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  1. Our DS and DDIL just sat on the ground in Newark on the way from JAX to JFK. bad weather and landed in terrible turbulence. They had already been delayed on takeoff 2 hours. After sitting on the plane in EWR for over an hour, pax started asking to be allowed off if their final destination was NYC. The flight crew said finally they could deplane but would be on their own to get their luggage later and for their ground transportation. DS and DDIL opted to take a taxi to their Manhattan hotel and started setting up a car service to pick their luggage up after it arri
  2. Boston’s close enough to me to be worth the drive. (Unless you’re in Calais) At least to get the first flight out. Asidd from the money loss if you don’t have travel insurance, not getting to cruise would absolutely demoralize me.
  3. I found Urban Pie frozen pizza on vacation in the mountains of NC. Now I look for them wherever we travel. Their 8 cheese and pesto and 4 cheese pizzas are better to me than most pizza restaurants. They’re out of Wisconsin and don’t yet distribute in Florida that I can find. I wish I could find a cruise ship that would offer from frozen if it was Urban Pie.
  4. That’s the area where we stop for the night on the way to the Bridge Tunnel and Maine next time I’ll check out the crab cakes.
  5. We drive from Jacksonville to Port Everglades and always arrive at least one day early. For Harmony in March I’ve made a hotel res for the night before even though it’s a 2 1/2 drive. Too many things can go wrong flying or driving to chance missing a cruise!
  6. I will never order Maryland style crab cakes. The rest of the world can have them. I like to taste crab when I eat it, not Old Bay Seasoning. Almost every time anywhere I see crab cakes in the menu, they’re Maryland style.
  7. My SIL spent a chunk of money to fly to NYC and take a course on Staten Island to learn to make pizza from scratch. He even learn to twirl it, but was taught not to because it makes the center of the pizza too thin. He also had a pizza oven shipped home to Florida along with wood for it. His pizza is outstanding. My DD and daughters enjoyed his week, too, seeing shows and shopping. All of this so he could make pizza in the back yard. Bucket lists are great! And his pizza is New York pizza!!!
  8. The tap water is absolutely safe to drink. It’s the same water as in the bars and restaurants. Some of us have a sensitivity to it, but not most people.
  9. I bought a book once at the Grand Canyon. The title is Over the Edge. I was fascinated at first by the numbers of real people who went over the edge but then I got creeped out by myself and never finished it.
  10. I wonder if lanyards are included in Coach’s lifetime guarantee. Your grandchildren could pass it down to theirs.
  11. What does the O in front of My Time dining mean? We’ll be doing My Time in March for the first time ever.
  12. I always get a confirmation, but nobody tells our steward until I do.
  13. Princess does not charge for Room Service. The menu is more limited than Royal’s, but does include hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and a couple of hot items like lasagna. Plus dessert!!
  14. I second the recommendation for Bonine which is a brand name for meclizine. It’s over the counter at drug stores and supermarkets. It has never made me sleepy, but you could try it at home and see if you have any side effects. I am extremely motion sickness prone. Can’t ride in a back seat, on a theme park ride or swing on a playground swing. We I was a kid a taxi driver refused to take us because he recognized me as the girl who threw up in the back of his cab. I have heard sea bands and ginger both work, but if I try them and they don’t I’ll be in trouble.
  15. Florida residents used to have was called “home port advantage” by all cruise lines that gave a nice discount. That disappeared, and now it’s pretty much an occasional thing.
  16. I even read reviews for ships I'm not booked on. Some people, like Sailor Jack, write such entertaining reviews they’re better than tv. When I read reviews of a ship I will be on, I’m looking for insider tips, menus, opinions on shows that I may or not take to heart, what night the chocolate buffet is, etc.
  17. My DH and most of my friends would agree with you!
  18. Many many years ago I dated a professional baseball player from Tennessee. We got along great; he was a heck of a nice guy. Right until we were in a club with several friends and the first guy to order asked for a cocktail. My date, John, said loud enough to be heard by the group that people who drink cocktails are just showing off. They want everyone to think they’re high class. We sat there, stunned and he went on. He said it’s like opera...nobody really likes opera, they just want to impress everyone. So we all ordered cocktails, he drank his beer and later when h
  19. When they denigrate others’ choices, they reveal an awful lot about themselves.
  20. You can make the request prior to the cruise, but most of the time the beds are left the way the previous passengers left them. I use Word to type a message for our steward. It includes bed configuration, whether we wish ice twice a day, extension cord for CPAP, extra pillows, and depending on the cruise line, trade duvet for top sheet and blanket. I add a hearty thanks for his efforts. This way he knows what our requests are in writing and everything is taken care of.
  21. We’ve never had them waiting, but letting the steward know will have them in place before you go to bed. It’s like the bed configuration, together it separate. In our experience, the steward never gets that info, but it’s also correct by bedtime. Using regular water for a couple of weeks, if necessary, would not harm the CPAP, by the way. For instance, a hotel probably wouldn’t have distilled water for you.
  22. I’ve never noticed Chops being open for lunch. Recently I’ve seen posts mentioning lunch at Chops. This is NOT The Key lunch. Anyone know anything about this?
  23. Thank you. Our daughter is sailing before we do. I’ll also pass your tip on to her.
  24. It’s painful to have to purchase on board something We could have brought with us. The prices are exorbitant. Retirees on fixed incomes sometimes have to stretch the budget just to cruise. Spending time in port trying to find something we could have brought with us is even worse.
  25. Is the Coastal Kitchen dinner menu on tv or intranet? or do you have to go stand outside and read it each day off the wall?
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