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  1. I love Les Mis, and have seen it multiple times including a week after it opened in London. However, I get weepy when the orchestra plays the overture, and when it’s over, walk out with tears in my eyes. I need happy entertainment on cruises. Back before a lot of you were born, Norway had Broadway shows and did a great job. I remember Meet Me in St Louis, an old musical with wonderful music, and Barnum about the showman. It pretty much followed the same story line as the Hugh Jackman movie. We were rocking and rolling in a pretty big storm, watching an actor walk the ti
  2. Thank you so much for sharing another cruise with us. We’ll be on Harmony March 29, but will keep up with your cruise via Voom if that’s when you’re cruising I hope Owen has a terrific school year.
  3. For the past ten or so years, we’ve only sailed on Princess and Royal Caribbean. I guess we’ve been very lucky, because ship or private excursion, we’ve never run into seat problems. Everyone automatically went back to their original seats after stops. I can’t imagine the pushing and shoving to get on first if that weren’t the case. On a week or longer escorted tour, every one each morning moved back 3 rows, as an earlier poster said. The only people who didn’t were a few with disabilities on different tours. Were people more civil then? I don’t recall any compla
  4. My post was DUMB! i forgot the question was about Emerald status, which we are, and converted it in my head to Jr Suite. Talk about hijacking a post!!
  5. I don’t have an answer, but I’m not surprised. If you ask your steward, he’ll replace the water with a canned drink (probably the only other option), or advise you to ask Room Service to do it. Not meaning to hijack your thread, but the answers to my questions might be helpful to you. This is our first time in a Jr Suite on Royal. I’m now completely confused about what perks are available, because I’ve seen comments that don’t match the online list. I know that Jr Suites are just larger cabins, not suites. So, do we check in and board with the suites?
  6. Norwegian is replacing bottled water with cartons of water. I hope RCI doesn’t go that route.
  7. When we did it on Oasis, the last step was stick your index fingers in your ears and roll your eyes.
  8. Elevator hack, please. Right now I feel like my stomach does when I tell it it’s getting filet mignon and Maine lobster and they’re not available!
  9. The Key price dropped from $39.99 to $29.99 per adult per day. I jumped on it for two reasons... it includes internet and it’s a chance to have a Chops steak without going to Chops. My DH won’t do specialty restaurants any more on any cruise line.
  10. Great and informative post. I don't think that’s who posters were talking about, though. I’ve seen plenty of people that boarded using a wheelchair arrive at their destination and walk right by the wheelchairs. When I’ve had to use a wheelchair, I am always told to wait till everyone has deplaned before getting off myself. I guess the ones who needed one boarding don’t want to have to wait st the other end.
  11. I love bacon but not when it’s bitter, salty and explodes into crumbs when you bite it.
  12. Finally a reason to join my DH in Windjammer!
  13. Thanks to LibrarianBecky, too, who starred the thread!
  14. Thanks for sharing the info. The last two times our fare would have been higher, but this time I saved a little. Every penny counts when you’re too old to earn more!
  15. How about just the buffet restaurants?
  16. Using Hand Sanitizers is actually worse than doing nothing? It may give a false sense of safety regarding Ecoli, etc., but it removes many other germs. And certainly not worse than doing nothing!
  17. Yeah, Thomas Cook himself set up the first escorted tour!
  18. That’s great except for the passenger reading when the lights go out!! Namely me! 🤯 That’s why we use an old Blockbuster card!
  19. It made a huge difference! we gave up on trivia on Serenade because we honestly couldn’t understand the questions.
  20. Maybe they could copy Princess. Trivia on Crown Princess had two large screens with the questions on them. No struggling to hear or to understand an unfamiliar accent.
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