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  1. WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE FABULOUS 50'S I have way too much time on my hands. I can’t believe I read the whole thing!
  2. We’ve been stuck driving around Atlanta. There is no winning!
  3. Does that mean we’ll have The Netthemlands?
  4. My DH had one of those...San Francisco to Tokyo. It’s why I had such a hard time convincing him he’d enjoy cruising.
  5. Ours on the Royale had upper and lower bunks. No phone no tv, but the cruise changed our lives.
  6. The explanation for my weight in one word! Great word.
  7. I was wondering if 2Chiefs knew the Man From La Mancha by his name, Don Quixote.
  8. It really did make me crack up. A lovely break from all the last minute stuff!
  9. I was worried about meeting chicks on my Hawaiian vacation, so I covered my bald spot with magic marker. Waikiki, here I come!
  10. I think the worst for arguments is our local restaurant review page. Every troll on the planet seems to wind up there.
  11. I remember when Prudential got their first in the late 50’s. Special room built with raised floor to accommodate very special AC ducts. Windows down the side so the unanointed could watch the very special men, no women, working.
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