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  1. We have cable but no streaming. If we purchase surf and streaming on Harmony, will we be able to take advantage of the streaming? or, as I assume, will we have to have a password to connect to whatever? i am totally clueless and am lucky to be able to use the remote to watch Jeopardy!
  2. Someone posted that the carryon luggage was left unattended. I wonder if this is usual. I keep my CPAP with me, and my meds, but it would be wonderful if there was a guaranteed dependable way not to have to drag it around with me till our stateroom is ready. Evidently the Key isn’t the answer.
  3. I agree! I owe a lot to the poster who gave us the heads up. I’d have really been upset if I’d found out too late to switch back to traditional.
  4. Our cruise is March 2020. I’m hoping that the powers that be will see the folly of what they’ve done with the dining rooms and go back to just using one for MTD. Of course, by then, it will be too late to switch again!
  5. I originally booked early traditional, but hated the idea of 5pm. Switched to MTD, but then found out Harmony uses all three dining rooms for early traditional so that MTD starts a 6:30. So I switched again, back to early traditional. I’ve read more than once that we need to be there by 5:15 at the latest, so that’s what we’ll do. I can’t believe they’ve made dinner times so awkward!
  6. Lots of adults go by things like third driveway from the fire hydrant. It has nothing to do with memorizing numbers and everything to do with remembering landmarks.
  7. Great review. I’ve never been interested in MSC, but you’ve got me intrigued since your DH prefers it. We alternate Princess and Royal. Maybe we can learn to juggle three cruise lines!
  8. Your reviews are the only thing between me and cruise withdrawal syndrome. Medically necessary, so don’t stop!!
  9. It was our DD, her DH and 8 of their posse, and they all had a blast. Poor Lisa wound up with a sore throat and missed a catamaran/snorkeling excursion. Slept the day away! The bad throat didn’t stop her from eating and drinking otherwise, though. They and their friends do girls trips to NYC, etc, and took their husbands to Nashville last year. Thank goodness they travel well together. I’ve seen people cruise with their best friends and come home frenemies!
  10. In Florida we have wineries that produce their wine from scuppernong grapes. On the sweet side.
  11. Great photos and tips! I took screen shots and will email them to myself. They’ll go in my Harmony folder so I don’t have to rely on my diminishing memory!! thank you 👏👏
  12. You guys have made me change my mind about dinner tonight. I’m now craving a pork sandwich with lots of mustard based sauce or St Louis ribs with sweet hickory sauce. We here in Jacksonville Fl get teased about our cuisine being heavy on barbecue, but boy, is it good. I can’t imagine a cruise ship version being a good substitute. “If you don’t see a pit, it ain’t legit!”.
  13. Two places I’ve always wanted to explore. I95 on a cruise ship and underground at Disney World.
  14. I was able to book the shows Saturday November 9 for Harmony sailing March 29.
  15. My grandparents sailed with some urgency on the Noordam. They came home to Papenburg Germany to show family their two baby girls who were born in the US. Germany was obviously preparing for war, and because he was not yet a US citizen, my grandfather was in danger of being conscripted. They went over the border into Holland and sailed back to New York. The Ellis Island manifest from the ship looks odd, two adults German citizens, a toddler and baby with birthplace NYC, but had to come through as though they were foreigners. My DH and I sailed on Noordam twice befo
  16. I hope you enjoy the St Kitts train ride as much as we did. My DH still talks about my choosing to sit facing the water. Everyone else faced land. That’s probably the best way, but I can never see enough water. We liked sitting upstairs, where we had a delightful breeze. Simple alcohol drinks were served pretty much nonstop. They went down really easily!
  17. Back when cars had antennas, a friend stuck a tennis ball on hers to make it easier to find. That worked until people started copying the idea.
  18. I read a story in Readers Digest probably 40 years ago, and, like some if their others, it stuck with me. Lady went up to security in an airport parking lot. Couldn’t find her car. Said she walked miles looking for it. Security guard asked what make and model. She said it was her husband’s car and she couldn’t remember. What color? maybe black, or brown. Or dark gray. Tag number? No clue. He drove her for miles through the huge parking lot. They were about to decide it was stolen when she spied it. “I see it! It’s the one over there with a canoe strapped to t
  19. Spinners make travel so much easier. On a smooth surface it takes no effort to roll your luggage along. I remember balancing my purse or something on my two wheeled suitcase and having it flip over so I’d have to stop and fix it. Again!
  20. Spinners have a handle on the side and one on the end. Easy to grab no matter which way the luggage was placed.
  21. I told my DH they taste like chewy, garlicky mushrooms. That got him to try one and now he’s hooked.
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