaginary suitcase is ready to go...... all my imaginary docs...... hope you slept like a baby on the amtrak sleeper.... look forward to the newest adventure... smooth sailing... your ole pal
  10. Thanks Train Man.. glad you and wifey are enjoying your cruise... we are too'! youre ole friend
  11. Good morning Ms Toad...... from sunny fla... Trainman... great pics... enjoy your day today... i always love exploring the cruise ship. hope they have plenty of bacon for you.... your ole pal
  12. Permission to come aboard sir! 28 days? oh my you and Dame Judith will be in your glory and on top of this Mark will be on the Freedom while you're gone? i'll never leave the screen. Have a great voyage! will be checking in. i have a few places you might want to see in San Diego if you've the time. your ole pal
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