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  1. Glad I’m not the only one that has problems interpreting words filtered through a mask!
  2. Steak and Shake here started tray service to cars, but I can’t talk my DH into trying it. I understand Sonic does it, and the Varsity in Atlanta still does. Best was A&W where my kids brought their little mugs back for free root beer.
  3. Remember the Bellburger. I told my friend I didn’t like Mexican food. Actually, because I had never had any! She talked me into trying a Bellburger, after which I claimed to love Mexican food. I had so much to learn!
  4. I have a friend of a certain age who moved by herself to Key West a couple of years ago. Never lived outside of Missouri. Knowing her, she’s probably throwing her first hurricane party. Up here in Jax, we’re being told to expect a little wind and rough seas. I think our meteorologists just flip a coin to predict our weather.
  5. When I was a teenager, we would pool our money to come up with a dollar for gas. That left us a dollar to cruise through our favorite hangout and each get a Coke. we were on top of the world back then!
  6. That was just mean! you made me choke on my bagel!
  7. Really? You feel old? I remember when gas was 25 cents a gallon, and I sat in the car while the uniformed attendant pumped the gas, washed my windshield, checked my oil, and then thanked me.
  8. The aggravating thing is there was never an explanation about the emu...where did it come from, how did it escape, how did they catch it. just emu on the loose, emu captured.
  9. The worst thing is to check into a hotel room and look up to see a fanless ceiling. I have a small fan for cruises, but the darn thing cuts off after 6 hours.
  10. Some last words on the pandemic. Hopefully it will be in our rear view mirror before too much longer 🤞🤞
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