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  1. That’s great except for the passenger reading when the lights go out!! Namely me! 🤯 That’s why we use an old Blockbuster card!
  2. It made a huge difference! we gave up on trivia on Serenade because we honestly couldn’t understand the questions.
  3. Maybe they could copy Princess. Trivia on Crown Princess had two large screens with the questions on them. No struggling to hear or to understand an unfamiliar accent.
  4. Thomas Cook has always been considered the first travel agent. It’s terrible to see this happen.
  5. Or somewhere where wood is cut. Home Depot? Might get something suitable for zero dollars!
  6. Most people leave the old credit card, library card, whatever, in the slot when they leave, but pull it up part way. You know if it’s right because the lights go off. When you come back in, push it down, and the lights will come back on. Using something besides your key card is just for convenience. In either case, I don’t believe outlets are affected by the card either way.
  7. Sorry, but TSA advises cruise lines in setting up check in procedures, but are not actively engaged in embarkation at cruise ports. This comes from a TSA long time employee and trainer. No TSA presence at a cruise port.
  8. Yeah, I’m hoping Andrew will keep it going. We have to find out about Owen’s school and hockey, and Fall in Ontario...so much left to tell us!
  9. My big box TA calls Royal to check for price reductions, lets me change cabins, etc. Maybe they do allow bidding for an upgrade, even though they don’t notify of a free one.
  10. That was going to be my next question. It would mean more commission without any effort...like a bonus. I cannot imagine any TA turning that down. And how would they stop the client from doing it?
  11. if you use the big box TA I use you also don’t get notice of possible free upgrades. They do not check the upgrade faxes that come in. So the client never knows if they happen. That includes notice of Royal Ups. So far the OBC or check after sailing has been reward enough for me to stay with them. As far as transferring the booking away from a TA, I believe most cruise lines imposes time restrictions.
  12. Wow! I have the same depressed feeling I do when it’s all over and we have to disembark! Thank you for making this cruise feel so personal. Fly safe and tell your bed how much you missed it!
  13. Congratulations! i always ask my DH if he won or lost and he always answers “Yes”!
  14. I asked why we didn’t get them any more and for the rest of our Serenade cruise they were waiting for me every night.
  15. I don’t order them because I thought they used Ild Bay seasoning. I like to taste the crab.
  16. We just did Club Class on Princess. The head waiter did them three feet from our table. Extra entrées like jumbo prawns. It was like a step back in time.
  17. Interesting photo. What does one do on Pearl Island? The beach looks a little rocky!
  18. Thanks. My 6+ doesn’t either. I thought it was me with my technical ineptitude.
  19. I don’t believe Royal Caribbean has the ability to override government regulations.
  20. Or wanting to read Sailor Jack’s reviews again because they’re great!
  21. I’m curious about how you know RCI isn’t “DONATE”ing. You are so hostile toward the corporation you must have inside information that proves RCI isn’t spending any money to help the people of the Bahamas.
  22. Thanks, both of you. Trying to do it on my iPhone was not smart. Found it now. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program!!
  23. Thank you. I’m just reading the Florida Today article. I really want to little blue ship icons I used to be able to see on the PTZTV site. I checked and the Marine Traffic app is $4.99. Since I don’t look that often I’ll spend my $4.99 elsewhere.
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