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  1. Whoa! Back door to Park Cafe? Do they let you in? We’re port side on Harmony in March and will have to walk aft before we can walk forward to Park Cafe through Central Park.
  2. For many years we had super popular Scottish games. A few years ago the site was changed to the fairgrounds. The pipe and drums groups march in inside a building. Not the same at all, and two years ago there were three or four bands instead of a dozen. It has dwindled too far to come up again, I think. Which is really sad for us who went every year.
  3. I loved it. I have two bagpipe cd’s in my car that I play often. My favorite musical instrument, though my friends don’t agree that it’s musical!
  4. Some of my friends and I went to the Bat Mitzvah of a friend who was in her 60’s. She worked really hard along with a few young ladies. She did it because she promised her father back when she was a young woman. We were so proud of her!
  5. I hope she’s the first and last horrible renter for you. I would definitely take that badge from her deposit.
  6. Lovely even on a not so nice day! I hope lovely Pauline knows how lucky she is to have a husband who enjoys eating out.
  7. No worms? I don’t remember ever picking corn that didn’t have a few worms!
  8. Welcome home. I absorbed every bit of your review and told myself I was there. Thank you for taking the time out of such a short cruise to give us a taste.
  9. A petite, ladylike southern lady invited me to lunch with mutual friends at her home. Her living room and dining room were filled with her and her late husband’s trophies. They must have made the taxidermist wealthy. Why would anyone shoot a giraffe? They had one of every animal I saw in Kenya. It was absolutely horrible and no way could I eat there. I developed a massive headache, made my excuses, and left. I have no trouble eating meat, but to kill animals to stuff them, no way.
  10. I remember in a cottage on Bailey Island turning off the light every night and staring into the eyes of a very sad deer. Every night! Not conducive to a good night’s sleep. A little thing like grimy corners, mismatched dishes, and sketchy pots and pans will keep me from ever feeling comfortable in a rental. It only happened once, but we left early. Your lake view from the bed would make up for a lot, though.
  11. That’s bad news! I have a JR omelet a couple of times a cruise. I wonder if they’re testing the response.
  12. I was a little confused. Like I didn’t recognize where Allure was. Couldn’t see Jetty Park when she moved out into the ocean. Maybe my mind erased what I was used to seeing.
  13. We were just two weeks ago laughing about one of our granddaughters who would never have gotten a sports scholarship. She was on a soccer team at about age 8, and would run up and down the field, keeping up with the ball. She never took her eyes off the ball, because she wanted to make sure she was always at least 5 feet from it. When she played T-ball, I asked her her favorite part of the game. She said Dugout, because she could sit and talk. She’s now a special Ed teacher and plays outdoor games with her students.
  14. I’m wondering if your grandson’s teacher will ask him what he did this summer. I don’t know any child including my own that had such a wonderful summer vacation.
  15. Fantastic pictures, especially the bottom one. I’m doing a screen shot and sharing it with friends if that’s ok!
  16. Mine are in Dashlane, which is a free app. I’ve read in more than one place that it’s extremely encrypted and as safe as possible. Who knows? I also have them in a small notebook in my nightstand. I update it when I change or add passwords. If someone is at the point of reading the notebook, I’ll probably be long gone! I would not save them when it asks. That stores it in the website you’re using. I wouldn’t trust that.
  17. How horrible to have to start the wait and anticipation over again! I guess any of us could test positive, which is scary when you think of checking in for a cruise.
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